#Podcast 03-2016: Subscriber’s questions & the Will to Kill #stopislam #patriot




Podcast Show Notes:

I answer several subscriber’s questions  including Gregory, Catherine, Amber, Brian, Mark, Jack and otherswho reached out through the Contact page & we discuss the Will to Kill and what you can do to fight this 4th generation war today.

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Washington State Patrol sting nets 13 people seeking sex with children in Spokane area



I am covering this because it is a fantastic example of the State shooting fish in a barrel. Also, some these people have posted bail and are back on the street looking at very long prison sentences. I wanted to get accurate information out as far as we know it.

How can we be so evil?

The Missing and Exploited Children Task Force (MECTF), a division of the Washington State Patrol (WSP) recently ran an online sting they called Operation Net Nanny. The WSP involved the Spokane County Prosecutor from the beginning to ensure the cases were bullet proof. They placed a Craig’s List ad of a mother who was willing to allow men to pay her to have sex with her 6 and 11-year-old daughters and her 12-year-old son. The placed multiple ads I assume in different papers worded slightly differently over a five day period. The Craig’s List ad allegedly said: “…single mother looking to expose her kids to the feeling of what love is.”  The police suggest that over  1,000 people “showed some interest” in the ad, which actually can mean anything.  12 men and one woman showed up to have sex with these children. All were arrested on the spot.


I don’t get this. It feels like the Idaho State Police placed a Craig’s list ad suggesting they have unregistered silencers, saw off shotguns, hand grenades and a rocket for sale. Then people show up to buy them. I think putting an ad into a newspaper offering children for underage sex is that obvious.

There has been no claim of entrapment. For example, according to court documents, detectives asked Eduardo Populus if he had ever “done this before” (referring to sexual activities with underage girls), to which detectives say Eduardo responded, “The taboo side? Yes.”

10 out of 13 of the people were not on the police radars. I believe the woman Sandra McManis was a “husband and wife” team with her husband, Tim McManis. The police spent a lot of time getting these men to chat with them so they could have an excellent record of exactly what they were planning to do. As we know everything electronic is kept forever. Continue reading »


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