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There is no reason to have the police knock down doors (although that is an options for hard cases), to have SWAT running around attacking people’s homes, FEMA vans rounding up running people.  Just sit outside your neighborhood, wait for you to go to work and then run a DUI checkpoint.  As you sit in your car wondering why in the world the police are running a DUI checkpoint in the morning (it is for you).  Once they have you at the front of the line, they will run a dog around your car, and “bam” when it “alerts” they will seize your car and everything in it.  They will ask you some questions; you will try and explain how this is impossible.  They will talk about “clearing this up.” And they will “ask” very nicely if they can “clear this up” by searching your home.  You have nothing to hide do you?  As you are shamed in front of your neighbors, you reluctantly agree as you think you can talk your way out if it (you can’t).    This was the point all along, they will then seize everything in your home they can, slam you in jail for a time.  And this is all legal now.  And it is done now.  Why do I suspect this is what they will do, because this is what they do to minority neighborhoods in American now.   It is just coming to a neighborhood near you next.  The Police State exist and has existed for quite some time.

This is how they will come to a neighborhood and remove all ability to defend itself.  No need to run through homes.  Always expect the unexpected, and think on what you will do in challenging times now, when you can think.

See the future, know you fate.