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How does my Immigration Problem statement or my Immigration Solution concept impact the American Redoubt specifically and rural America in general and  what are we (actually until I move you) do about it?

Well, honestly, I don’t think it impacts the American Redoubt or rural America very much.   The states don’t set federal immigration polices and the Redoubt is not located on the Southern border.   There is a very small but growing number of primarily Hispanic immigrants in the Redoubt states as well as “fly over” rural America.  What percentage of these are illegals is unknown, however from just a statistically view-point some percentage of these have to be illegals.   From what I have seen, read, and discussed with people who live there they primarily seem to be more of the Mexi-cans, hard-working God-fearing people,  like very one else minding their business growing their homes, businesses and families and getting on with living.  It is my opinion that many of the, primarily Mexican immigrants that end up in rural environments are from the hacienda culture in Mexico, they are already ranchers, farmers and rural people and thus are used to taking care of themselves.  They should make for great neighbors and add to the overall communities.  There are not a lot of welfare moochers on ranches North of the border or haciendas South of the border.  Thus the Redoubt should figure out how it would treat these people if they end up there in a societal collapse.  How will you ensure you are retaining those that have lived there, and pulled their own weight, rather than Johnny-come-lately who are showing up to feed lick a tick.

narcocorrido1One of my examples of how rural Mexicans should be able to fit into rural America fairly well are their music scenes.  I mean we are not talking about a bunch of anti-Christians who have been at war with Christianity, and our nation nearly from its birth.   We are not talking about people who tend to blow themselves up on a regular basis.  We are talking about a bunch of people with their own version of Christianity (Catholicism) generally their own version of Western Culture who’s primary cultural roots come from Spain, not England.  There should be enough similarities for some sorta of accommodation.  The issue is that we can’t have an overwhelming amount, and they need to move to this country with the objective of fitting in.  Do they even teach the melting pot theory any more?

Back to the music scene, I find it an interesting study on how similar the two rural cultures appear to be.   Sure a Mexican country bar looks a bit different, and the music is different, but a good-old-boy from Texas (or Wyoming) can understand the Norteno music (or maybe you know it as Tejano or “Tex-Mex“) and bar rules fine, the big trucks, the big hats, guns, belt-buckles and girls in tight jeans.  From the view-point of a person from the outside of both scenes,  they seem pretty similar to me, but what do I know?   This Mexican gangster Country sounds a lot like American Outlaw Country.  Think Miranda Lambert, David Allan Coe, Blake Shelton and the rest of the Country Outlaws.   The Mexican “gangster” Country music scene called narcocorrido.  Here is an example song with English translation and here is a narcocorrido video so you can have a visual.   That has a bit more edge, but again it does not have an urban feel to it at all.   Maybe it is not the best example now that I think about it, but it is an example I have witness myself and a thought I have had.  I just see enough commonality for primarily Hispanic immigrants to fold into the American culture if we have the will, and they want too, but once again I digress.

TejanoDon001I believe the number of immigrants on deep red rural environment will continue to grow slowly and that is OK with me.  The most important thing that the American Redoubt can do is not to make the mistakes that the Police state has made and alienate the entire community nor the mistake of California and be overrun by moochers.  We should remember to treat everyone as humanly as possible.  Now that rural immigrants from Mexico are few in number ensure you are Americanize them and not allow fully separate Spanish-speaking ghettos to grow.  That path leads to L.A. Also the Redoubt states (and rural American in general) should keep government benefits for all, including immigrants as low as legally possible.  This will continue to attract the hard-working immigrants (and native-born)  while naturally discouraging the free-loader types, less sugar normally means less ants.  Of course Washington state has chosen not to listen to my advice.  They keep enlarging the welfare state and is one of the top ten states growing in illegal immigrants with a 51% increase in illegal immigrants.


Any Spanish-speaking Christian immigrants that end up in the American redoubt that are pulling their weight and want to adapt to the rural American cultures (in their own way) should be encouraged and some effort should be made to accommodate them.  Try and attract the hard-working hacienda types and tell the moocher types to stay right where they are.

Chooses lifeBTW, again the ultimate solution is to have a growing dynamic group of American Christians.  Abortion is illegal throughout Mexico, contraceptives are legally but culturally frown upon, large families are seen as a gift from God and there is no legal right for homosexuals to marry.   Abortion is legal in the U.S., basically free and encouraged, contraceptives are given out like candy, we have 1.6 children per woman (non black or Latin) and we promote the homosexual lifestyle.  We are doing this to ourselves one divorce and one murdered child at a time.  Most of the Redoubt is better, for example Idaho  only has two baby killing mills in the entire state (as far as I could find).  Which is good.  That is why this President who apparently has a demonic need to sacrifice the most children possible to the devil, has authorized the abortion pill over the counter nation-wide to any girl 15 years and up.  Idaho should do every thing legally in its power to keep this type of evil out of its state, and do like South Dakota and get their abortion clinics down to one, where the doctor feels so unwelcome he flies in and flies out.  The best thing the Redoubt can do is to beg God to forgive the Redoubt for our nation’s homosexual, child-sacrificing Satanic ways, get married, stop killing your babies, bring forth life in abundance and trust in God.  Or, be replaced.

“Go forth and multiply.”