06-2018: Progressive parents pimp out their children after Florida School Shooting



Podcast Show Notes:

We discuss the 4th generation information warfare campaign being waged by globalists after the Parkland, Florida school shooting and what can be done about it.  We also present one solution to school shootings developed by the NRA.

Those who want to disarm us are trying a new tactic.  Having Progressive parents pimp out their children.  I have often warned that government schools produce children who see more government as positive. I have also warned that your children raised by these institutions will eventually come for your liberty.

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Twitter deleting followers of Conservatives #TwitterLockOut #TwitterPurge


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Here is something for you to know. I have a 35.1% reduction in my Tweet impressions, or how many people interact with my tweets, in a day.  Then I saw Candace Owens say that Twitter is deleting followers from conservative accounts. And I also have lost dozens of followers. In one day. My YouTube video warning about globalist progressives like all socialist using children to attack their parents appear to be in a box and not being shown.

Interesting that this is happening after I put out the video how the left is using a new 4th Generation Ware tactic of media manipulation to use children to push for gun control. Then you start to lose impressions and followers.

The high school kid who is primarily pushing for gun control in the Florida school shooting has a verified Twitter account with over 75,000 followers, out of nowhere. And this is after Twitter tells conservatives they “no longer verify accounts.” How did he get his account verified so quickly, and grow so fast?

As I have tried to war the NRA, GOA, and others, you are witnessing a new form of Information Warfare by the globalist progressives. Watch and share my video below for what we can do about it.


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