…and talk.

A cruise for mainline Catholic traditionalist and liberty-loving, traditionalist Catholics. This is an excellent idea and something not often that occurs to people in this area.  Some times it is good to release, it is good to get the wife out and treat her to a treat, it is good to find companionship with other traditionalist and patriots.  We have to keep our batteries charges.    Michael Voris puts together a cruise.  The cruise is open to all people, but his cruise is focused on  traditionalist Catholics primarily.  He then invites all who want to attend, and takes only $100 off the top.  He puts together a great couple of speakers and we have a great time to get together and meet each other in a relaxed space. Here is more information

It is a little costly, but … the companionship and the people you meet could be worth a lot.  I am talking to the wife about attending, we have the same problem, real bills, getting prepared bills, and getting out of debit.  However we are thinking of saving up for it.   if you have the funds (flight to Florida, 1K per person for seven day cruise), you may want to talk it over also.