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On the issue of citizenship, it is important for politically and religious leaders to remember that all of the children of illegal immigrants, or “immigrants who have broken our (badly written and enforced) immigration laws” are already U.S. citizens. If the adults who  came here illegally want to also gain U.S. citizenship, then after gaining legal status, they should be required to return to their country of origin and go through the correct process.  Citizenship is not a right, it is a privilege to be earned.  People who demand citizenship are exactly the people you don’t want as citizens. This position is a very benign position.

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Mexi-cans not Mexi-can’ts

Since liberals will be pushing a bunch of conservative to open the flood gates this week, I thought to put forth a reasonable proposal.  I believe a fair and appropriate position to take on immigration reform is to have those that came here illegally gain some form of legal status after meeting more strict requirements as those who have to do it legally.  Many of us hate line jumpers.  Each and every one of the children of these “undocumented immigrates” are already American citizens.

I wish more Catholic priest, Bishops and other religious and business leaders would read this type of information and then tell us their opinions.  I covered my position on immigration in a series of three articles titled; Immigration Part 1 of 3 the ProblemImmigration Part 2 of 3 the Solution, Immigration Part 3 of 3 Immigration and the American Redoubt concept.   This has more than enough information from my perspective.  I have lived in Mexico for years and have a pretty good understanding of many of the issues.  I would like to add to these three above points that there is no reason to give current illegal immigrants citizenship without them returning to their own country and doing it properly.  We are giving all of their children citizenship just by being born here. If the individual law-breaking immigrant desires citizenship so badly, then return to your country of birth and apply the right way.  We want Mexi-cans, and not Mexi-can’ts.  We want people who wish to work hard, assimilate into our nation and culture, not throw elections for one party of the other.  I wish this perspective would get to our House Republican leadership.  There is no reason for the individual law-breaker to be given citizenship.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XV said everyone has the right to leave home to seek better conditions of life in another country (bold mine).  “At the same time, (nation) states have the right to regulate migration flows and to defend their own frontiers, always guaranteeing the respect due to the dignity of each and every human person,” he said.  He said immigrants had the duty to integrate into their host countries and respect their laws and national identities.  Now do Catholics have to obey the U.S. Bishops pushing the current law?  Here is a great article by by Kate O’Hare for Breitbart:

While the U.S. bishops are within their authority to comment on the various moral implications of individuals living in the country illegally–especially regarding the ways in which illegal immigrants interact with Catholic social services and charities–and support humane ways of dealing with the situation that are in line with the Catholic concept of the inherent dignity of the human person, ultimately the political choices will be up to the laity.

Unlike abortion, which all faithful Catholics are required to oppose, there are a variety of ways to deal with illegal immigration, and persons of good will, Catholic or otherwise, can disagree on what the solution should be.  More here. One commenter summed it up.  The laity will follow the U.S. Bishops when Catholic politicians and judges follow Catholic teaching on abortion.  We as Sons of the Church do listen to our spiritual leaders (Priest and Bishops) however each of us must make up our own mind on how to approach immigration reform.

illegal-aliens-vote-democratBecause of the fact that Mexican immigrants vote overwhelming for Democrats giving them citizenship guarantees a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian, anti-libertarian super majority forever.  These principles are more important than individual law breakers citizenship rights.  Yes Mexicans you did this to yourself, if you voted more along the lines of Cubans, or at least more balanced, the same republicans would be fighting to bring you here.  It is political, not racial.    I will repeat, since the vast majority of illegal immigrants who broke our immigration law, and came before you vote for the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, gun-grabbing politicians  here in the U.S., we who defend life, traditional marriage, religious liberty and want to maintain our constitutional rights don’t want more of those voters.  You coming here and tipping the scales in favor of these Nanny socialist surveillance state politicians directly impacts my ability to protect my family.  Protecting our families, protecting life and protecting our possessions (tax policies) are more important to many of us than giving you the unearned right to vote in our elections.  How do you earn it?  By doing it legally of course.

Mexico-abortion It will take time to assimilate, integrate and intermarry this many people. We hope in the process of assimilation that these immigration law-breaking immigrants learn the value of life, tradition and individual liberty and vote more along the lines of Americans instead of overwhelming supporting one party.  I have listen to the Catholic leadership and want to treat immigrants humanely.  Make them permanent residents so they are accounted for, can sue their employers and participate fully in society. All of their children born here, are already citizens.  This was their objective correct, to have a better life for their families?  Then mission accomplished.  However if you want to vote in our elections, then return to your home nation and follow the law.   BTW, did you know there are massive amounts of “American citizens” on paper in Mexico?  All of the Mexicans who broke immigration law to get over here, had kids were either caught or decided to self-deport.  Their kids are all U.S. citizens.  It is kinda of amazing when you think of it.


Also any bill that the house votes on, must have a provision that it cannot be changed, modified, added to or in any way modified in committee or it immediately becomes null and void and must be returned to the full house for another vote.  Our Tea Party Republicans must make sure of this.  And Don’t tell me it can’t be done, then the bill “can’t be done.”  We don’t trust our Police State, Pro-illegal immigration,  Pro-Syrian war, Pro-NSA spying, anti-libertarian House Republican leadership.

How many people can this country absorb before its culture is changed?  Doe the Priest and Bishops believe in assimilation any more?  Do the Priest and Bishops understand that when 80% of Hispanic (primarily Mexican) vote for one political party, rather than the other, no only are they seriously impacting the culture and demographics but they are significantly impacting the politics of the receiving nation.   That the Demon-crats are the primary promoters of homosexuality, baby-killing, and anti-Christian militant socialism.  More Mexican immigrants, more Demon-crat supporters.    That is why Cubans in smaller numbers, who tend to split their vote or vote in favor of Republicans are welcomed while Mexican who tend to vote with the Demon-crates are not.

What is the opinion of the Bishops to this?  Where do they address these valid concerns? Does anyone know, please point me to the talk, or paper.  I would love to share it.

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