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A response to Lee Siegel condescension by Alex Barron

The arrogant liberal (but I repeat myself) Lee Siegel wrote a mean-spirited but reasonable piece (if you skip the snark) in the “Daily Beast.”  As a liberty loving Christian who most likely agrees with Lee Siegel very little on most things, I can agree with him in this.  We. Are. Already. Two. Nations. (at least).  Moreover, because of this deep political divide and the fact that our nation appears to be too large (and many other reasons), we are highly ungovernable.  My thoughts to the liberal elitist who wish us gone, fine let His people go.  I even can propose a method.  Let states simply vote themselves out of the Union.  Simple, peaceful, democratic and binding. This is called self-determination for those who have forgotten freedom, if the U.S. can stand up for foreign Muhammadist and their right to self-determination in the Balkans and elsewhere, why not in our own nation?  Why not a little Arab Spring in the Appalachians?

I must admit I cannot quote ancient Greek and Roman philosophers as well as Lee Siegel seems to.   I am sure his education was much better than mine, but I can quote pop cultural fairly well and I like to read.   There is this concept often attributed to Saint Augustine I read about recently it is called Felix Cupla.  What Father Celatus writing in the Remnant suggest is that Felix Cupla is the concept that God can bring good out of evil.  Good and evil are not related, cannot be related as evil is the absence of good, but God can bring good out of evil if he chooses.  I think that is what we have here, Felix Cupla, a good thing can come out of the wreck we have made of our nation.

Now who are we talking about when we say “them” and “us?”  Unlike Lee Siegel, it is not just a “solid block” of southern states who wish to shake the liberal parasites from our sandals.  It is all of the God-fearing, liberty loving red states.   The South would certainly secede again if given half the chance, but they would not be alone.  Mighty Texas would officially form the Lone Star Republic, which may be allied with the Red States.  I am sure that California, one of the largest “countries” on Earth may decide to go its own way, even though it may be allied with the Progressive Fascist Blue States.  The rest of “fly over” rural America would most likely break away from the liberal elitist know-it-alls from the North East, and the Mountain States of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana would form their own union.   Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam, all free at last, free at last.   And finally, the Mormons would achieve their long-term goal of the Mormon Republic of Utah.   I most likely would not be able to buy a beer in SLC, but that is OK.  I can go to the Alabama and get some good moonshine.

And yes the Christian States of America do love the Second Amendment, but we also love all of the Bill of Rights and the vast majority of the Amendments and the Constitution as originally understood, not re-interpreted every generation to mean whatever a bunch of academic hacks want it to mean.  We know that every human conceived has the right to life, the right to worship God without the central federal government interference, and the right to walk down the street without being searched for no reason.   We love the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, unlike your rich highly respected liberal nanny dwarf in New York who has made 4th Amendment free zones and unconstitutionally search all black and Hispanic males in his fascist city-state.  We love the Constitution, all of the Bill of Rights and the vast majority of all the Amendments but we know the Second is critical because it is what allows us to protect the other rights from smiley-faced tyrants like you.  We understand our history, and know that governments have waged war on their citizens’ time, after time.  In this country; Our country has waged war on Native Americans, Our Country has waged war on Americans of African descent, Hispanics and Chinese.  Our Nation  put Americans of Japanese ancestry into concentration camps and the Supreme Court of the United States immorally ruled in each case it was constitutional.  Currently Our nation is waging war against (mostly) white gun-tooting liberty loving Christian people.  It was wrong when Our government did it to the Native Americans, blacks and Japanese.  It is wrong now that Our government is doing it to gun-loving Christian (mostly) whites.   We know our history, and we will never be disarmed.  The guns we want are the guns the police and military have.  If they get Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, we should legally be able to buy, more powerful anti-tank missiles.  If police begin to resemble a standing army, do not be surprised when the people begin to resemble a guerrilla force.  As Ice-T said, “…my guns are not for hunting.”

