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“Hence, what is the best way to know what jobs are in most need in filling within the American redoubt?”  Thank you for an interesting question. Let me share with you what I think we can do now, and what I wish we could do in the future, and the Catholic Land Movement may be the way, in a perfect world.


Your question prepossess a problem that you may not have basically “what is the best way to get a job in the Redoubt?” The facts are it is very hard to get jobs in rural communities and somewhat difficult to get them even in smaller cities.  The reason is that a lot of rural communities (and smaller towns) have an “unwritten” code of hire local people first.   If you want to go this route, I suggest you leverage Craig’s List and look at the largest companies in Idaho  (or the rest of the Redoubt).  Get your resume cleaned up, realize that you will most likely applying for different jobs than you do right now and post them to all of these 50 companies internal HR website.  Treat getting a job in the Redoubt, like a job.   BTW, a trick I have learned is to “dumb down” my resume.  Since I will be applying for smaller companies the guy doing the interviewing doesn’t want to believe you could do his job.  I remove some schooling, take the titles of my past jobs and make them the “less flashy” and just make my resume only two pages or so.  Thus to answer your question directly, focus on the largest 50 companies in each of the Redoubt areas, get your resume on their corporate website, or individual job bank.  Use Craig’s List also for “the odd” job.  Also get on Dice and Monster and restrict your searches for (primarily) the three Redoubt states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.   The disadvantage is that we are “outsiders” and thus they try to give every good job to a local person, the advantage we have is that in most times we don’t overly care where in the Redoubt we are going as long as we can drop a homestead on it!  Use your strengths to overcome your weakness.  Also remember, do not turn your nose up a jobs you would normally not consider, when moving to the Redoubt it is the amount of money you make, (and the stability) you are seeking, not the title.  Heck, if someone wanted to pay me a living wage to build houses, I most likely would take it!

plain-kitchen0Now I will answer your question in my way, of not accepting the problem statement.  Well, the answer is really, do you need a job? At minimal, do you need a job like you have now? Stay with me for a moment while I walk though this logic. Why do we have jobs? To buy the stuff we need, and the stuff we want. We work, and work, and then we take the cash, and we buy (or rent) shelter, energy, food and water for ourselves and our families. Let’s say you are like the rest of us, you work 40 hours or more a week, your hourly rate is priced at the lowest your employer can pay you without you quitting, the government takes its pound of flesh, gives us the rest, we then buy the services and materials we need and want.  Our efforts is being washed through the current system.   I believe this concept is flawed, it is designed to keep you in debit, dependent and not in control.  Go look at Fight Club and envision joining the Fight Clubs like joining the patriot cause.

The core concept of “going Galt”  is that we legally minimize what we allow Big Government, Big Business and Big Finance to take and _work for ourselves_ to the maximum extent possible. We stop being wage-slaves, and we stop passing our efforts through a system that takes its pound of flesh from our efforts and only leaves us whatever it feels like. Here is an example, buying a home with the help of the bank, or building one yourself.

If I purchased a modest (average) home, for my area, say 200K, and I put 10% down and got the rest from the bank, how long would it take me to pay it off? Most likely 30 years, maybe 15 if I am “house poor.” How much would I end up paying at about 5% interest, nearly ~186K  in interest over 30 years for the “privilege’ of owning my own home, which I really don’t, I am renting it from the “too big to fail” Bank in usury, and then paying rent to the “to big” government in the form of property taxes, but I digress. That is a total of 386K over 30 years on a 200K house!

Now, let’s say you are not afraid of work, and you worked 40 hours for yourself to build your own home, let’s just say for this exercise you could do all of the trades (and there are a lot of them) how many “years” would it you to finish a home? …. Tick, tock, tick tock … the average home is dried in, in 3 man-months finished in less than 5 man-months. You could build your own home in 5 months. I am hearing the square foot cost for homes is $100 – 125 / square foot right now in some areas of Idaho.  Thus a 1,400 square foot home in the Redoubt at market prices would cost you ~140K. Notice, when you buy a home you are paying market prices, when you build a home, you are paying costs + profit.  To buy that same house from a bank at 5% interest would cost you 130K in interest or 270K total.  We will say a “simple” man-month is 40*4 (hours in four weeks) or 160 and we spend 5 months or 5*160 = 800. 800 hours divided by 270K or $337 dollars an hour.  That is what the bank is charging you when you buy a home with a loan from them.  They are basically charging you $340 per hour and paying the worker $120 (labor + materials) per hour and keeping the rest!  That is usury and we must avoid it.   That is what your labor is worth (to the bank) if you can figure out how to build your own home, approximately $340 per hour. What can you possible do legally where someone will pay you this much per hour? And if you could make $340 per hour or 340 * 2080 a man-year or ~700K earnings in a year, how much would the company / state / bank take?  30, 40 or 50% or more?   There may be errors in the above math, but the point is, doing things yourself is much, much more valuable then continuing to buy into the wage-slave Too Big to Fail system.   The secret is to provide the goods and services you need yourself.

Thus instead of answering the question you asked “what is the best way to know what jobs are in most need in filling” I would answer the question I think is more important “what jobs do you need done, if you were going to live more independently?” I would say start taking a construction course, start simple, and move to each trade you can. Each one you can do is worth ~$340 to you.  Many of these courses happen at night as they are for guys who are have jobs. Each and every trade you can do yourself is about 50% less costs in building shelter for you and yours. Try and start your own consulting business, taking clients over the web.  Thus you have your day filled with working in this system doing your “normal job” and your nights filled with taking courses on how to build your home and act as your own general contractor and making a little money with clients over the web. The consulting clients monies go into the “my dream home jar”  (like my American Redoubt coffee).

