Understanding and preparing for emotional factors is vital to preparedness.  We encounter little difficulty in normal daily tasks under normal circumstances.  However, in high stress conditions, most of us become situationally disabled.  For the average person, the highest stress we face is when someone cuts us off on the road.  Now take that immediate feeling, multiply it by 100 and see what you could do under that load.  Ensure your plans, your equipment is setup so that you can operate essentially when you are mentally disabled.

Imagine the severe stress levels if you are stuck in a violent situation, or operating in a grid-down TSHTF moment.  When a life threatening incident occurs, the brain’s scope of awareness narrows.  In this state, performing anything complex is near impossible.  The study of this is called the science of high velocity human factors (HVHF).

Since people process information differently under high stress than in calm situations, you must design solutions, plans and equipment so that it becomes “second nature.”   This is how the LEO are trained.  Think on this as you put together your on plans and equipment.