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freedom_indexRecently a new forum has been setup for those seeking to relocate to another state.  It is called Walking to Freedom and can be found here.  This is sponsored by the TSP and has a good following for just being started.  Walking to Freedom is what we would call Redoubting or in truth, simply political migration with fancy names.   He wants to get more people excited about relocating.  On the Walking to Freedom forum I recently came across Freedom Index of the States which was created by William P. Ruger and Jason Sorens for the Mercatus Center George Mason University. This may be old news to some, but I just really looked it over. It is full of great information. All of the American Redoubt states do well, but Idaho really shines. One main reason the Redoubt states don’t do even better is how much the authors rate homosexual “marriage” which most of the Redoubt states do not support. This is a great document for those of you trying to get some people to understand why you are moving to where you are moving too. Here is the writeup of Idaho.

castle-doctrine-and-stand-your-ground3True to its reputation, Idaho is among the freest states in the country. After Wyoming, Idaho has the lowest government-debt ratio in the United States. Taxes and spending are a bit lower than average, but given its citizen ideology, Idaho could presumably improve its record here, especially in cutting government payroll. Individual income taxes are rather high. Idaho has the third-best gun laws in the country, but taxes on spirits are high, and it could improve its marijuana laws substantially. The state has few restrictions on motorists other than secondary seat-belt enforcement and an open-container law.

dui-checkpointsIt deserves credit for being one of the few states to refuse to authorize privacy-invading sobriety check points. Bard Note:  These check points are one of those little “police state, bad thing for a good reason.”  We all hate drunk drivers, and we all recognize they are a threat to everyone else, however it is unconstitutional to pull anyone over without cause.  The supreme court said “…it is not constitutional, but we will allow it.”  Now as you can expect when you let the government do one thing that is unconstitutional it does many.  They now run dogs up and down your cars and if the mutt “alerts” that is probable cause to search your car for drugs.  They have forced citizens out of their cars and taken pictures of their tattoos for identification at these checkpoints.  CheckpointAnd of course now that the “we” voted to allow DUI check points DHS is getting involved with check points.  This is what happens when you let the government do even a small thing that is unconstitutional.  Remember that when cops pull over your wife coming home and have her dancing in the streets, just because they want too.    Many of the Redoubt States do not allow this evil encroachment on the 4th amendment.  On educational policies Idaho really shines, with only nine years of mandated schooling and no regulations on private or homeschooling other than curriculum requirements. One personal freedom Idaho needs to reform is asset forfeiture; the state has the same regime as Arizona.  Bard Note: What this does is allow the Police to arrest you for something, then seize all of your assets and all proceeds to the police.   Labor laws are generally solid, and health-insurance coverage mandates add only 15 percent to the cost of premiums.

However, eminent-domain reform has not gone as far as it should. There is a blanket smoking ban in restaurants and a near-total ban in workplaces but none at all for bars.