10-2016 What do they want?



1.  Some are still fighting against the globalists. This weekend watch Right wing nationalist Norbert Hofer from the Austrian Freedom Party and referendum by Italy’s Democratic Party Matteo Renzi to see the next battles.

2. Over 200 congressional districts voted for Obama twice, but then voted for Trump.  In Montana, they voted for Trump 56.6% but reelect an anti-gun Democratic Governor by 50.1%.  What do these people want?

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A right-wing nut job response to Attorney General Sessions and his Pot comments


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I feel very comfortable being called a “right-wing nut job.” I am a Bill of Rights fundamentalist and a traditional orthodox Catholic. My guns are black, and my women (in general) have babies, and my ammunition is heavy. I moved from a failing death spiral State because I would not be disarmed, nor have my Rights chipped away by an out of control State legislative. I supported President Donald Trump early and often. Of course, I could care less what people try to pigeon hold me. Some people look at me and think that I am an Obama supporter. Don’t care. Others hear me talk and say I am an anti-Islamist bigot. Don’t care. In all reality, you can call me what you want and think what you want. Don’t care. In reality, all the people who know me understand fully; I am a traditional Catholic, Constitutional conservative, American patriot, In That Order.

Now I support Jeff Sessions because he believes in defending the borders of this nation. Recently Attorney General Sessions whom I supported was speaking about weed legalization and said that pot is “…slightly less awful…” then heroin.  It is widely expected that under Attorney General Sessions Justice Department the US government is going to “enforce all the” drug laws and come down “hard” on various sovereign States decriminalizing pot. I want to share my two cents.

You will not be here forever

Jeff Sessions I could care less what you think about marijuana. What you think is as meaningless as the crack head on the corner. You come from an ancient version of Republicans. Your generation thinks it has the right to use government power to enforce what you think is right. Your generation help destroyed America. Your generation is simpletons. You never figured out that you would not be in power forever and those who hate all freedom will stand aside as you grow the power of the government, you know, in ways you agree with. That is so they can then use the same powers to take away other freedoms, you know they do not like. You, nor anyone in the government has any right to tell any free man what grass he grows on his property. You nor the government has the right to tell a man what he does with water on his land. You nor anyone from the government has any right to tell any free man what he smokes. As a Freeman, you have absolutely nothing to say what I do on my property. I could care less what you think is right. Continue reading »


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