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I am very happy to share that we have moved our preparedness along this week by achieving two long term goals!  My wife has completed an NRA Women on Target course in pistols and rifles.  She thought it was “fun” but is not sure how much she learned since we go out often and shoot.  She feels ready to take more challenging courses from the NRA.  However she did really enjoy that they had one instructor per student.  Any thing to move her comfort level along though is great.

300px-international_amateur_radio_symbolAnd I finally got my Ham basic license, called the Technician Class!  I am a ham!  I studied, had the good fortune of knowing a more experienced ham who was willing to go over some questions with me and then I went over several practice test which I was scoring only a 65%, but after a cram day, when I took that practice test, I missed one question.  On the real test, I know I missed more than that, but I achieved a passing grade.  Hopefully I will be in the FCC database this week and I can start using the Kenwood handy-talky (HT) radio I purchased.

Now that I actually succeeded in getting a HAM, I will write a more detailed post on what I did and some preparation you can do.  I like to first “do” and then let others know what worked for me.

My wife passing NRA courses and I getting HAM licenses.  Now all we need to do is get the blasted Rifleman patch from Appleseed and we will be making some progress.

My wife with a .22 at 25'

My wife with a .22