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Don’t fall into their trap of not cooperating with each other. Make a friend, take a stand.

BreakTheParks0The objective:  #parkwalk or #occupyparks To Show the FedGov that we can walk under a tree, on public lands, without your permission.

We are all disgusted at the government shuttering the people’s monuments and parks.  The government is going out-of-the-way to cause issues for the citizen.  I suggested we have some Patriots go down to that WW2 monument and protest.  It appears a lot of people both right-wing Patriots and left-wing Occupy Wall Street got down there.  Great.

ParkShut0I am sorry that our political leadership have such a bad relationship that it has caused a government slow down, not a shutdown, but a slow down.  Their paradigm of using force on each other, and not talking or cooperating does not work.  I am sorry for the real people who are so dependent on the FedGov beast that they cannot live a few weeks without it.  I am sorry, and I hope friends, neighbors, a local Church, or charity can help.   However just because your guys in Washington D.C. are as broken as ever doesn’t mean you have to right to come and make life more difficult for everyday individuals.  It also does not mean we have to follow you into your broken, don’t talk, “you don’t get anything” model.


Does Occupy Wall Street have the right to access our parks?  Yes they do.  Do right-wing gun-nuts, pot-smoking liberals or tattoo bikers have the right to walk on public lands?  Yes.  Does everyone have the right to access public lands.  Yes!  Get out from behind your keyboard, walk a park.  If you see someone different than you, say hello.

I completely support this public civil disobedience.  The parks and monuments are not the government’s.  They are the people’s lands.  Each and every one of us have the right to walk under a tree without being annoyed by the FedGov minders.  The FedGov beast does not have the right to close public lands.  You can walk under a tree without government nannies nagging you.  NSA can you hear me now?!?

socialism_vs_capitalismI strongly encourage everyone to visit a local federal park, BLM land or monument this weekend.  I will.  If there is a group, support it.  Visit the parks, and monuments.   Go there, walk around, take some pictures.  If you meet others, say hello.  Make a friend.

For my liberty minded traditional folks, this is an unarmed action.  We don’t want to scare the sheeple with long guns or open-carry.  We are going to peacefully walk through the park.   We are not going to give them a cause to keep us out, except for their desire to control every facet of our lives.  Where your Gadsden or patriotic tee shirts.

For my progressive-minded folks ensure there is zero impact, ensure there is not one leaf that is left disturbed.  Clean up after your self, have a safe protest.  They try to scare the masses that the public cannot be trusted.  Prove them wrong.  Wear your 99% shirts and say hi to a Tea Party guy.


For both the Christian liberty-minded and progressive groups.  Say hello to each other.  Meet your own neighbors.  The problem is not each other, it is not the longhair hippy.  That person is not the problem.  As well, it is not the patriot, Gadsden flag waving, gun nut.  We are not the problem either.  The control-freaks are the problem.  The government does not have the right to prevent us from walking under a tree. We do not need their permission or protection.

They don’t have the moral right to stop us, to search us, to monitor us.

Here are some links I have found where people are getting together and walking in our parks.  If you know of a Walk the Parks action, please share it.

Occupy Zion Springdale, Utah
Park Shutdown Protest in Accomack County Chincoteague, Virgina
Occupy Yosemite Protest Scheduled for Friday Yosemite Village, California
Pisgah Inn on Blue Ridge Parkway, Asheville, North Carolina
Wisconsin state rejects the request to close federal parks.  Nullification


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