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Without Catholic Priest there can be no Catholic Mass

nuns1This may not be of significant issue to others here, but it is part of my learning about the American Redoubt.  I tried to learn a thing or two about the woman’s arm of the Catholic Church.  Obviously I am interested in the traditional groups of nuns who are located in the American Redoubt.  Most of you are aware of the leftist socialist nuns many who belong to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR),  You nearly can tell a modernist leftist nun because they don’t wear habits or the traditional catholic clothing.  The LCWR are the group of nuns who backed Obama Care, they have backed the abortion mandate.  They are pure modernist heretics.

nun3The other group which represents about 20% of the approximately 56,000 American Nuns is the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR).  This is the more conservative and traditional group of nuns.  You can tell when you meet them because they all wear clearly religious habits.  The CMSWR broke from the LCWR because their liberal ways, after requesting permission from the Holy See to form a separate entity.  Thus we have the CMSWR which sounds like an interesting group of women.  I wondered if there were any in the American Redoubt. The answer is only one group of traditional, conservative Catholic nuns (that I can find) who belong to the CMSWR are physically located in the American Redoubt.  The Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church in Washington State near Spokane.

No CMSWR sisters listed in Idaho.
No CMSWR sisters listed in Wyoming
No CMSWR sisters listed in Montana

IMG_1262-006Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church in  Washington near Spokane
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of our Lady of Sorrows, Beaverton, OR outside of Portland in Western Oregon. The group was formed by 15 nuns from Mount Saint Michael who were expelled in June 2007 from the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen because they no longer accepted their former congregation’s Sedevacantist teachings. The groups was approved in 2008 by Spokane Bishop William Skylstad after reconciling with the Roman Catholic Church.

SaintDominicChapel0However I kept looking for other groups.   There are appears to be a group of Nuns in Post Falls, ID. They appear to run the Saint Dominic School which is one of the few Catholic boarding schools left in the U.S.   I do not know why they don’t belong to the CMSWR, I assume because they are served by the Priest of the SSPX, and the CMSWR are extremely loyal to the magisterium. Thus there are two women religious that I can find, the Sisters that run the Saint Dominic School in Idaho Falls and the Sisters of Mary near Spokane.  There may be a group called the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen, and there may be Carmlites that I could not find.  csmsketch

I can find a website for the Sisters of Mary, but I can’t find one for the Saint Dominic Girl’s school.  I found two addresses.

St. Dominic School Chapel
5450 W. Riverview Dr., Post Falls, ID 83854
Fr. Morgan, (208) 773-2231
Independent, no schedule announced

Saint Dominic Girls’ School Chapel
20274 West Riverview Drive
Post Falls, ID 83854

Any way that is some research I’ve been doing over the last several days.  Two other areas with a Catholic presence, Post Falls Idaho and Spokane Washington.