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Update: K Martin reminded us that there is YouTube video’s of plate scanners and they face forward on a police cruiser.  Rich T, one of our great readers sent this in. “That is a night vision camera. There are two lens (not sure why 2) and the LED’s are the “black” style that are in the new game cameras so there is no red glow from them.” This appears to be correct. Thank you for the solution.

I found this post from Survival Blog here.  It was a user who wrote in about his experience with the growing National Socialist Progressive Workers Party (NSPW).  I need to share with you an article, I have had a concept of the future.  An America dominated by a liberal Progressive, militant homosexual, anti-religious Police state, with EEO commissars, liberals monitoring all communications for hate speech, your phones in your home recording your to cut down on domestic violence.  And an interpretation of the constitutions.” Instead of gypsies, Jews and the mentally retarded headed for the camps, it will be 2nd amendment supporters, Christian and traditionalist who need to be “re-educated” into a more progressive way of thinking.  I really had this nightmare.  I will share when I get a chance.

Any way, back on point, JWR had a user write to his site.  He described his encounter with a police where the police officer was able to read his license plate and nearly instantaneously pull up his records including any guns he may have purchased.

“Dear Mr Rawles,

I have a couple of disturbing events in my state (southeastern New England) I wish to report to you and your readers.

A few days later my car broke down on the way home from work and so I pushed it into a parking lot and waited for the tow truck. A town policeman pulls up next to me, and though I do not know him personally, I did recognize him from our local gun store. He recognized me as well. He told me my plate was expired by a couple of months. He did not write me a ticket as I was on private property and it was getting towed anyway. I commented how he got that info really fast and he laughed ruefully and showed me the computer in the car. It automatically scans license plates and alerts to any sort of plate violation or warrants out for the registered owner. Not only that, but it show any weapon purchased by the owner of the vehicle that were supposedly (I’ll get to that in a second) registered through the state. All paid for by the town, through a grant from Homeland Security. This may all seem pretty bleak but it gets worse. The firearms I own have never had to be registered. In fact due to new laws recently passed this year, I have to until July 1st of this year to register one of them. The rest do not legally have to be registered. I have a one year grace period to get this done, so none of my firearms should be on his list. Yet, on his list it showed two firearms I purchased a couple of years ago. As I said earlier, only one of my rifles will need to be registered. What they are doing is using the forms for the two week wait period we have to compile a list of firearms owners, bypassing any sort of registration. Out of the weapons I own only two were purchased through a store, the rest through private transaction, which until a few months ago was perfectly legal.

The policeman who showed my all this expressed his own deep reservation over this and claims the state legislature is being inundated with complaints and he expressed hope there would be a court injunction to stop this. I asked him this, and I leave it for you and your readers as well, I asked this policeman “At what point do you refuse the order?” He shook his head shook my hand and replied “I ask myself that a lot these days!”

Now as a reasonable person, when I read this I was like that can’t be true.  have they really put cameras on police cars that are actively scanning license plates and reporting them into systems to track your every move?  Have they put all of those databases together in one system so that a police officer can pull up this information?

Thus I went out and started to ask around.  I accidentally ran into a guy and he told me the most interesting question.  Recently he was exposed to this system in California.  I couldn’t believe it.  In one week both people talked about a system in place that scans license plates and reports your every interaction with the government.  Then one of my other friends provided me this photo.  This is the device, it is on top of the police cruiser.  Any one know what this device is, please let me know?  I would love to know it’s capabilities.  I can guess at  the networking capabilities.


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