#Podcast 00-2016: Zero Interest Rates & what we are doing




Podcast Show Notes:

1. International: It takes multiple hits to cause basic services to stop
2. International: Oil wars
3. International: Negative rates have long been here
4. Segment: Sierra 5 – What is causing this
5. Segment: Sierra 5 – Zero interest rates
6. Segment: Oregon situation

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Cuckservative do you know what it means? #patriot


Cucks-1I was at an event, and a good friend of mine came up to me and used the term cuckservative. I cringed. Then I thought, does he know where the term comes from? Another friend also used the term and I am fairly sure many of you have heard it used.  Thus, I thought to share with you where the term comes from.

First my warning. To explain this term I will use a few swear words which many of you don’t like and talk about things that are beyond gross an obscene. However to explain the term cuckservative that is what I must use. Thus, be warned. Do not go forward if you are squeamish.

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