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Here is a piece by an Orthodox Jew named Daniel Greenfield over @ the Sultan Knish blog.  He describes how the Orthodox Jews are fighting their more numerous progressive Jews for the soul of Jeduism and the State of Israel.  Essentially he strongly recommends limiting immigration to the best of our ability,  getting married, having a lot of children, building mutually supporting communities of traditionalist and most important keeping them home-schooled and away from the idiot box.  Progressives in general have small families, as they are more willing to murder their children, thus they need to corrupt your children, and they also depend on massive immigration.  He calls this cultural secession.   I agree, and like the term.  We must be willing to succeed in our minds and hearts if we ever will have the strength to really succeed.   He has a few great points.

Above all else, education is the future. Traditionalists who fail to understand this will allow the educational system and the entertainment industry to transform their children into progressives. Progressives know that control of the educational system means control of the future. Without the educational system and immigration, progressives are doomed to be cafe radicals. With them, they can count the generations until they control everything.

The progressives have few children of their own. Your children are their children. If they can corrupt your children, then they have a future. If they cannot, then they will go off and die in a corner. The progressives have three strengths, class warfare, cultural programming and immigration. America had prosperity that negated class warfare, but it neglected to safeguard its culture from the left and did not consider the consequences of Third World immigration. With their political and culture power, the left destroyed prosperity and now with all three cards in their hand, the progressives are rising high.

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