Father Z ran a poll on his site asking which “super-Catholic place” would you go for self-exile if the Western Progressives governments continue with their increasing hostility to the Catholic (Christian) faith?  He described a “redoubt” as “I want to mention, however, an idea that I have seen on some blogs: a “redoubt” within these USA.  A “redoubt”, not in the sense of an elevated, defensible, armed position (though that is not ruled out!), but rather an area of the country to which many Catholics might move in order to network together and create a community.”  This sounds to me that Father Z may have run across American Redoubt related blogs.  His poll (unscientific obviously) was telling.


That is right , over at Father Z’s blog one of the most successful conservative Catholic blog on the Internet 1 out of 3 Catholics voted they would rather find a conservative redoubt here in the U.S.  I wish all of those guys were supporters of the American Redoubt.

Now he mentioned several “super catholic” places.  I was interested to see if any of them would actually be a decent place to be in a “grid down” situation.  Now I believe there three major “preparedness events” that I am personally planning for.  Each “preparedness event” is basically an event that prevents basic services, water, food, safety from being available.  The three events are:

  1. Minor 3 days of no services.
  2. Moderate 3 weeks of no services or TSHTF level moment
  3. Major 3 months of more of no services TEOTWAWKI level event

I did not compare each and every “super catholic place” that Father Z raised, but I did dig up Malta’s statistics because it looks like a great place to vacation.  I then compared it with a recent entry on JWR’s site Lewis County, Idaho.  As you know Idaho is inside the American Redoubt.

Lewis County, Idaho

Population: 3,821
Land Area: 479 square miles
Population Density: 8 per square mile
Institutionalized population: 17 (.004 per county resident)
Number of cattle: 4,800 (1.256 per county resident)
Average size of farms: 1,224 acres
Average value of agricultural products sold per farm: $156,792
Total Cropland in County: 137,342 acres

Nearest Large City: Spokane, Washington
Population of Spokane: 210,103
Distance: 166 Miles (from Kamiah)

Idaho State Population: 1,595,728
State Population Density: 19.15 inhabitants per square mile


Population 452,515
Land Area 121 sq miles
Population Density:  3,413.9 per square mile
Number of cattle:  Unknown

Nearest Large City: Close to Libya, and Tunisia
Population of Spokane: Doesn’t matter North African unlimited number of Muslim
Distance: 166 Miles (from Kamiah)

Here is what I found remarkable, Malta produces only about 20% of its food needs (currently) and has extremely limited freshwater supplies, and no domestic energy sources.  It is completely dependent on foreign trade.  While Lewis county Idaho has more cattle than people, you can burn a lot of trees to heat your home and has freshwater clean water enough to feed all of its people plus many more.  If this was an event where the ships stop visiting Malta for three days, I don’t think you would see major negative consequences, but if ships stop visiting Malta for three weeks?  Well, wow.  And if ships stop visiting Malta for three months or more?   That is inconceivable levels of suffering.

I do acknowledge that Idaho is part of the U.S. government that is extremely hostile to traditional Christians of all stripes, but Malta is part of the E.U. which is … extremely hostile to traditional Christians of all stripes.  Many of the other places listed are also part of larger anti-traditional values political entities;  Andorra is a parliamentary co-principality with the President of France, Saint Pierre and Miquelon is an overseas  collectivity with a special statute of France.  France has more a more socialist government then even the U.S. and has just forced its people to accept gay marriage.   You still have to accept being a smaller political entity in a larger political entity in general.  And the U.S. States are well suited for that.  The Lone Star State, the Texas Redoubt has amazingly strong self-defense laws, has sued the central government over 27 times in the last 4 years and has just passed some of the most significant restrictions on abortion.

I will say one nice thing about Malta,  is it has no property tax and is 90% plus Catholic. I cannot find a breakdown of Lewis county itself, but in Idaho proper 18% of the population is Roman Catholic which is more than 130,000 Catholics.  It is the third largest religious group after Mormons (who settled the state) Evangelical Protestants.  It has a very active SSPX and FSSP communities and communities of Plain Catholics.

I believe after a little research the American Redoubt looks even better to traditional, liberty minded Catholics looking for a place to relocate too.  Although now that I have studied it, I am putting Malta on my list of places I would love to visit.