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Political migration.  This is where people are moving to live near other people like themselves.  The primary political migration movements that I concern myself with are Patriot or libertarian related.  These movements I call the “leave me alone” types, who want to live a life where they are free to buy guns, have school choice, and have a small fiscally sound minimally intrusive government.    There are several organizations that exist to help people with political migration and would fit under this Patriot movement scenario.  There are several major Patriot related groups that are encouraging political migration.  I would say they are the Free State Project (New Hampshire), the American Redoubt conceived of by James Wesley Rawles and Free State Wyoming conceived of by Kenneth W. Royce (aka Boston T. Party).

Free State Project (New Hampshire):  The best known (of the little known organizations) is the Free State project (FSP).   They seem to have the most activity if we look at their activity on the web.  They have been around the longest.  They are looking at people who want to move too  New Hampshire.  The core benefit of New Hampshire is that it is a pretty libertarian place, the knock against it is also pretty simple.  It exists in a sea of blue states.


Free State Wyoming:  The third up is Free State Wyoming  conceived by Kenneth W. Royce (aka Boston T. Party) and lists as it’s objective:  Free State Wyoming is a project geared to establish a zone of real liberty in America. Kenneth W. Royce began research in 1997 on his novel Molôn Labé!—which depicts freedom lovers moving to Wyoming and taking political power by use of the ballot box—several years prior to the Free State Project (FSP). He founded the FSW shortly after 1 October 2003 when the members of the FSP selected New Hampshire as the focus of their efforts.


American Redoubt:  Next up is the American Redoubt which is a strategic relocation movement first proposed by survivalist novelist and blogger James Wesley Rawles which designates three western states (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming), and adjoining portions of two other states (eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington) as a safe haven for survivalists, conservatives, Christians and Jews. Kim Murphy, a reporter for The Los Angeles Times summed up one motivation for the movement: “For a growing number of people, it’s the designated point of retreat when the American economy hits the fan. When banks fail, the government declares martial law, the power grid goes down.” The same article identified Rawles as “the guru of the movement.”  There is not a dedicated website for the American Redoubt, however there are two web sites that cover it nearly exclusively Radio Free Redoubt and the Charles Carroll Society.


III Citadel (Idaho):  And last is one I just found out about and call the 3% Citadel written III Citadel.  The Citadel is a developing community of Patriots in the mountains of Idaho who believe in Jefferson’s Rightful Liberty and have chosen to live amongst one another, who have sworn their Lives, their Fortunes and their Sacred Honor to defend one another and Liberty.  Why 3%?  It is because a very small percentage of Americans (actually British citizens at the time) actively fought in the Revolutionary War.  From what I can find, the percentage of people who fought against the crown were much, much higher.   No matter, the III Citadel project is very active and appears to have a core of people with a concept of basically creating a “gated community” not unlike the suburbs of large cities that is as self contained as possible in the wilds of Idaho.

Free West Alliance: The next up is the Free West Alliance (FWA) which is also an organization attempting to organize the migration of libertarians and the like-minded into the U.S. states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, in order to influence local political policy toward libertarian ideals.  FWA founders were predominantly either former members of FSP who had “opted out” of New Hampshire in that organization’s state selection process, or others who had associated with FSP but not signed on formally.  This group appears to not be all that active as they apparently lost their domain name and I cannot find any recent activity online.