prism-slide-1Ok, now you know that too.

You know the people who have the right to take a lap?  Alex Jones.  He has told you, and he has made a lot of money telling you, but he has been savaged by the powers that be.  There are entire companies hired to make him “look bad” so that people don’t believe him.  The other person who deserves credit, but most likely will get destroyed?  The person who leaked this.  Like the Verizon case, this guy is a patriot and he wanted others patriots to know.  And what are you going to do now that he has sacrificed his nice government job to warn other patriots? He is being hunted.  He will be sued, his security clearance will be revoked, his family will have problems staying in his house and his friends will shun him.  This patriot’s life as it was is over, just so you would know this.   Several times on this blog I have “suggested” that any and all electronic communications are recorded, scanned and retained.  Now,  others are realizing that oh, my goodness, the government got sick and tired of going to a secret court and then going to service providers over and over.  Each time they would do that it was more likely they would leak.  Thus they went to the secret court and asked to be connected once into the core servers of these companies.


PrismThat way when “the court authorized” they could pull the data from the systems without any human being involved.  After many warnings and I am sure most of you had a gut feeling the Washington Post finally got enough of the scope to say yes, the NSA has plugged into every major ISP, and downloads information “when” a secret court says it is ok.   And guess what, having access to all this information has made us safer.  No duh!  If the government put a camera into every household they could cut down on domestic abuse also.

But at what cost.

prism-slide-2Remember your Police State and Nanny state congressmen voted for this, a separate  court approved it, both Republican and Democratic Presidents used and expanded it.   Think on this the next time you hear people saying we are Republicans, we love the Republicans.  They, the worthless Police State party are the ones who initially push this.  Congress obliged with the Protect America Act in 2007 and the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, which immunized private companies that cooperated voluntarily with U.S. intelligence collection.  And when Microsoft is letting the government access its servers what do you think that means?  It was Nanny state congressmen who warned you, not your beloved Police state congressmen.  Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.), who had classified knowledge of the program as members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, were unable to speak of it when they warned in a Dec. 27, 2012, floor debate that the FISA Amendments Act had what both of them called a “back-door search loophole” for the content of innocent Americans who were swept up in a search for someone else.

prism-slide-4Every time Microsoft patches your Operating System, is that patch coming from Microsoft, or from the government plugged up to Microsoft servers pretending to be Microsoft?  And where are the libertarians who worship at the altar of archo-capitalism? Under the strict libertarian model, don’t big business have the right to do what they want with their information.  And wouldn’t they say if we didn’t like it, we can just not use Skype, and Windows or Linux, or phones or computers or … Libertarian, what did these companies do wrong?  Any thing?  How would we know which companies are participating in this program to make informed decisions?  And what options do Americans have, not use a phone, not to use a computer?   This is your utopia?  Not only does Big Government need to be constrained, Big Business also needs to be constrained!  The reason is simple and it is biblical; men are fallen.  Companies are nothing more than a bunch of men.   In exchange for immunity from lawsuits, (big business taking a pay off from big government which ALWAYS happens under the strict libertarian’s view of business) companies such as Yahoo and AOL are obliged to accept a “directive” from the attorney general and the director of national intelligence to open their servers to the FBI’s Data Intercept Technology Unit, which handles liaison to U.S. companies from the NSA. In 2008, Congress gave the Justice Department authority for a secret order from the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court to compel a reluctant company “to comply.”

Now you know that too.  My free questions still remain.

1.  Have they requested this from any other providers of information such as loyalty cards and credit card companies?
2.  What is the government’s policy on the retention of this information?
3.  Will your “big businesses” disconnect themselves?
4.  Will there be any financial impact on these large companies?
5.  Does the Constitution mean any thing?

PRISM-19840The current government has so much reach into your life that 1984 couldn’t even imagine.  No stupid VPN server protects your data.  That is so moronic that Black Hats laugh at the concept.  No little Tor (1/3 of which is owned by the NSA itself) protect your data.  Again Black Hats laugh.   Your wireless access point which nearly everyone has can track your movements in your house.  I can bounce a laser off your window and record all conversations going on in your house, I can read your computer by watching the flicker of your lights.  Every Internet connected device can be remotely manipulated.  Every camera (phone, gaming system, computer, etc.) can be remotely turned on.  And this is all just in your house.  Once you walk outside, every singe thing you do can be recorded.  If you are reading this or if you read JWR you are on a list, and the government controlled computer algorithms watch you. Oh, I forget, I should say “maybe you are on a list.”

Every day, all day.

They never get tired, they never call in sick.  The eye never blinks.  That little search routine’s only job is to watch you.   Now you know they are recording every phone call, and now they have access to whatever Skype has access too, and Microsoft, and Apple, and Google.  They are recording all Internet activity, all credit card purchases, all loyalty card usage.  They automatically read all license plate readers through traffic cameras.  Rioting in the street?  Nope.  Your neighbors upset?  Nope.

It is not just phones.  It is not just computers

BTW, do you know why they only take the meta-data?  Do you know why they don’t take (for now) the content of every call?  Because they don’t have the storage, bandwidth or processing power to use it.  That is all.  They don’t have the ability to scan that much data yet.  Guess what happens when they get enough computing power to do?

And can you please keep this email for my own safety?  I do not do heroin.  I would never commit suicide as a practicing (excited, but not good) Catholic this would forever separate me from the heaven.   I especially would never commit suicide by tying myself up to a chair torturing myself for several hours and then shooting myself in the back of the head.   Keep this and know this.

But you don’t believe it do you?  That is called normalcy bias.  Enjoy your Bud and Prozac.

See your Future, Know Your Fate.