10-2016 What do they want?



1.  Some are still fighting against the globalists. This weekend watch Right wing nationalist Norbert Hofer from the Austrian Freedom Party and referendum by Italy’s Democratic Party Matteo Renzi to see the next battles.

2. Over 200 congressional districts voted for Obama twice, but then voted for Trump.  In Montana, they voted for Trump 56.6% but reelect an anti-gun Democratic Governor by 50.1%.  What do these people want?

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Breastfeeding is not natural for women #liberty


Just checking in with Tucker Carlson. Why? I do not know; it is some type of mental flagellation. That is why I do not do it that often. Tucker had some crazy feminist on that said it is “not natural” for “women” to breastfeed their children. She says “women” have problems breastfeeding. This feminist says “breastfeeding is not natural.” She continues “breastfeeding is not wonderful.” She suggests that in the development of mankind women did not breastfeed their children.

Here is the deal. This little feminist speaks for all women. I am sure all of you women whose bodies do respond to babies (in all the wonderful ways) are surprised to know that when you start producing gallons of milk, it is “not natural.” This is how liberals are; all have to be down with their program. Perhaps some women have trouble breastfeeding, but you know other women do not have a problem breastfeeding. The benefits of breast milk for the child and mother have been so well documented by scientist and nutrients.

This is part of the post-modern, an even more socialist version of modernism that attacks free speech, and says any type of value or even categorization is “oppressive.”  Modernism says “truth” can change through the years.  Postmodernism says there is no truth.  Postmodernism says there is no good, no evil, no truth, especially objective truthMoral Relativism.

If some women can easier time breastfeed, and some cannot this suggest that some have an easier road naturally caring for their kids. Post-modernist cannot stand this.  They cannot stand biology.  They want to tear everyone down to the level that there are not even the concept of categories.  Thankfully so many women now a days are not feminist, even a women led anti-feminist movement.

Breastfeeding, not natural. The state of our nation.


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