I dream and pray for the modern Christian States of America and what it would look like without all of your demonic, socialist, baby-killing sodomite ways.  You can call yourselves Soros land, or Obama Nation.  We will retain the term American.  We would form a nation in which we maximize Libertarian principles constrained by Natural Law as defined in the Holy Bible.  We would not be a theocracy, where the religious rule us,  but a place where our civil laws are taken from our understanding of the Holy bible.  We would not be a pure Austro-libertarian Republic or an anarcho-capitalist society as you think, but we hold many of the same goals and can certainly cooperating in building something new.  I know that limited government programs such as the G.I. Bill and the V.A. Loan program can work wonders in providing opportunity and will continue to voice support for such programs.  However people have the right to demand people earn those tax-payer funded benefits through service to the Republic.   We would have a living wage by Christian owned companies in the vein of CostCo who promote a social system where one man can earn enough to provide for his entire family.  In the CSA, we would protect the rights of workers to unionize, but hope that instead markets would form cooperating modern guilds of owners and workers working together, to protect and promote their craft and trade.  Families would move away from the hive coastal cities, into areas where they could own land, and every family would produce at least a portion of what they consume.  We would have minimal taxes required to support a common defense and the required organs of government, as private individuals, companies, communities and Churches would be performing many of the roles that the central Federal government has Borged as its own.  People would be free to keep what they earn, and as Christians tithe what they should, and freely give to charity what they want.  Homosexuality, adultery, fornication and divorce would all be officially illegal and culturally frown upon.  How strongly that would be enforced would be a community by community decision as fits a Libertarian Republic with minimal resources.  We believe in stem-cell advances, just not embryonic stem-cell research.  A significant number of the stem-cell most promising research has happened without the harvesting of life from the unborn.  Various states would be free to exercise their Christian or Jewish faith as they see fit, without central Federal government interference, as the First Amendment clearly states.  We would repeal the 16th Amendment.  We would maximize the economy by minimizing the tax burden to those companies that encourage a Christian life style, force your employees to work on Christmas, Easter or on the Lord’s day of rest, and you will be audited and hopefully shunned.   Every human life from conception to natural death would be protected, we would have a wonderful adoption system for those couples not ready for the life they create and large families would be seen as a blessing from God.  Children would start every day in public school with a Christian prayer and a patriotic pledge.   We would once again have Christmas trees and Nativity scenes in front of the capital and firehouses again.  Once again, we would be able to walk down our streets during the Christmas season and say “Merry Christmas” to each other without you Christian hating liberals getting your panties in a knot.   We could have Eastern break, and call it that. I may still creep over to your side for Fat Tuesday before the season of Lent starts on Wednesday as I am forced to admit, you liberals throw pretty randy parties.  We would legally be able to put little crosses by the freeway where our children have died without a threatening letter from the liberal ACLU.   Imagine the family friendly theme parks, and a functioning society again when the vast majority of mothers and wives are no longer forced to work away from their children. We would teach our children from day one that no matter what happens here on earth, one day you will face ultimate judgment.  We would be able to say, we believe in the Bible, we believe in the Constitution without an attempt to shame us by the militant sodomite SPLC.   The Christian Libertarian, Libertarian and Constitutional parties would be the largest political parties in the Christian States of America.

However, I know that you God-less, socialist, baby-murdering progressives parasites have your ideas of utopia, and unlike you, I do not begrudge you for trying your best to create a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.   You would be free to raise progressive tax rates as “high as required” on people in your progressive fascist state.  You would be free to force others to be responsible for the life choices of their neighbors.  You can make food, phones and shelter (more?) a “human right” so that when you get tired of paying your mortgage you could force your neighbors to pay it for you.  You could have abortion on demand, taxpayer-funded, including partial birth abortion up to and including the 9th month. May the Lord have mercy on the souls of the innocent you murder.   You could completely disarm your populace and depend on your powerful government for protection.  You would legalize sodomite pseudo-marriage, but why stop there?  Since marriage is a “civil right” to be re-defined at will then anyone wants to; you would eventually allow mothers to marry their adult sons, adult brothers and sisters, first cousins, multiple partners, you can finally openly get behind the man boy love organization to allow even those unions.  What right do you have to deny them their so-called civil right of pseudo-marriage.  And you claim West Virginia family trees are straight? The blue-state socialist nation would finally be free to implement its narcissistic liberal police state, make the Prius its national and mandatory car and continue to keep its head between its legs sniffing its own farts because they do not stink.  You could “re-interpret” the Constitution, as you like so that you create a “safe healthy state” that puts safety over liberty.  No more monkey bars or dodge ball for your kids.

You are right, we are stuck in a country that is deeply divided and its citizens are equally committed to opposing goals.  The red traditional states are committed to moving forward on two equal wings of God-given Logic and Faith, and your blue states want to leap from here to there under the belief that each individual knows best.   And unlike the Civil War that, if it were fought for the reasons revisionist like to give the South would have won, in this case the separation is for valid logical reasons.  We have compromised all we want too.   We want to live in a Christian Libertarian Republic, and you do not.  Compromising any more would mean breaking with who we are as a people, turning our back on the Lord and the destruction of an entire culture.  Aren’t you liberal progressives supposed to be opposed to that?  We are Christians, who want to live in a Christian based society that promotes God’s law, not attacks it.  We understand how wrong it is to murder God’s children and understand this crime is as bad if not worse than slavery and genocide, it is a modern holocaust.  Since we are all sinners, we know we can respect and love the sinner while hating the sin, but unlike you we agree (for the most part) on the sins.   We do not parade our sins up and down main-street.  And we know the best way to remain free is to have a small tightly limited central government that promotes subsidiary and a powerful, free heavily armed people.   We are already two nations.  And we have compromised all we can or want too.

