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episode162012 of the Charles Carroll Society: traditionalist migrating

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Thank all who have purchased Coffee from the monks in the Redoubt!

  1. Thank you very much.
  2. Raises not keeping up with inflation.
  3. Regulation D FRB
  4. Fiscal Cliff happening, expect the Police-state party to fold
  5. Coffee and black fights for rights.  First cultural, economic and logical secession
  6. CLM
    1. Talk to my priest it was good
    2. Plain Catholics
  7. Cultural, economic and logical secession
  8. Visiting the Redoubt to work on the homestead

Books I mentioned

Self Sufficient Life and how to Live it, by John Seymour * Didn’t go over this but a perfect book, buy multiple hard copies

Beyond Capitalism and Socialism a new statement of an old idea by  twelve Catholics