Will only California lite be left in the Redoubt?  After the Progressives victory in the Patriot Redoubt state of Washington, they haven now set their sights on the Redoubt state of Idaho.  The Progressives are attempting to  change the language so that homosexuals can continue to work even if they present their private sexuality in public.  As liberty minded people we have the “don’t ask, don’t tell.”  What you do in the privacy of your home is your business and I respect that.  If I don’t know you are sodomite, then that is great.  If you make your private business a public issue, then you may get opinions you don’t like!  Sodomites do not like the “live and let live” you must “accept” their sexual behavior publicly.   You must bow to them, and anyone who believes sexual activity is private business is homophobic or hateful.

Pray for the Idaho, pray to defend Catholicism and Liberty.

Boise’s discrimination-ordinance meeting attracts hundreds

Any Boise employer or landlord may dismiss or deny an employee or tenant based on gender or sexual identity. If passed, a new city ordinance would change that. The city council and more than 300 members of the public met Tuesday to debate that change.

Local Fox affiliate here:

Chris arrived at the city council meeting early to guarantee he’d receive the chance to speak in favor of the city passing a non-discrimination ordinance.

“[The city council] has no lawful authority to do that,” Lee Rice said. “That’s not [its] job.”

Rice also showed up promptly. But he came to testify against the ordinance.

“I’d like to have a law passed to keep people from calling me the n-word,” he said.

Rice said he objected not to homosexuality, but to the city operating out of its jurisdiction.

Tom Munds agreed with that, but also objected to the proposed ordinance because of his religion and interpretation of the constitution.

“If people want to engage in sodomy at home, go for it,” Munds said. “But it’s got no business in government.”

The two members of Boise’s city government sponsoring the ordinance cited as their goal a fair, safe and inclusive community and the economic impact they hoped that reputation might provide.

“[We need tp] let companies know this is an inclusive and safe place for their employees to be,” Councilwoman Maryanne Jordan said.

The state legislature declined to pass a similar law at a state level. But proponents of the so-called Add the Words campaign believe if passed, ordinances like the one considered in Boise Tuesday might convince state leaders to reconsider.

“One of the arguments [legislators have] used is their constituents don’t care about this matter,” Add the Words Co-Chair Mistie Tolman said, “and I don’t see how they’ll be able to continue using that kind of an argument.”

Cooke, Rice, Munds and Tolman may not agree on much. But to an allegation they’re indifferent to this issue? They’d likely agree their accusor pegged them very wrong.

The City Council voted unanimously in a preliminary vote to pass the ordinance.