This is how it starts,

This is how it starts, The Gadsden holding the center

A salute to all of those who showed up at the Bundy ranch and to all of those who helped in some way or the other especially the AmRON radio group on communications. This is a good time to write down your notes, to capture your thoughts and build your Lessons Learned.  The other side has unknown number of people being paid well to do the same.  And the forces of authoritarianism  will study this, how they “lost control” of the narrative and they will build a better plan for the next time.  You do the same.

There has been some interesting things to learn from the Bundy ranch situation so far.  The most important for me was the patriots decided stand.  Many people without a dog in this fight other then to stand with Freedom and Liberty decided to risk a lot to drive into Nevada and stand with this family. It seems more and more people have started to hear the siren call (and prayers) of Ann Barnhardt and others who dream of an America where people stand up for their Constitutional rights and not lick at the boot of the police state.  Ann has said multiple times, God-fearing American people are strong, the authoritarians build on child-sacrifice, sodomy and greed are not.  If you but stand.  We will not all make it, that is true.  This is the start of Holy Week where we once again learn of the Passion of the Christ.  If they did this to God, what will they do to you?  Why do we expect any difference?  However even if all of us do not see the promise land of Liberty based upon God’s law, His people will get there.

In a tense standoff, armed BLM feds, backed up by at least one SWAT team, threatened to shoot at Bundy supporters if they marched any closer to a line of vehicles. Infowars reporter David Knight, who was at the head of the march, described the scene as like the moment from V For Vendetta when the military is forced to stand down. Despite threats such as “one more step and you’re dead,” the protesters continued their slow march towards BLM agents as bullhorns blared.

No UN, Chinese or blank panthers here.

No UN, Chinese or blank panthers here.

Now one thing that gave me pause was buddy’s reaction to patriots risking their lives, fortunes and honor to defend his ranch.  The Bundy family reportedly asked militia members at the scene not to wear military fatigues or carry their weapons openly in order to keep the standoff from becoming violent.  Once you threaten anyone’s power or privilege, eventually in some form or the other violence will ensue.  OWS learned this, you can sing all you want, and it matters little when the gas and clubs come out.  And the gas and clubs (and guns) will come out.   People with power and money will not let it go without using violence.  It does not matter if it is dogs, water hoses, FBI sniper teams shooting your wife or BLM dog teams attacking people.  Those with power, will use violence to maintain that power.   Thus before you make a fuss, realize the natural conclusion of starting a fuss and be prepared for it.  I can tell you there were several “quiet conversations” going on in The Bard’s sphere of influence.

This entire event appears to be the following.  The Bundy family had a long standing contract with the local authorities to graze their cattle on open land.  At some time the land was transferred to the federal government.  Over 80% of all open land in Nevada is now “owned” by the Federal government.  The federal government demanded first that the Bundy family continue to pay them.  He balked.  He was determined to pay his local county and state.  In addition to this after the federal government took the land, under the pretext of protecting a turtle that had also lived there for as long as anyone remembers.  In truth Senator Reid’s son signed a multibillion deal with the Chinese to install a solar panel on that land.  The issue is, this family’s cattle had to go.  Thus Senator Reid called up his friends in the federal regulatory state and said “…get rid of this guys cattle.”  And they did.  Well they tried.  The Bundy family and a whole lot of patriots said no.  Now both Reids will do it the slow way, through the court system.  They will break that family.  Watch.  You do not get uppity with the federal government.  Here is more on the background of the Bundy’s ranch.

RanchPatriots0I can tell you in the grand scheme of things it is not over, but that is not the point.  The government from Boston PD, the LA PD, to every Jack Boot in a clown suit has gotten the word from their Czar and local DHS Threat Fusion Center.  The American people are enemy number one and are to be policed.  You are to enforce the laws on the public.  Thus what will be the “next” issue, I don’t know and neither does anyone.  The federal government will continue to push.  It is already on its path to a conflict with the citizens of this nation.  I was surprised it was cows in Nevada, who knows what it will be.  To me the die has been cast.  We are headed toward a conflagration.

Do I think it is some significant scheme to “pull back” and lull the folks to sleep as some have suggested like Steve Quale?   I do not.  Why?  I always approach things on the simplest answer is often the right one.  Don’t attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by stupidity.   In the simplest terms the BLM never anticipated a response like this.  They wanted to keep this “quiet” and thus the old school media got the message to “not cover it.”  However the power of blogs, things like the AmRON net and alternative media, other than Fox News which covered it some what.   The Information War, was once again demonstrated.  The word got out.  This was one of the highest trending hash tags on Twitter.  It became one of the most followed stories on the Internet and thank The Lord for the Drudge Report.  I don’t believe the BLM SWAT teams expected this.  They wanted another Ruby Ridge or Waco, or even Occupy Wall Street (OWS) where they could surround a group of people and either beat the living day lights out of them, or simply kill them.  They did not expect to have to kill more than a few people to “cow” the American public.  This President did not want another Waco four months before elections.  Especially over a few cows.

That was very impressive  when I was thinking of going, I didn’t really have a partisan thought plan before the end.  All of my bug out plans, and such was to “avoid trouble.”  I really didn’t have a plan to “go and find trouble.”  There were several things I was trying to figure out at the last moment including a way to disguise your equipment so that you can get by BLM checkpoints to actually make it to Buddy Ranch.  I was not going to go and immediately need gas, or food.  I wanted to be able to go and take care of myself for a couple of week.  Two weeks of food is either bulky, heavy or both. I have always planned to move the entire family, not just myself.  Thus that fighting kit is really getting some focus now.

A note to my liberal readers.  Why on God’s green earth would many of you want the powers of this state to “win” this conflict and murder these people? Why all the social media snarks of “right wing terrorist” wining?  What will motivate conservatives to take to the streets will be different than what motivates “progressives” to take to the street.  And who cares?  The important point is that people are fighting, protesting and standing up for their Liberty.  It does not matter if it is your right to get high as you see fit, worship as you see fit, or not have Senator Reid and his son sell out public land for private gain.  Everyone should focus on the common issue here … an immoral, unconstitutional government run by criminals.  However you want to push back against that, be my guest.

What happens next, again no one knows.  Will it be the Diamond Bar Ranch?  The ancient Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times” comes to mind.  However the path is clear.  There is a reason that every domestic federal agency has been arming themselves for war.  Police departments buying tanks.   And there is a reason that the patriot community has been arming itself for war.  Stay flexible, stay ready, and it looks like you understand what is in play and have made your peace.   The land is dry, and there are a lot of matches about.

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