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I wanted to address immigration as that is the “new” deal on capital hill now-a-days.  I have a lot of experience with the American immigration system, and it is as broken as they say it is.  I ended up writing about my and friend’s experiences and it got really long really fast so I broke up the post into three parts.  The Problem (this post), the Solution and what it means to the liberty / patriot American Redoubt communities.

where doillegalscomefromLet’s talk about immigration from a liberty / patriot perspective.  A lot of this will reference Mexican immigrants and Mexico as I have the most experience with that community and that country is the source of a significant part of the immigration issue.  With that said I believe basically there should be a much more rigorous and challenging “security” path for people coming from countries who have a demonstrably higher degree (currently or historically) of terrorism.  Please tell our Senators to stop trying to hide behind a bunch of Spanish-speaking Christian Hispanics to manage the threat from militant Islamic extremist countries.   First a list of issues.InfidelDecal - Copy

  1. Traditionalist, liberty minded Patriots can disagree.
  2. The politics of self-interest.
  3. Do the welfare society people moving here matter more.
  4. People broke laws to get here.
  5. This is, to some degree a self-inflicted wound.
  6. There is an American culture.  Love it or leave it.
  7. We cannot absorb everyone in the world who wants to move here.
  8. Solution

And yes, I know the term Hispanic is a completely made up term trying to define people of European Spanish heritage that now live in North and South America who in general have significantly racially mixed with native populations.  This is true, but the terms white, black or Asian are also made up term.  I once dated a Japanese girl who asked me “what do Americans mean by Asian flavor?”  Black or African-American, what is that?  We use these made up social constructs to try and defined the undefinable.  However imperfect, these are the terms which are popular, so I will use them.

First, IMO immigration is very different from the Second Amendment debate.  The Constitution, which only recognizes rights given to us by God clearly talks about as a nation what we understand about the ability to defend ourselves from all comers; thugs, terrorist or tyrants.  The protection and limit of the government is clearly defined “…shall not be infringed.”  No matter what little Nanny dwarf Bloomberg thinks, we do not “reinterpret” the Constitution every generation to see what we “need it” to say.  The words on the paper mean what they mean.  However immigration is not clearly defined in the Constitution, thus it is judgment.  Liberty-minded traditionalist patriots can disagree on this point and I believe many will.  Just remember unlike the Nanny party, we accept that logical people can come to different logical view points and normally we then vote.

populationdesnitySo let’s be honest about a few things.  One, this nation is not what it was when we initially wanted everyone to move here.  It is not an “empty” nation to bring me your “tired and poor.”  This nation feels overpopulated for numerous reasons. For one thing immigrants tend to “cluster” into self-supporting communities. Thus people living in states like Arizona have much more concern about immigration than say states like North Dakota.  There is a lot of evidence that suggests as immigrants are assimilated into our culture, they tend to move around like native-born Americans. They also adopt (for good or for evil) more American norms.  Thus the “strain” on our society is primarily the amount of immigration over a short time, with limited opportunity to assimilate and the fact that new immigrants tend to cluster in the same geographical area having a disproportional impact on local existing communities.

I believe I read in some useless poll a long time ago that more than 50% people surveyed world-wide would move to the U.S. if possible.  However nice that makes us feel, this is a nation where immigration now has more of an impact on your neighbors than ever before.  Right or wrong, our current government subsidy system has significant public benefits that create a certain financial burden (and responsibility) for our neighbors.  It also creates a “lure” for people living in countries without these significant benefits.  For various reasons we have moved to a more socialist form of guaranteed benefits.  Now we are somehow responsible for other people.  People can get hurt on the job and their benefits come out of the public treasury, we pay for other people’s kids to go to public education from our property taxes, people who cannot work will receive a certain level of benefits from the public treasury. Now-a-days when people get sick, it mostly comes out of the public treasury, and we the people fund that public treasury.  The more drain on the public treasury the more likely the people will continue to vote to take more from the tax-payer, and the government will comply.  Under the current regime, other people’s choices financially impact our lives. Thus immigration is less popular among the tax-paying class. In addition to these issues, there is the political angle.

