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“…a motley rabble of saucy boys, negroes, mulattoes, Irish teagues and outlandish jack tarrs.”

boston-massacre-siteThis post is not for the sensitive, thus ignore it if you are sensitive to … a lot.

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However I believe it has information to keep you operational and effective longer in the field.  I care a lot about helping as many people as possible be successful in our mutual search for God-given liberty and freedom, and I care very little about offending you. We are soon going to actually teach you how to go onto various Darknets mostly TOR Hidden Services and I2P eepSites.  You are going to be able to search and setup your own anonymous chat rooms.  Simply accessing these Darknets are going to expose you to a bunch of characters that range from unsavory, to downright sick.  I want to do my duty and help you with your OPSEC for both online activities and any type of Liberty Operation you may undertake.

Many in the Patriot community some how think we are going to restore the concept of original intent of the entire Constitutional with the understanding that the Constitution simply documents our God-given rights which cannot be removed or regulated and doing that across the nation or at least large parts of the nation somehow they are not going to interact with a lot of people from very, very different backgrounds.  This is a mistake.  What works in Idaho, may not work in New Mexico.   If you want to read more on that subject please read the post so you want a revolution.  However all of the people (I am concern with) have a problem with the same regulatory, surveillance,  Police State.  And thus some level of cooperation should be achievable with most.

220px-Crispus_AttucksWhat is often accepted as one of the first people to die in the American Revolutionary war was a black guy named Crispus Attucks (c. 1723 – March 5, 1770).  When John Adams the cousin of the Founding Father Samuel Adams was busying legally defending the British soldiers who open fired on the “mob” of patriots he described the first patriot protest, what would become known as The Boston Massacre as  “a motley rabble of saucy boys, negros and molattoes, Irish teagues and outlandish jack tarrs.”  Now, I don’t know what a “saucy boys, Irish teagues or outlandish jack tarrs” are, but it sounds like that eras  terms for “undesirables.”  And I do know that concept well.   I think if we translated this into “modern language” what John Adams would say about the first patriots to die for this nation is “…a bunch of gang bangers, illegals, tattoo bikers, dirty hippy types and white supremacist gun nuts.”   That is who got this thing “started” the first time.  Why do you think it will be much different the next time? Those who are searching for Liberty Operators among choir boys, good luck.

Gun-lines-firearm-gun-registration_1388417797521_4955477_ver1.0_640_480Many of you are not used to dealing with an out-of-control Police state.  Get use to it.   What was legal today, may not be legal tomorrow and as I have shared more than a few times, the Police State loves selective enforcement.  You can line up like the choir boys in Connecticut and register your God-given right to self-defense away, or you can choose a different path and that path makes you a criminal to the Police State. Welcome to the table.  Here is a manual to keep you alive a little longer. Actually you have another path and that path is to move to the Redoubt right now. This helps in the short-term, it helps where your family will left, and it helps you choose who you are next too when you make your stand, but that only delays what is going to go down. Eventually a stand must be taken.  We like to compare the sheeple lining up to register their God-given birthright away to the Jews in War World II.  That is because we love to lecture the other.  We will beat the Germans over the head with their crimes, but we don’t like to look at our own crimes.  I like to compare the acceptance of unjust demonic government laws to the lining up of Americans of African descent to pay the poll tax.polltax

Biggie Smalls (ex-crack dealer who become a popular gangster rapper, then was shot dead after being betrayed) wrote a horribly offensive song about how to be a successful drug dealer.  He called the song the 10 Crack Commandments.  They were the rules that have kept drug dealers out of jail, and ahead of the Police State for generations.  Any time you fail, you can look back at these 10 rules and realize you broke one or most likely several of them.  As I have said, you can learn from nearly anyone if you but listen.  I have created what I call the 10 OPSEC Commandments for Liberty Operations.  This not only motivated by Biggie Smalls song, but also by The Grugq the hacker in the video below. He writes up the 10 Crack Commandments from the perspective of hacking the Internet and getting away with it.  It is also motivated by “Not Telling” a commenter here on the blog.  He notes correctly that the “…most effective method to security and anonymity is between your ears.”   I’ve cleaned it up and provide it so that you can think on it doing Liberty Operations.   I have tried to focus it on the perspective of conducting early stage Liberty Operations.

The Bard’s 10 OPSEC Commandments

Rule 1:  Never reveal your operational details
Rule 2:  Never reveal your future plans – silence and violence
Rule 3:  Never trust anyone
Rule 4:  Never confused recreation and work
Rule 5:  Never operate from your own house
Rule 6:  Be proactively paranoid, it doesn’t work retroactively
Rule 7:  Keep your life and your Freedom activities separate
Rule 8:  Keep your personal environment contraband free
Rule 9:  Don’t ever talk to the Police
Rule 10:  Don’t give anyone power over you


Rule 1. The people you do Liberty operations with are not your friends or should not  be treated as your friends, they should be treated like your criminal co-defendants because there is a good chance they will be, so act like it.  Some of them most likely will get caught.  Don’t tell people operational details that they don’t need to know.  If you are not doing the dirt, you don’t need to know about the dirt being done.

Rule 2.  Never tell people what you are doing next.

