10-2016 What do they want?



1.  Some are still fighting against the globalists. This weekend watch Right wing nationalist Norbert Hofer from the Austrian Freedom Party and referendum by Italy’s Democratic Party Matteo Renzi to see the next battles.

2. Over 200 congressional districts voted for Obama twice, but then voted for Trump.  In Montana, they voted for Trump 56.6% but reelect an anti-gun Democratic Governor by 50.1%.  What do these people want?

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Tucker Carlson discredits “Demand Protest” Washington Post gets punked



If you have not been watching Tucker Carlson at 7:00 PM on Fox, you have missed some great interviews.  I think his draw is basically just using logic and “everyday” thinking when dealing with issues and people.  It is amazing to hear people just stutter when you ask them simple logical questions.  Tucker Carlson had done so well that when Megan Kelly left Fox, they gave him her spot. Since he made the move, he has been kinda of boring, but still really on point.

Today, finally Tucker got a great interview in. He brings in “Dom Tullipso” who claims to be the leader of Demand Protest, which is paying protestors to go and protest the Trump inauguration on Friday. Dom Tullipso, several liberal mainstream media organizations, including the Washington Times covered this group.  Several conservative sites also got spun up about the “fact” that someone was paying people to protest Trump.   Washington Times has taken down its original article.

The guy is a complete and total fake, and a pretty nice “troll” too boot. Infowars kinda of got it with this post “It’s unclear if the DemandProtest.com website is legitimate. The site appears to be relatively new, with WhoIs results showing it was created on 2016-12-02, nearly a month after Trump’s election.”

That is too funny. BTW, real protests led by progressive groups such as Occupy Inauguration and the DisruptJ20 coalition are going to the Washington D.C.


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