Illegal-ImmigrationThe political angle is progressives tend not to have large families, at least not as large as many religiously conservative groups who tend to vote more conservatively.  Just go to the “Walk for Life” that happens every year in Washington D.C.  Every year the Walk gets larger and people are bringing their children, people are pushing strollers full of babies while the anti-abortion side gets smaller.  For progressives to politically survive they need “more voting people” who are not conservative.  One neat little secularist / progressive trick is they have found out that if they import people from socialist nations like Mexico they can have a ready-made voting bloc.  This is why the Democratic Party is very supportive of unlimited immigration.  What is interesting is that there are very few non-socialist nations left on the Earth.  Europe is majority socialist, South America in particular Mexico is primarily socialist and obviously places like China and Cuba are socialist, thus if you want to achieve a statist socialist majority and you are not having large families and raising your children in your statist progressive culture, then you import your future voters (they also try to convert your children).  By the way, this is _one_ reason that Guam and Puerto Rick have not moved through the process of becoming states.  They are filled with minorities that generally vote Democrat.  Republicans have been dragging their feet on their petitions to become states because of the political change it would cause.   And this leads us to the Police and Nanny state specific issues.

steele_Southern_StrategyThe Republican Party (in general) has an issue with immigration and minorities.  The Republican Party which I refer to as the Police State party gathers most of their votes from the white majority, shrink the white majority and you will shrink the voting power of the Police State Party.  The Police State Party used to be the party of minorities, as it was the party of Lincoln.  90% + of all Blacks were hardcore Republicans for the longest time.  That is until the Republican Party implemented the Lily White movement and the Southern Strategy under Nixon and Reagan.  They thought if they could run Americans of African descent out of the Republican party and bring in democratic Dixiecrat racists and nativists they could win some elections.  And they did.  The problem is that the Democratic party which I refer to as the Nanny state party thinks long-term.  They looked at who was having babies and immigration trends.  They realized they would lose in the short-term, but win in the long-term.  In the last 50 – 60 years the Nanny state party reached out the blacks, and then Hispanic immigrants to see if they could win them over and they did.  The Republican Party back in the 1970’s and 1980’s didn’t think they needed to be welcoming to minorities.  This is now biting the Police State party in the butt.  Hispanics, blacks and new immigrants tend to have larger families than native White population.  Hispanics tend to be Catholic and are in line with the truth, bring forth life abundantly and trust God.  A very simple fact that impacts this debate is that in a Republic or a Democracy those that have the most children and pass on their culture tend to end up being a voting force.

Thus, there is a political issue that both the Nanny and Police state parties are dealing with.  That is why you hear from talk radio such a “we shouldn’t do this.”  Not that it is morally wrong (which it may be), not that we help caused this problem (which is true), not that people broke the law and should not benefit from that (which is also true, but what do you do?).  They don’t like it because it weakens their voting power.  Also to a more limited, but still noticeable degree the Republican Party has a faction of White racists and nativists.  I will accept that they are a significant minority, but you need to accept that they exist.   Until the Republican party purges itself of these racist, owns up to its own racist past, I don’t see blacks voting Republican in large numbers.  The modern racist and nativists will keep agitating against any non-white immigration.  Their attitude is “this is America,” and somehow that doesn’t include people from all over the globe.  Hotdogs are from Germany and pizzas are from Italy. There were black patriots and freemen in American from the start.

I was riding in my friend’s car in Mexico a while back and we were listing to a major radio personality on XM and she asked “…why does this guy hate Mexicans…”  We looked at each other and were like, wow.  The tone, the caricaturizations, the cheap shots all let a 13-year-old girl know that this guy didn’t just have a problem with illegal immigration, but was hostile to her nationality, her people and her family.  By the way, she is a newly nationalized American citizen, two presidential terms from voting.  I wonder how she will vote and why?  Self-inflicted wound.   I have another buddy who married a Mexican woman who said that suddenly his eyes were opened to the fact that the some elements of the Republican party just seem I will not say racist as I don’t like throwing that term around, but … when they speak to be … very hostile to the concept of other racial groups in general and Hispanics in particular.