Rule 3.  This should go without saying, trust no one.  You either should not trust the woman you are sleeping next too, or you should not burden her with the truth.  As you watch people, you will see them break this time and time again.  You cannot be betrayed, unless you trust.  Thus your “goal” is to trust no one.  In reality, this means you need to trust the minimal amount of people required, with the minimal amount of information required to successfully conduct your Liberty Operation.  When people start asking too many questions, either they are a useful idiot, or a plant.  Both are dangerous.

Rule 4.  Recreational activities are things you do for fun.  Freedom activities are a job, a business.  Approach it like professional people approach work.  If you don’t know what I mean, go downtown and watch white people going to work.

Rule 5. Never operate from your house.  This includes not conducting online activities  from your home Internet connection.  When “x” happens, they are going to look around the local community.  They are going to start to question neighbors and such, and how long before someone says “…yeah Bob down the block is a gun nut…”  Do not perform early stage Liberty operations from you house.

Unorganized-Militia-Propaganda-Corps-BadgeRule 6.  You will often hear this “…I should not have trusted…”  by guys sitting in cells. However if they ever thought about it, there were clear signs that suggested they should not have trusted, this or that.  Simple rules like “don’t do the same crime in the same place twice.” Remember what the .mil folks taught us, Just because you are Paranoid does not Mean They are not out to Get you. And guess what?  Once you cross the line from being a keyboard commando into being a Liberty Operator  they will be actually out to get you.

Rule 7.  Blood and liberty activities don’t mix.  This is truly underrated.  When it comes to it, are you going to choose to protect the Constitution or your own family?  Remember no one is going to go to jail for you and if you think so, you are a fool.  You should not expect your mother, wife, father, brother or girlfriend to go to jail for you.  Even if you believe that x person would go to jail for you, you should build your operations in such a way, not to put them into that position! Your wife (or whoever) loves you, but when the state show her film and photo evidence backed up with your old high-school sweetheart describing the gory details (The police can legally lie to you see point 9) and then the state gives her a choice of loosing her house and kids or “…helping us, help your husband (or whatever)…” Don’t expect people to go to jail for you. With enough pressure, you own mother would say something she shouldn’t. To be betrayed you must trust, and thus you already broke rule #3.

Rule 8.  This was also repeated in Boston T Party’s Gun Bible.  If any Liberty Operations you do involve physical stuff, like ammunition.  Than the ammunition you choose should not be any that you normally keep.  There should not be a single shell casing in your car, home or work.   Until much later in the coming troubles, when things get more … obvious you should focus on keeping all Liberty Operation paraphernalia far, far from  you and your home.  When they toss your house, there should not be one thing, not a “…bloody glove…” that is at your house that you used in any Freedom operation.

Rule 9.  Stay away from the Police State.  Cops can legally lie to you, it is illegal for you to lie to the Police State.  You can never talk your way out of jail.  You can often talk yourself into jail.   When the police come to arrest you, talking is useless.  You are going to jail (or you are going to die, choice is yours).  It is time for your soul-less lawyer.  While talking yourself out of jail is impossible, talking yourself into jail happens all the time!  In addition talking to the police is a good way to get a bullet in the back of your head from your “criminal co-defendants.”  Smart Liberty Operators must assume if you are spending time with the surveillance, regulatory police state than you are a problem.  Remember the good advice a soul-less lawyer once gave me.  “…never miss an opportunity to shut the -blank- up.” 

Rule 10.  If people have power over you, you are compromised.  The .gov folks have found that people often get compromised in several general ways. Update:  Not telling explains it thus.  In counterespionage, the old acronym for what motivated someone to become a spy was MICE: Money, ideology, compromise and ego. These four things can get almost anyone to betray almost anyone or anything. Back in the Cold War, many people found themselves cash-strapped due to gambling or other addictions and betrayed their unit for money. Others found themselves ideologically driven toward -whatever it is you think is so great- and betrayed their friends to help bring about the great “Revolution of the Proletariat.” Adulterers, pedophiles, homosexuals or those fond of prostitutes sometimes found themselves gently (or not so gently) blackmailed into espionage. Last, some people spied because their ego was so towering that they got a great deal of gratification out of it. (Yes, there are certain parallels to the “seven cardinal sins.”).   Thus if you are operating in a group watch for people who suddenly have too much money, are doing something they are ashamed of, get disillusion with the program or can’t shut up about how great they are.   Getting in over your head is a good way to get people standing on your neck demanding “favors.”

Here is one a great video by The Grugq  that goes over this and presents a lot of great OPSEC information.   It is long, but useful.  This video has a lot of cursing, thus avoid if you are sensitive to that.  We are thankful that there are young men who are willing grow to be hackers or we may not realize the online security situation we are in, with no way to escape it.  These hackers have a problem with the same people we have a problem with and are taking action (and getting arrested some times).  The Lord provide the tools, it is up to us to pick them up and build His Ark.  Or you can spend your time complaining about the inferiority of the tools the Lord has provided.

This video goes over how authorities found and penetrated an online hacker ring which was targeting political web sites.  How one Confidential Witness (CW) was used to get several other guys, and how several guys like Virus are still free because he had good OPSEC and obeyed the 10 OPSEC Commandments for Liberty Operations.  This guys goes into details about the mistakes that are made and about a lot of technology.  None of this is rocket science, but it is something you should seriously think over.   If you are a technologist, or a potential Liberty Operator, this is a great video to take a look at.