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I found a fun new website called Intellectual Froglegs and YouTube channel hosted by Joe Dan Gormen.  Here is a nice piece about him in Right Wing news, (Hat tip to James for the link).  Pretty nice, much better than T.V. almost like John Stewart in reverse.  He states “…the ‘objective’ of Froglegs is to be covertly educational with humor, wicked cool graphics and classic tunage.”  Even that is funny.   I think he is from Kentucky or New Orleans with that accent.  He sounds great.    I love to see the liberty movement getting more diverse by the day and people taking their own approach to the overall goal of liberty.  I also like people who combined Christian principles and liberty thought in fun and exciting ways.  Here is his video from last month during the time of the special Mass for our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, because it deals with a favorite subject of mind,  the Democrat, anti-Catholic, white supremacist, KKK leader, Hugo Black. and his war on Christianity.    Hope you are enjoying the afterlife Hugo.