Take whatever courses you deem fit (constructions, mechanic, 4-H), also see if you can take on other clients in the translation business that you can do from a far. If you could spend 80% of your efforts on yourself, with no one taking their pound of flesh, or your wages being priced at the lowest price, then guess what? You labor becomes much more valuable to you. You are not simply giving away 10, 20 or 30% (or more) of your labor.

My answer (a bit long winded) is that build a plan where you do not need the amount of income you have now, that you can get by with a lot less “money” because you will be doing a lot more for yourself. Figure out what types of work you can do remotely or home-based and start investing in those. Get as much cash as you can. Remember moving to the Redoubt initially doesn’t mean move directly to a mythical magical homestead immediately; you may be renting in a decent sized city. I know people who are renting their farms.  I would rather be renting in Lewiston then in New York when the TSTF.  You take this time to then build more cash reserves until you are in a place where you feel comfortable striking out on your own. I have small shop / house plans that start at 4K (in materials) to build and go up.

Now in a perfect world this is how I would organize it around a Catholic Land Movement back to the earth type concept. I would first talk to the Amish. That group of people will become the new “Ivy League” in the future. I want to go over my initial idea with them since they _live it_. However how I _think_ they are organized is around x amount of families. Say, 10. I would get a group of Catholics together, and we would all agree that when we reach the magical number of 10 families, we would all move together to x area in the Redoubt. This idea comes directly from the Free State project, where they say when they have x number of people (like 10,000 or so) they all agree to move.  To me, that is much to larger. I say x number of families, where x is yet to be defined. Then if you had x number of families, those families would basically be self contained “village.” When you need to raise a barn, you have 10 hammers who will help, when they need to raise a barn, you own them your labor. Your labor is now worth $340 per hour because you are not washing it through the current corrupt system. Start getting the skills you need to live. You cut out the middle man, the parasitic, too big to fail usury banks and business that simply suck all of the wealth from the American people. Now in the time before we move, we all are doing what I recommended to you, taking courses, learning various trades, and getting to know each other. This would make it much less costly and risky to move your family to “parts unknown.” I would love to do this under the umbrella of the Catholic Land Movement.

The concept is to work as much for yourself, if you don’t have the skills get them.  They may be much more valuable in the future any way.  Do not take no for an answer. Move your work to a home based business which you can do from anywhere, modify your life to cut out the unnecessary (still have a cable bill? That is 1.2K a year) and put it to the homestead dream fund jar. If you want to move now, look up jobs online, on Craig’s List and in the local Redoubt paper, apply for any that you can do well, plan on renting in a local city until you are ready to make the move to your own land. Study the Catholic answer to both laissez faire capitalism (to big to fail) and Socialism systems called Distributism and see how you can implement it in your own life.  Here is a list of things you can start doing right now, to put yourself on the road to freedom.  I got this from the book The Church and the Libertarian and have added a few of my own ideas.

  1.  Create your own job.
  2. If you cannot create your own job, join with others to create a cooperative or worker-owned business.
  3. If you must work for a company, persuade it to allow you to telecommute.  Even if it is 10% less money, if you can telecommute from the Redoubt, that is freedom. You take your job with you!
  4. Try to convert any part-time employment for wages into a part-time consultancy.
  5. Instead of putting all of your eggs in one employment basket, “keep the day job” while seeking to create multiple income streams using your own equipment and working with your family members in home-based activities, preparing for the day when you can leave the corporate job behind.
  6. Bank with a credit union.
  7. Avoid corporation-debt.  Seek to use “owner financed” homes.  Buy cars from their owners and if you must, borrow from credit unions.
  8. Tear up your credit cards and do not use your debit cards for purchases.  Use cash!  You deny the too big to fail banks their 3% merchant fee on you make it a bit harder for the Too Big government from tracking your every move.
  9. Patronize patriot run businesses in the Redoubt as much as possible.  Long before we move there, we can start to strength the Redoubt economically.

10. Avoid sweatshop clothing and products.

11. Grow some of your own food.

12. Patronized farmers’ market, or purchased food directly from farmers/producers.

13. Home school or send your kids to a Catholic private school.

14. Avoid commoditized entertainment in favor of local entertainment that is worth something (local baseball, Church events, local fairs etc.

15.  When you have the opportunity, start moving towards alternative, non-centrally generated power.

16. Shop at flea markets, swap meets, and garage sales.

17. Turn off your cable and / or satellite service (1.2K a year). Move to Netflix DVD service where you can control what is coming into your house.

18. Make your own bread.  Eat real food, and avoid like the plaque the ersatz, mass-produced capitalist food that has ruined the health of millions, including children.

19. Have as large of a family as possible.  Trust God.

20. Breast-feed your babies.

21. Practice your faith specifically virtues such as faith, hope and charity, and the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance.  The crisis of this civilization is a crisis in virtue.

I can tell you this. If you continue working “within” the system that we have now, Too Big to Fail Banks, To Big to Fail companies, To Big governments and paying their general store like prices, you will never reach your goal of more self sufficiency and independent lifestyle. You need to make a change, hopefully these are a few ideas on how to make that change and will spark your own path to self-sufficiency.