hispanic_catholics_ap_photoSome guys you listen to can’t say anything positive about Mexico, or Mexicans.  I will.  In Mexico it is easier for traditionalist Christian men to exist than in California.  Symbols of Christianity on every street corner, Christmas, Easter, and other Christian holidays are federal national holidays, no homosexual marriage and homosexuality is not taught in school, Churches are (fairly) full on Sunday, no abortion (other than a recent change in Mexico City), limited access to contraception, and divorce is a HARD and LONG process, as it should be.  13% of Mexican marriages go through official divorce.  Desertion is much more common, but again, marriage is for life.   Annulment in the Catholic Church average 10 years.  Even as a failed narco-socialist basket case, Mexico has not lost its mind like many parts of our nation.

In part we, the American society at large are partially responsible for this, this is at least in part a self-inflicted wound.  We (both parties) have left the border wide open, we have created a socialist state where benefits are handed out like candy and then we have a right to be upset when people from poverty walk north to either get a chance at opportunity or free benefits?  Silly us.  Let me show you one small example of how we caused this.

immigrants-look-ny[1]Before NAFTA people in both nations tended to grow fruit and vegetables somewhat locally.  It was more difficult to move goods back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico.  And most people were satisfied.  Not large business, oh no, large business hates small business and always wants to support those that can limit competition from smaller companies and always add to their markets.  We passed NAFTA.  Now one of the things that NAFTA did was make it easier for American apple growers to sell their apples in Mexico.  Suddenly Mexico apple growers had to compete with American apple growers.  Now, Mexico (what is left of it after the Mexican-American war) is pretty much a desert.  There are no significant areas that can compete against places like Washington State for growing apples.  It is basically much cheaper to grow the apples in Washington State and ship them to Mexico.  NAFTA and our great apple farmers put Mexican apple farmers out of business, very quickly.  Now, there were a lot of Mexican guys who were involved in the Mexican apple growing economy.  Suddenly they are out of business and Mexico has no significant out of work re-training program.  So all of these men who know about apple growing were out of business looking at their families and saying what do should we do with ourselves and our skills?  Well since Washington State apple growers were selling a lot more apples now they needed more workers.  Did American apple growers go to the under employed inner-city and create programs to get urban kids out of those failed hell-holes?  No, that is not what corrupt big business does.  They just “let it be known” that they wanted to hire apple growers and that they would “prefer” apple growers who had “prior” experience.    Thus the guys in Mexico’s former apple growing areas heard there are a lot of, better paying jobs in some placed called “Washington State.”  When you are looking into your family eyes and your dwindling savings you will “do what you need to do” to feed them.  Crossing a border illegally is nothing compared to my family starving.  The Mexican apple growers started to move where the jobs were.  The Washington state apple growers got a cheap, trained labor force with no legal rights and the people were able to make a bit more money for their families.  We caused this issue. Self-inflicted wound.  We opened up COSTCO and Wal-Mart all through Mexico which imports their apples from Washington State really, really cheaply.  The men down there went where the jobs were.  I noticed this when I was down in central Mexico shopping.  I was surprised to see “Washington Apples” being sold.  I was also shocked to see village, after village empty of men.  All the men with a little bit of gumption are “north” earning a living.   They send their money home to their families because that is what responsible men do; they take care of their families.  There are no social security benefits, or four years of unemployment in Mexico; your way to “retire” is to save a lot, but also to have successful children.  We in this country use to do the same thing before the State replaced the Family as the primary provider for older people.

This is just one example of how we caused this immigration issue.  Republican-leaning businesses claim they cannot stay in business without the near slave-like labor of illegal immigrants, from hospitality to construction. In general Republican-leaning businesses support an open border and cheap labor that can’t sue, organize and have limited legal recourse.  These Republican-leaning business are not paying their fair share into the healthcare system and / or insurance.  The men who work these farms or jobs still get sick, they still go to the emergency room, and we all pay for it.  But the Republican-leaning businesses do not; they have spread that “cost” onto society in general so they can maximize their profits.  If you can’t stay in business without slave-like labor, then you should not be in business.

bumper-sticker-mexico-illegal-alien-whiny-socialist-liberalsDemocrats are more simple.  They think by increasing the number of immigrants particularly from socialist nations they can increase their voting bloc, and they are right.  If you want to see the future of the nation, look at California.  In California the Republican Party is completely useless, they can’t run a successful state-wide candidate anymore and they either don’t care or have otherwise given up.  They still promote the same tired policies, the same arguments and run the same “ole white guys.”   Hispanics tend to vote in a block and vote for their economic interests first including but not limited to benefits for illegal’s and therefore against their own cultural norms (homosexuality, abortion, etc.).

