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I’ve been praying, reading, watching and listening to various sources on basically figuring out what we do now and have developed a more complete idea.  This is one of my more important and thought out post.  If you find it valuable, please share it far and wide.

Michael Voris had a great analogy. He suggest that before the vote of 2012, the battle lines were there, there were opposing sides, but there was this haze,  this dust, this mist, this fog between the two groups. Every now and then a group would come out of the haze and take a few pop shots, but then fade back into the mist. We knew the country was deeply divided, but mostly we heard the creak of artillery pieces and men moving into place, but saw things through a haze.  After this vote of 2012, the hazy has lifted. The sides are well defined, and the groups are facing each other. The two sides, who in my opinion, are lead by the Liberty or Patriot movement on one side, and the militant secularist or Progressive movement on the other. Patriots against Progressives, it is just that simple.

Now it is not simply the Progressives against the Patriots, each side have their supporters, and other general war-train general hanger-on’s. Also I would say that there are 30 – 40% of the people in the country who really just don’t care, and would accept TSA cavity searches to fly. “A new survey commissioned by Infowars and conducted by Harris Interactive has found that almost one third of American adults would accept a “TSA body cavity search” in order to fly, with a majority of Americans also feeling a law that would make disobeying a TSA agent in any public place illegal is reasonable.” These are what some on the Patriot side call the “sheep people.”  We should acknowledge there is a difference between the sheep people and those that are actively fighting the Culture war to “change America.”

On the Progressive side, their general supporters are the Democratic Party, which are the trade unions, trail lawyers, militant secularist and environmentalist. Their religion is secularism, child-sacrifice which is more important than nearly anything, wealth redistribution for those in “need”, free contraceptives, support for sodomy. Their allies are, Occupy Wall Street, and the majority of racial minorities who historically (Civil War, Segregation) have been protected by a powerful central federal government and people who have a net “gain” from the federal government. They support a modern interpretation of the Constitution.

On the Patriot side, their general supporters are the Republican Party, which are neo-conservatives, business interest, the military and Second Amendment supporters. Their religion is minimal government which is one of the most important, self-sufficiency and traditional American Christian values. Their allies are, the Tea Party, cultural conservatives, veteran groups and business and individuals who fund the central federal government. These are the people who have a net “minus” from the federal government. They support a strict original intent interpretation of the Constitution.

These are the battle lines the Patriots and Progressives, and right now the Progressive movement appears to have the momentum and higher growth making it a 49 – 51% deeply divided country. The divide is so deep I would call it a Cold Civil War between these two groups. By Cold Civil War I mean, a non-violent (cold) intense internal struggle (civil) that is not politics as normal (war). I believe this can be considered a “war” because people have compromised on all they are willing to compromise on. Each side has strongly held beliefs that they are unwilling to live without. The reason our elected political leaders cannot compromise is because we as a people do not want too. Either you believe life starts at conception and should be protected from that moment or not. Either you feel the government has the right to seize private property for the benefit of others or you don’t. Nearly every commentary has acknowledge this “deep divide” in this country and nearly every person on either side has talked about how it is “not healthy.” However as unhealthy as this Cold Civil War is, there is something that is threaten that is even more dangerous; political violence in America.

And there are multiple methods to move this Cold Civil War to violence. The Patriot side has said, many times and very clearly any attempt to restrict gun rights is a declaration of a hot war against them. The Progressives believe that any attempt to significantly reduce government benefits would lead to violence. Greece is an example of how people are reacting violently to austerity. I don’t think it is impossible for either of those things to happen here. I feel “something has to give.”

On this blog, my theme is “what are you going to do about it.” I like to focus on “figuring out what we can do” and not just re-stating the problem. My suggestions for action:

1. Find a traditional church and pray. Ensure that you are spiritually being re-enforced, not torn down. We know the government has an “outreach” for pastors to “encourage” obedience of the government. 20% of Catholics who go to church weekly voted for the Progressives, they must be avoided at all costs. For Catholics look here, or here, or here. If you need to drive an hour out of your way to get to a Church who will not cooperate with the militant secular state, so what.  There is much worse coming our way. If for some reason, there is no way for you to reach a traditional conservative parish, then find other people in your progressive parish and form bible study groups with them.  Pray, pray for our country and country-men, pray for the Patriot movement and pray really hard for the enemies of Christianity and the constitution.

