07-2016: Stop Mass Hacking by the FBI, overseas voting & Trump



Support Stop Mass Hacking by the FBI, get OCONUS military guys to vote use the Soros built tool to help them and what Trump supporters must do to win.

  1. Everyone in the military vote.  Use Soros built avaaz.org/globalvote
  2. What Trump supporters must do to win
  3. Support Stop Mass Hacking Bills S. 2952, H.R. 5321)

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After the election is stolen, will you still be an American patriot?


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Pagans and politicians

It is so stupid to me that some “real Republicans” will not support a flawed candidate who will “allegedly” slow the coming persecution in these former United States.  I had a very clear thought on this issue. I saw two Caesars trying to seize / power through the Roman Senate in the ancient Roman Empire. I saw some early Christians arguing that we should support the pagan Roman Empire who “promised” to reduce the persecution of Christians but was as to be expected a committed pagan, sacrificing animals to his fallen false gods and enjoying the Roman baths where “great” Romans spent their time buggering everything they could catch. While other early Christians said, no don’t support the Cesar who claims to reduce persecution because he is a filthy pagan.

constantinesymbol0The Lord God Himself chooses to use the committed pagan Constantius Chlorus who was trying to become Cesar. After the Lord God himself gave him a clear sign and saved him in a battle which he was widely expected to lose.  After Emperor Constantius became Emperor he completely ended the persecution of Christians. One of the most important decisions made in the history of Western Civilization. One man changed the former Roman Empire to the Holy Roman Empire and extended its life for several more centuries. He did this because of the influence of his Saint mother, Helena.

Yet somehow that Saint of a woman planted the seeds that saved an unbelievable number of Christians. It is also important to note, he didn’t convert from the pagan faith until he was well into power. God Himself used this flawed pagan man as a tool to work His will. Yet good Republicans have said they cannot cooperate with each other to save their lives. Literally.

po-crook-absentee-ballots-575x778We know that this election like many other modern elections is being stolen from the American public.  It is being primarily being stolen by the manipulation of the mass media. The only Republicans that are allowed to win in this American socialist nation are “moderate” Republicans who are Democrat-lite dedicated to the globalist, open boarders, one world continued domination of this country.

All Saints day is for prayer, not voting

We have clear evidence of dead people voting. Clear proof of illegal aliens voting. We have postal workers publicly bragging that they shred ballots from parts of the city that may lean Trump. We know that the Democrats stole the election in 1960 from Nixon by manipulating the State voting process in Texas and Illinois.  This is a fact.  It is logically impossible to say “this can never happen – again.” Thus it can happen, and many people believe it is happening.

We know that Democrats as a Party have as their official position to continue to allow and encourage “liberalization” of voting with no voter security including opposing any Voter ID law. We see the Democrats as a party support expanding voter fraud with Internet voting, early voting, and all types of ways to provide more ways to allow for voter fraud.  We see Soros who is mentioned more than anyone in the Wiki Leaks of Clinton email is providing the voting machines in 16 US States.   Although is difficult to prove voter fraud because we don’t check, I believe there is overwhelming evidence that this “direct voter fraud” is happening.  Yet still I don’t actually think that is the main way this election and all elections are stolen. Continue reading »


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