The majority of elected Republicans do not represent modern Christian Libertarians, but often benefit from our vote.  Like your Nanny-state Party, they gain their power from this split in the American psyche.  They hold you up, the fascist babying-killing homosexual goon squad and say, “if you don’t vote for us, these government backed militant fairies are going to come and take your bible and guns, and teach your daughters how to murder your grandchildren.”  The big government Republicans believe they can find common ground between you and us.  The few, oh so few Tea Party purist know there is no compromise between our sides.  We are left to simply fight for what we believe is right. And we vote.   Often people will say that our country is broken politically, and I say, it is not.  It represents the people of this nation as they are.  When you see the discord in congress, this is only acting out on the “big stage” what we Americans have in our hearts.  What works in Massachusetts does not work in Idaho and now the federal government is trying to shove a one-size fits all solution to various people.  Why can’t we as a people simply acknowledge we are a separate people and all groups have the right to self-determination and the ability to chase our dreams in our own ways?

And yes, the liberal blue states, which consist of many older states, have more established universities and “higher” culture.  That is ok.  We are ok laying on our backs in the middle of a field in Wyoming looking up at a sky that God built explaining to our children (our many children) that the Lord made all of those suns and planets for us, his chosen children to explore, so figure out how to get out there.  We may even find it useful to ally with a more technology addicted Socialist Progressive states. You may have the technology, but do you have a bunch of 18-year-old kids who know how, and are willing to use all those nice fancy new weapons you built when needed?  And yes, perhaps in your own nation you would live longer healthier lives with organic foods (although I know many Christians who grow their own gardens and support community based farming) without Coke, or Pepsi or Big Gulps and having a powerful Food Police to enforce “good choices.”  And that is ok.  Liberty and freedom mean having the right to make stupid decisions.  If you do not have the right to be an idiot, you are not free.  God gave us free will, man cannot remove it.  A functioning Christian Libertarian state admits you have the right to make bad choices, but you also will take responsibility for those choices.

For all of those traditional Christians (and Jews) who want to hold on to your property and freedom (and sanity), move on down (or West).  In the Christian States of America, you can get rich, and keep what you make.  Liberty is where you are responsible for yourself and liberty and freedom is for all races, nationalities and creeds.  All are welcomed, traditional liberty loving Christians are encouraged.   Our red Christian States of America are rich in God-given natural resources (which we will put to work for the benefit of all), a booming population (since we don’t murder our babies) with a Christian work ethic.  You may ask, how do we merge the political concepts of Libertarian and a Christian Republic?  This is because we believe to create a better multi-ethnic Libertarian republic we must have a common agreed on culture, and that culture is that we all agree the Holy Bible is the agreed upon Word of God.  Any other religious that do not mind living in a Republic where the Constitution and civil laws are based on the Judo-Christian faith are more than welcomed.  I don’t see a lot of Shinto crying because of Christmas trees.  The back-to-earth hippies / pagans who want to be left alone are more than welcome.  We will send Catholic druids called Franciscan’s over to talk to them every now and then, and we know where to get good weed.  It is my belief that the original American Constitution was a Christian based Libertarian document.  In truth, I can think of only a few religions that seem not be able to fit into a Christian based Libertarian Republic, anti-Christian atheist and the Muhammadist.  And yes, I called atheist who hate Christianity a religion, true atheist don’t care if a family places little white cross by the freeway where their children died.   Anti-Christians who have taken the name atheist actively fight to remove Christianity from the public square, because they, themselves are a religion.

The last Civil War was fought primarily for the wrong reasons and led by people who put hate above logic.  The reason traditionalist are getting to the point where they are ok leaving this Union is based on fact.  We want to be free, and we want liberty and the ability to worship our Christian God as we decide.  Liberty and freedom are for all races, but so is responsibility. We are done compromising with demonic socialist control freaks and want to live in a more free and Godly nation.  We understand that the Bill of Rights and Constitution only acknowledge the divine rights given to each of us by our Blessed Lord.  All people should have a right to self-determination.  If we were to separate into the Red and Blue state perhaps we both could move forward.