2. Pull your children out of public school now and unplug your TV. The progressive are playing the “long game.” They want to not only win this generation, but ensure that they successfully indoctrinate the next generation. The two primary avenues they have on corrupting your children is the governmental schools and the idiot box. One of the greatest accomplishments in preparing my family for a “less free” America and the trials that are upcoming is finally, after much work turning off the Evil Eye (and mouth).  You must not lose your children to the war, while you are fighting the battle.  If you can’t home-school your children (which I can’t right now) sell something and put them into a conservative Catholic private school.  No matter what

3. Get debit free and buy Patriot products. Continue to remove yourself from the system and strengthen conservative redoubts. Get out of debit and stay out of debit. Starve the “too big to fail” banks by not using their debit cards, and using cash. Move your banking to the Redoubt. Buy coffee from me and the Monks building a off-grid castle on a mountain top in Wyoming and try and find other patriot produce products.

4. Relocate to a redoubt and buy farmland if you can. If you cannot move to the American Redoubt, move to some other geographical region with high concentration of Liberty-minded traditionalist (Texas, parts of the South). You will need neighbors who know you and will “look” out for you and yours.

5. Get prepared for all eventualities.
a. Become physically fit, and then maintain or increase your physical fitness. Get a water filter and use it daily, shop with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or some form of local organic farming. Ensure you are walking, hiking, swimming and taking a martial arts class.
b. Ensure you have adequate firearms and ammunition now!
c. Develop/increase your tactical skills: Take an Appleseed course, earn your Riflemen badge. Take Red Cross classes on basic emergency care. Take martial arts classes. Take tactical training courses.  Subscribe to the Bard of the Redoubt podcast here, subscribe to other podcast on this site.  Take a map reading and compass class. Learn as many homesteading / gardening skills as possible (growing live things is harder than it looks!).
d. Begin networking with other like-minded people, developing network groups. Participate in and support a bible study group. Join the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Oath Keepers, the Knights of Columbus (KoC) and Opus Dei.  However be careful, realize that when you are talking to three people you don’t know, one is a Federal Agent and the other two are paid Confidential Informants.  What the military taught us is that just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.
e. Begin liquidating your assets into tangibles. Assets you can put your hands on. Paid off cars, food producing land, paid off home, tools, guns ammunition, gold and silver, etc. Learn about bartering networks and underground economics.  Think on what your family will do without you, and your salary. 

We are in a deeply divided country that I would call a Cold Civil War between Patriots and Progressives. Will this just drag out in some form of long term deflationary period similar to what happen to Japan with stagnant growth and growing inflation or end in a bang of economic collapse? I do not know but I really believe some form of tough times are on the horizon, thus no matter what happens, having a more independent, stronger, closer more confident family is a good thing. The first battle you must win is inside your own head, and your own heart. You have to visualize what you want to achieve, what you are ready to do to accomplish your goals. This takes massive internal spiritual and mental discipline. Then you put a plan in action to accomplish that, my steps above may be a good start to your own plans.

O God, our refuge and our strength, be with us in this hour of danger. Give us the strength to do our duty, not in the spirit of hate or lust of battle, but from a sense duty and patriotism. Preserve me, if it be your holy will, safe in your keeping. But if you do call me home, I beg you not to let me die unprepared. Receive my soul into the arms of your mercy. I detest all my sins and I am sorry for ever having offended you, because you are all good and worthy of my love. I accept death as a sacrifice from your hands in atonement for my sins.
Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.
Mary, be with me.
My guardian angel, be at my side.
Jesus, Mary, Joseph! Amen.


Here is the link Glen Beck talks about the voting by counties for 2012.