englishleave18xpToday we continue with my book about immigration from a Christian liberty-loving perspective. I believe in a unique (at least I’ve never read about it anywhere else) political theory of libertarianism constrained by natural law as defined in the Bible.    I also believe that a republic is better than a direct democracy.  I call this concept a Christian Libertarian Republic and I have gone over it in detail.  If you are interested please read that post.  I mention it here, because this is the perspective I am coming from. I am not a pure libertarian.  The Libertarian Party seems to present completely open borders as a solution.  I disagree.   If you are interested in my description of the problem, please read my first post in this series.

immigration1On the immigration front, we have a group of people (I am talking about the Spanish-speaking South American Christian based people) who (like every group) consist of a some that are good honest and hard-working people and some percentage that are free-loaders.  You can argue about the percentages, but the fact remains the group consist of both.  We have a situation where we the American society (we love our low-cost lawn service and guys standing around to help us with home projects) are partially at fault for creating or allowing lures that encouraged these people to move here.  We have political parties and business or political interest putting their own selfish self-interest above the Nation.  What are we going to do?

To legally get to the United States it costs right around $5,000 per person for all the legal work, visas, translation, medical screening and such.   For people without an exemption it takes about 10 years.   To immigrate illegally it costs about $2,000, takes about two weeks, and a dangerous walk through the desert.  Often women are raped in the desert, and the men are forced to mule drugs.  Many are robbed of their possessions.  It is a very dangerous journey. What should we do?  I think the answer is fairly simple.

border-fenceWe should have in the bill the funding of the physical triple fence along the entire Southern border and the billions it will take to buy up the land on the border to create adequate space along the border between Mexico and the U.S. to secure this fence.  We must have a physical triple layered fence, since then it cannot be turned off. Unless we have a triple fence along the entire length of our Southern border, with enough separation so that it can be policed, we will never have real security.  It looks horrible, but it is required as long as we have failed narco-socialist states on our Southern border.   It is a big job, but we have built big things before.   The funding and organization of border security should be set in stone so the President can’t just say “we will not enforce it anymore” when he feels like.  Let Border Patrol do its job.   States that are along the border should be given significant leeway in helping to secure it.    The President must cede a significant part of his Executive authority over border security to Congress so we can have close congressional administration of it.

CatholicMahonyProtestAZImmigrationLawIf people want to immigrate to this nation, let people buy their way in.  I would say if you want to legally become a citizen, it should cost you $8,000 in fees and fines, ensure you move this with inflation and we will take a reasonable payment plan, because the cash is not the point, it is teaching the value of American citizenship.  For people who don’t want to pay the fee, deport them.   For people who entered illegally and are living here without a criminal record, and want to become citizens they must wait for 15 years to start the application process for citizenship, which means you are behind everyone who is in line now.  During that time you cannot take any public welfare benefits and cannot be convicted of any violent felonies.  If you or your immediate dependent family ends up on the public dole, your 15 years re-sets.  If you are convicted of a violent felony you are deported.  In addition you must learn English and take the citizen exam.  In lieu of $8,000 you can serve 4 years honorably in the military.

To make a system of employer sanctions to work, we need a easy method of figuring out who can legally work in the U.S.  We must have a national ID card for employment purposes.  That ID card already exists and is our Social Security Card.  It is now printed on paper with a laser printer.  That is utterly ridiculous, if you are going to do this, don’t bother printing it.    If it means anything it must be changed into a tamper resistant card similar to the Permanent Visa or so-called “green card.”  The modern green card is one of the most secure ID’s created, it is amazing.   The SSN card exist, it is already federal mandated for most things (banking, employment, etc.) make it the most tamper resistant credential known to man and ensure employers use it to verity who can work and who cannot.  As a liberty loving person, I hate it also, but we have to be able to easily ID who is here legally and who is not.  We should put into the law all the protections we can that this “ID card” can only be used to establish legal ability to work and cannot be required for many things like… buying guns.   Our “betters” will change the law in the future, but we should start with the strongest protections possible.

We must also break the Republican-leaning businesses of their love of slave-like labor which we do by having significant hiring penalties that are enforced.   Let ICE do its job. These modern employers that take advantage of illegal labor are the same type of businesses that had to import people from African and enslave them  to “maintain their life style.”   We should have severe penalties for employers who use illegal labor including us, the middle-class who like to employee cheap lawn service.  We should also change our trade policies which are in part making their economies poorer.

We should encourage new immigrants to integrate themselves into more traditional American culture, we do that by not allowing any public benefits, encouraging people to move out of Hispanic South West and serve in the military.  This should all be hard baked into the bill.  Thus the solution is:

  1. Build a physical triple layered fence from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. Mandate that Border Patrol do its job.
  3. National ID card.
  4. Mandate that ICE do its job including strong employer sanctions.
  5. Pay a fine for breaking the law or go home.
  6. Deport any illegal who is or becomes a felon.
  7. Move to the back of the line (15 years wait period).
  8. Requirement for a citizen course including English language requirement.
  9. Modern Homesteading act into under-populated states (immigrants and natives).

Even if you implemented all of this, you will have the same problem again in 20 years.   As long as employers are willing to use slave-like labor, and / or we have a generous (as seen by the developing world) government safety net  we will have people who look around and are willing to risk the Coyotes and take the long desert walk to better opportunity.  We need to address all of the “lures” that invite the “dependent” class of people to our nations and do what we can to remove or reduce them.  We need to make security as tight as possible while protecting our civil liberties.  We need to help, where we can, other countries develop and become stable republics.

We are not going to deport 11 million people.  As a liberty-loving patriot I am opposed to giving the federal government the powers it would need to find and deport 11 million people living in the U.S.  To answer Pat Buchanan’s question of why “we” (he means Republican / Police State party) would want to do something that the Democrats want, such as immigration reform the answer is simple.  Putting the current group of illegals onto a path to legal status (I did not necessarily say citizenship) is the right thing to do. Just like ending slavery or passing the Civil Rights Act was the right thing to do.

In the end as long as we are murdering millions of American’s every year, delaying marriage, accepting divorce and having smaller families our native born population will continue to decline.  We as a nation will continue importing millions of foreigners to take their place.  The people in countries that do not believe in murdering their children, and see large families as a blessing, will eventually outnumber the people in countries who do believe murdering their children is an “option” and that smaller families is “responsible.”  Like the Native Americans before us, either fill your country with productive life, or be prepared for other groups of dynamic and growing people to fill it for you.

obamaillegalalienvotersBTW, I think the immigration bill may fail ultimately this time around.  I give it about a 30% chance of success.  The reason it will fail is if the Police state party presents a bill any thing like the above,  where we implement real border security, where we are making a path for those willing to work hard and deport the “dependent” and criminal class (i.e. the likely Nanny state voters) the Democrats will reject it.  Why will they reject it?  Because remember they have a political agenda, more socialist, dependent,  union-joining voters.  The Democrats are willing to play the long game, they know if they continue to use this issue to make the Republican Party look racist then eventually they can get 90% of the voting Hispanic population to vote for them, ensuring their long term success.   Winning the American’s of African descent vote, by destroying their communities did not happen overnight it took years to get the community to the position where it votes against its social norms and is essentially a failed community.  They are in the process of doing that to the Hispanics now.

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