There is already a significant trend of people migrating from deep blue socialist progressive states to more conservative states for primarily economic reasons.  The states with the largest out-migration in the last 20 years have been all blue socialist basket cases; California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.  According to Forbes between them, they have lost a net 8 million people.  It is still a minority, but 29% of registered voters  believe a violent revolution may be required to restore (or in my opinion separate) this nation.  In addition to people fleeing the failed policies of socialism there are a tiny, but vocal and increasing number of people who are leaving death spiral blue states for purely political and religious reasons as represented by the Free State Project, Free State Wyoming and the American Redoubt project.

I agree what we have now seems to be headed for a fork in the road.  The bridge ahead is out, and we, as most societies before us in this situation, refuse to see it.  We are barley-functioning deeply divided nation that cannot continue as it is.  I read your website, and I am not one of you.  I am just a person who likes to be informed of different opinions even when I disagree with them.  We want the smallest amount of taxes equally shared by all to form a functioning government.  You believe the government has the right to selectively seize people’s property in a progressive tax scheme.  We are for strengthening the protections of the Second Amendment; never again shall the black community be disarmed before the almighty state.  Never again shall the Native American people be disarmed before the almighty state.  Never again shall Jews be disarmed against the almighty state.  Never again shall anyone be disarmed against the almighty state.  Not only should each household be strongly encouraged to have at least one fully automatic black rifle, with adequate ammunition, magazines, repair parts and the knowledge to use it,  military armored vehicles such as the Bradley would be a cheap as Cadillac trucks.   If it is good, enough for the military, then it is good enough for the people.  You would disarm your populace.  We stand firmly against the diabolical practice of state-sponsored child murder called abortion.  You stand for abortion being funded by your neighbors, and available to any female, no matter her age, without parental (or spouse) consist or notification and legal until their ninth month, perhaps even after live birth.  We are for universal health care provided by religious communities  and charity organizations for the needy and private corporations and organizations for those who can afford it.  You are for forcing people to pay for each others medical care.  We are for a sane immigration policy and guest worker program where we control and invite those to come to our nation who will most benefit the nation the most and want to assimilate to our national culture.  You are for open borders.

We are a multiracial Christian based libertarian republic, where the civil laws of the land are a civil and legal expression of Natural Law as defined in the Holy Bible.  Where people are responsible for their actions and private institutions, including churches will perform much of the civil services that have now been stolen by the central federal government.  Schools, hospitals, services for the poor, will all return to Christian communities who will do it more efficiently and effectively than a large over-powerful central government.   Men and Women would be well-educated, not just in science and math, but also in their responsibilities as Christian men and women on twin wings of Reason and Faith.  We would marry early and have large families.  People would work for companies that support Christian values, where one man would earn enough money to support his large family thus enabling women the freedom to work, if they choose, or dedicate their lives in service to their children and families. The contract of marriage for life would be enforced and adultery, fornication, bestiality, incest, homosexuality and divorce would all be illegal.  There would be strong open carry, concealed carry, Castle doctrine and stand your ground laws in every state.  The NRA would fold for lack of reason to exist.  All of the amendments including the fourth would be strongly defended.    Every driveway would have, what people wanted including large pickups and a large minivans (or SUV) for carting our large families around.   Our kids would play dodge ball, climb ropes in gym, fall off the monkey bars, learn gun safety in kindergarten,  have junior rifle teams starting in elementary school  and have taken their first buck by the age of ten. The first day of baseball, or hunting season would be a reason to take off early from school and every woman would have a travel Bible, with a picture of her many beautiful children and a loaded Ruger LC9 in her purse.   And know how, and be willing, to use it.

Pope Piux X’s startling statement seems appropriate here; “For ever since the precepts and practices of Christian wisdom ceased to be observed in the ruling of states, it followed that, as they contained the peace and stability of institutions, the very foundations of states necessarily began to be shaken.  Such, moreover, has been the change in the ideas and the morals of men, that unless God comes soon to our help, the end of civilization would seem to be at hand.”  Lee Siegel I agree, “…let us …by liberating the two irreconcilable halves of the country into two frankly contending rivals—just maybe, we can, at last, play ball.”  Yes Lee Siegel, maybe we can survive and prosper, this is an open invitation for you and I to work on a reasonable bloodless way to get that done.

Alex Barron is a father, husband, veteran and small business owner and owns the blog Charles Carroll Society where he blogs about how a kid born in Chicago’s infamous Cabrini-Green projects ends up building a ranch deep in the wilds of Idaho.  He is a traditional Catholic, constitutional conservative, liberty-loving patriot, In That Order.  His journey continues and he can be reached at alex@alexanderbarron.com.