The other point to make is that this argument that the Boston bombing should influence the immigration debate is bunk.  We are not talking about unlimited immigration from Muslim countries we are primarily talking about unlimited immigration from Christian South American Spanish-speaking nations.  Also unless you live under a rock, you know the truth of this statement.  A lot of hard work in American gets done in Spanish.  You have encountered hard-working, Christian, family focused groups of Hispanics living in peace.  These are not the people you are worried about suddenly “becoming radicalized” and blowing you up.  Now if your neighborhood is suddenly covered in graffiti, you may want to talk to the nearest group of Hispanics.  If you are looking for a pressure-cooker or underwear bomber, well, in generally you don’t start at the nearest Mexican restaurant.  I would like to describe how diverse our Hispanic immigrant population is  There are some Mexicans (we call them Mexi-can’ts) don’t want to work.  And there are some Mexican’s (we call them Mexi-cans) who are working all over the place.  That is simply the truth.  Also I would like to add, if you were living with your family in a failed disarmed narco-socialist state, you may think of migrating to a better situation which is a fairly short walk north.  I know I would.   Remember 30% of Hispanics voted for Romney last election.  This to me is the group you want to start to talk about liberty matters with.  At least they see something wrong with the current administration.

illegal immigrantsAnother point is the 11 million number is total hogwash.  That is not the scope of the problem.  Let’s say their number is correct there are approximately 10 million people who will benefit from this “immigration reform.”  The very first thing that these (I believe majority men) will do once they are legal residents or citizens is apply to bring … their wives and children here.  Estimate one wife, and two kids, that is 40 million people added to the U.S.  That is a lot of people.  I believe the actual number of illegal people who will benefit from this (remember many have already self-deported) is much, much higher.  Take any number you come up with and multiply it by at least 4.  In two generations Latinos may be the majority of people in the U.S.  And the reason is simple.  In their countries abortion is illegal, and contraception is frowned upon.  In our country we murder our babies, love contraception, favor divorce and like to be 35 before we are “ready” for our 1.8 children.  Long term, good luck.  You can’t complain because other people have not bought into your child-killing progressive socialist ways.  We can just bemoan the fact that they don’t tend to vote liberty.

People who come here are illegal immigrants, they broke our immigration laws to get here, and are living illegally.  I know of two people personally who are no longer living in the U.S. over immigration issues who have self-deported back to Mexico.  Both would love to come back but are waiting for a legal method to come back, because they are sick of dodging the system and have now learned the value of legal immigration.  The problem is there is no legal method of getting back here.  There are immigration crimes you can commit that if you commit them at any time during your life, you are banned forever.  Are these drug trafficking, nope, are these child-sex trafficking, nope.  The primary one that gets people is false documentation.  If you are arrested with a fake driver’s license and / or passport and you claim that document is yours, i.e. you lie to the government and say you are an American citizen, you are banned legally from immigrating for life.  No appeal, no “time served,” no payment of fines, no childhood exclusion.  That is why they ask at every international crossing “are you a U.S. citizen.”  Lie on that question and if you are caught you are screwed for life.  Under current law, you can make this mistake at 17 years old and still be banned for life.  So if your father was already living here in the U.S. and told you when you were 17 years old to just “use this false ID” and you did and were caught — you are banned for life.  Now some might like this concept.  I will tell you how this is treated in the real-world.  When you are banned for life for a clear mistake you did when you were 17 then many people just pay the $2,000 to the Coyotes and bring your family over illegally.  Move to an illegal immigrant friendly state like California and call it a life.  I don’t like the concept that we have crimes where people can’t pay for the crime and then re-enter society as this breeds a permanent criminal class.

Tomorrow we go over my solutions to this mess.