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This was too much to put into a comment.  Another thing I personally like about the Lewiston / Clarkston area of Idaho / Washington is that both Idaho state-wide and Lewiston locally are doing all they can to attract gun and ammo manufactures.   I am sure they would be most interested in getting you to move your 3% weapons manufacturing to their state and city.  Since you are planning on moving that way eventually, may be something to look at.  Lewiston built a business park specifically for gun and ammo manufactures.  Here is a video and also the contact information from the Tribune.  I am sure she could point you toward the people in the city and state who work with helping companies move into the area.  If you want even more incentives you can call a small town North East of Moscow (North of Lewiston) called Potlatch,  Idaho.  They lost their paper mill and have had some luck replacing it, by being VERY gun and ammo manufacture friendly.

ELAINE WILLIAMS: ewilliam@lmtribune.com, (20 848-2261.


And to wrap it all up Lewiston / Clarkston is named the most secure small city in the entire U.S. second year running. Here is some information they have written about the state’s incentives for gun and ammo manufactures to move to Idaho.

Even before we move there full time, we can strength the Redoubt economy.  AR-15 from III arms, coffee from The Bard is not a bad place to start.  BTW, if you need any computers or IT help let me know.