Really, as the man says, don’t be afraid, of the new face of your Police State.    70,000 “no knock raids’ which the Supreme Court has ruled “constitutional” happen every year.  A no knock raid is when the police do not have to announce themselves, they just enter and start shooting anyone that looks threatening, like your dog.  Yes, a guy was killed murdered picking up a golf club in his own bedroom to defend his sleeping wife and children when he heard a noise  shot dead by the Police in his own home.  At the end of the video you will witness Marine who survived two tours in Afghanistan shot dead by policy serving a no knock raid, shot 70 times, no drugs found.  After serving a 12 hour shift in the mines, this veteran was sleeping in his chair, the door flew open, he grabbed his gun, and because “he pointed his weapon at the police” they were authorized to kill him.  His wife and two children watch him get shot 70 times.  SWAT team cleared of any wrong doing.   This is happening now, every day.  See the Future, Know your Fate.

Police accuse mayor of receiving drugs in Maryland, shoot his dogs, chase smaller dog around house so that they “can” shot it.