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teaparty0I am unsure what the future holds as I repeat often.  However this we all know.  The country is becoming more socialist than individual capitalist or libertarian.  It is becoming more godless than Christian with the time-bomb which is the native Islamic population ticking away.  It is becoming more progressive than traditionalist.  When people ask me if we are moving toward a collapse, I answer.  The traditional Christian libertarian Republic known as America has already collapsed.  BTW as we heard from Radio Free Redoubt last week at the top of Idaho, Coeur d’Alene voted in “gay rights” and the ability to sue Christian companies and families that refuse service to them.  I can add that at the bottom of Idaho in Boise their police department just purchased its first MRAP.  Over in Gillette Wyoming the Mayor hired a Chicago Police chief to start going after the guns.   Washington state has already voted in anti-Christian gay rights bill and is now voting to infringe on your second amendment.


As I say, what has happened to the most populous city New York and the most populous state California will happen every where eventually.  The question is will a progressive godless socialist surveillance state collapse?  And that, I do not know.  Primarily the reason I don’t know is because it depends on actions of people like you and me.   There are powerful people and institutions who do not want it to collapse.  It is like the Company store.  The next question is; what can you do about it?  That is also answered by looking at history.  I call it soft secession, others have called it non-participation.

IcedTea_040112~6Legitimate revolution takes time, patience and fortitude. Unfortunately, this is a strategic concept that is lost on many Americans today who suffer from a now common ailment of attention deficit disorder and an obsession with immediate gratification. Even some who have their hearts in the right place and who work to defend and resurrect our nation’s founding ideals seem to believe that any action to defeat corrupt oligarchy must be effective immediately, otherwise, it’s not worth the attempt. History, of course, teaches us the opposite.

The American rebellion against the British monarchy was not an abrupt or immediate affair. Anger and unrest over the trespasses of King George simmered for decades. The first British troops stationed with the intent to stifle colonial freedoms arrived in Massachusetts in 1768. The Boston Massacre took place in 1770, and still, the Founders refused to leap into open retaliation. Lexington Green and the “shot heard around the world” did not take place until April 19, 1775. The Revolution took years to culminate into an actual physical war. So what did the colonists do in the meantime? Sit on their hands?

Police Chief Mark Kessler3(Bard adds:) No they did not.  Over the decades that the patriots simmered in anger in shame they worked.  They worked on soft secession.  They begin to learn to live separately from the Imperial President and the overreaching central government.  They created alternative batter networks, they used Trade Blankets.  They minimized their federal tax signature. 

In fact, early Americans employed economic tactics against their enemy long before they picked up muskets and powder. British imports were turned away or destroyed. Clothing and other items normally shipped from Europe to be sold in the colonies were boycotted, while colonists began producing all of their own survival necessities. They refused to participate in the system that was designed to enslave them and this gave them a foundation on which to launch their eventual fight for liberty. Without efforts in economic independence, the American Revolution may not have ever taken place.  

If there is no way for the average American to win this game because the rules have been written by our opponent, then perhaps we should stop playing the game altogether.

default-logoThis means millions of Americans must actively pursue a more independent standard of living. This means each and every person must learn to provide all of their own survival necessities, including food, water, shelter, energy and self-defense. This means growing a well-planned garden and educating one’s self on raising livestock. This means learning a valuable trade skill that is useful and always sought after regardless of the state of the mainstream economy. This means striving for off-grid status and cutting ties to electric, gas, and water utility companies. This means training to keep one’s self and one’s family safe in an atmosphere of violence where state sanctioned law enforcement may not be present to protect you. This means building relationships within one’s neighborhood, town or county that allow for proactive organization without the oversight of government.  This means providing your own community safety and disaster response without the aid of FEMA. This means establishing alternative local trade (like a barter market) that is NOT dependent on the Internet or any other government watched and regulated network. This means refusing to follow the mandatory directives of Obamacare. This means removing your children from federally funded and dictated schools. This means divorcing yourself completely from government.

There are those within the Liberty Movement that are working to make it easier for regular people to transition away from the mainstream, providing outlets for education and organization for those seeking more independence through non-participation. My own website, www.Alt-Market.com, is geared towards helping people network for barter and mutual aid at the local level.

Oath Keepers, a Constitutional organization of veterans, currently serving military, police, firefighters and concerned civilians, has just launched its “Civilization Preservation Program.” It is designed to set up highly adaptable training groups across the U.S. who will teach any interested citizens within their community the survival methods needed to endure disaster, whether natural or man-made, as well as how to rebuild as the storm subsides.

Bard adds:  JWR and others have launched the American Redoubt movement, Liberty in our time has the Free State Project, people are flocking to Texas.  Everyone who can is voting with their feet when they can.

patriotismIf one is dependent on a tyrant, one cannot hope to defeat that tyrant. The reason so many people are afraid of the results of government shutdown and debt default is because so many people refuse to step away from the system. The reason so many people are afraid to fight back is because they have seen the establishment as their source of income for so long. If more Americans were self-reliant, if more Americans were willing to give up free goodies from the state, if more Americans built their own economic foundations, a collapse of our financial structure would be meaningless. We could simply sit back comfortably and let it die, for why would we care about the funeral pyre of a vicious and reckless political/corporate suicide train?

As things stand at this moment, though, the death of the system is not something to cheer, no matter how much we might wish it to crumble under the weight of its own criminality. The collapse of the existing system will not be the end of our troubles, only the beginning. Chaos always opens doors for evil men, and they will certainly take full advantage of the chaos triggered by shutdown, default or continued inflationary debt spending.

We must make ourselves ready to resist by making ourselves separate from the monster we plan to fight. Crisis waits for no one, and on the path our nation now walks, crisis is assured.  More from alt-markets.

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