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drugecover122712-2I read James Rawles‘ and Bob Owens post and they did address some of the issues I was having worrying about what the government will do on civilian disarmament.  Basically it will fail.   Now Matt Bracken has written a LONG piece on the same issue.  Pat Buchanan and Drudge Report are both warning of Civil War.  And I just found John Mosby over at Mountain Guerrilla.  He is another undisciplined snake-eater (ground ponder version) and rabid patriot and has been training patriots.    These are not backbenchers, these are leaders in the Patriot / Liberty movement!  Several of them ex-officers with years of experience and have been leaders in the Patriot / Liberty movement for a long time.   In each case, there is death in the air.  Jame warns the government will need body bags to go with their billions of rounds, Bob flatly says he will not give up his guns without a fight, and Matt’s piece is begging, a SEAL, a shipmate, and a snake-eater is begging the law enforcement officers (LEO) to not follow unconstitutional orders.  John makes the point that we have already lost the Republic, the only question is, will you do any thing about it?

I think James Rawles post missed the primary point.  I completely agree that you will not be able to disarm the American people easily, however will they try?   And if they will try, does this impact our planning RIGHT NOW?  Right now I am preparing primarily for an economic meltdown, now suddenly my neighbors may start shooting each other and SWAT “tactical” teams may be trying to chase me down.  Should we be making plans now to deal with a hot civil war?  I was with my “Outdoor Adventure Buddies” as we call our “group of friends.”  We discussed this very issue for hours.  What I kept trying to communicate with them, with James and with anyone who will listen (The Bard in me) it is not if they will succeed, it is if the cowards will try?  They are true cowards, they would never come to your house to take your guns (or money), thus they must use their slick methods to attempt to make you a criminal and have the “powers that be” take your guns (and money).  Then they can stand on the side-lines with their camera phones feeling smug when you are hauled off to jail and your family is made dissolute by their government thugs. 

First American revolutionAs I explained to my friends, even this battle of the guns feels like a distraction.  It is not if they would pass this law or not, it is the fact that we live in a country where 40 Senators at minimal would vote to disarm the people, we live in a country where 100 Representatives at minimal, the President and Vice President and four Supreme Court Justices at minimal and a huge percentage of the populace (30, 40, 50%?) all would sign, approve and vote for the disarmament of the Citizens in clear violation of the Divine Natural Law and the Constitution.  55% of people think the President is an excellent leader.   This is the core problem.  This harkens back to Seriously Pissed off Catholic Ann and her policy of “…it is over folks, take no prisoners…”

Thus I again agree with James Rawles that disarmament would never work.  My question is do you feel this President and this group will try, really try?  President Obama doesn’t seem to be a person who really understands the concept of service to all people, that the nature of our government is to limit the activity of our _servants_.   And if a President who 25% of the American population doesn’t even believe is qualified to be President for one reason or the other.  If this President tries to implement this via unconstitutional Executive Orders … If that happens, then … well then bad things will happen to us.  Most wars are started by mis-calculations.  Do you believe there are people near the President who are telling him; “…Mr. President if you do this, there is a minority, but a large minority who may actually rebel against Federal power.  You could be starting the Second American Revolution if you do this.”  Do you believe those people even exist in his circle of advisers?  And if someone dares to voice this opinion, do you believe  Mr. Obama would listen?   What will we do about it?  Ensure your 72 hour bags are ready, ensure you gasoline is kept full, ensure your exit plans are viable and practiced.  Separate your firearms and keep watch.   If they try, I feel we are at a very dangerous junction and the smallest spark could start a conflagration that consumes us all.


This from James Rawles Survival Blog:  The bottom line: Be vigilant and vocal with our elected officials about any proposed legislation, but don’t worry too much about the police ever going door to door, looking for unregistered guns. If this were attempted, they wouldn’t get very far. I can predict that if Eric Holder ever wants to turn his fantasies of disarming the American people into reality, then he’ll have to enlist the aid of every sworn law enforcement officer, every soldier, every prison guard, every park ranger, every dog catcher and every meter maid in the country. But I doubt many of those folks will be enthusiastic, in carrying out unconstitutional orders. So then he’d undoubtedly also need the help of a hundred divisions of foreign troops. My advice to Mr. Holder: Order up plenty of body bags. You’ll need them.

From Bob Owens:  A nation with just 800,000 law enforcement officers and 3 million active and reserve military personal cannot easily defeat and enslave a free people armed with 300 million firearms, even if large numbers of the police and military didn’t walk away or switch sides to follow their oath to the Constitution instead of any given leader, as many assuredly will.

Retribution against those who would be responsible for such a conflict by attempting to undermine the Constitution is assured. They will face extra-judicial justice walking across the street with their families, or in a formal war crimes trial. Either way, their attempt at tyranny ends in death or prison… hardly what these would-be elites imagined for themselves as they planned to loot the remains of a once-powerful economic engine.

I have two words of advice for those that imagine they can subjugate the arsenal of freedom with the stoke of an autopen.

Tread carefully.


As I surf around different internet forums I keep seeing, as I have for over 20 years, too many folks voicing their concerns about the protection of the Second Amendment. Often, these statements include something along the lines of “If the Second Amendment goes, all the others will follow!” Newsflash! The others are already disappearing, or gone, as is the Second…Boys and girls, you don’t need government permission or protection to possess any of these rights. The entire idea behind the Bill of Rights was that these are NATURAL, God-given, unalienable human rights, shared by all men by virtue of their birth as human beings. They may not be protected by the government anymore, but you still possess these rights. You just need to exercise them.