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This is what Republicans think of the Tea Party

This is what Republican leadership think of the Tea Party.  This was paid for by Republicans against other Republicans.

First I want to say to the Tea Parties in Mississippi and Oklahoma, I honor your great work.  You came up short, but your effort was notice by partisans all over the nation.  Last night was a bad night for the Tea Party and the Liberty / Patriot movement. It was also a bad night for trying to use politics of normal to restore this nation. Last night is also why I no longer call myself a Republican. I stop being active in the Republican party years ago, and some people ask me why. Last night is a good example. Last night two great potential Patriot leaders lost their U.S. Senate runs Chris McDaniel in Mississippi and T.W. Shannon in Oklahoma. They lost for difference reasons and in different ways their lost has weaken the peaceful struggle for Liberty.


Karl “Ham Head” Rove

Chris McDaniel lost to the underhanded twisted tactics of Karl Mr. Ham Head Rove, the Chamber of Crony Commerce and the Business Open Borders Round Table. These guys along with the Senate Republican liberal leadership piled so much money into this race that they will be short money going after Democrats in a few months.  I accept the lost, I acknowledge their superior (unethical) tactics.  And I for one, will simply study and learn.


The real welfare queens

I am sick that 51% of the Republican voters in Mississippi voted to keep their welfare going. We like to make fun of the black (and white) inner-city women on food stamps and pumping out babies. There is even a song I have called “swipe your EBT.” Now imagine all of those welfare moms in that video being old white Republicans from Mississippi and you have a better understanding of who is really the welfare queens. It is a disturbing image. Those minority women have nothing, and I mean nothing on the Republican welfare voters of Mississippi. The billions that Thad Cochran pushes into his state dwarfs what the poor women in inner-city get.  In truth, 51% of the Republicans of the State of Mississippi are little welfare mamas. And they voted for their sugar daddy to keep that welfare pork flowing, to the detriment of us all.  Actually it seems like 50% of Republicans and 1% of Democrats.

I am absolutely sure the Republican Party will not be getting any money from many of us. They will not be getting our time; they will not be getting our energy. When the Republican Party, Ham head, and the Open Border and Crony Capitalists come around with their hand out they better act like Jehovah Witnesses, and keep walking. The most despicable thing that “your” Republican party did was show itself as the self-serving “more conservative” Democrat party. It used race-baiting tactics and asked liberal democrats to vote in its primary to keep it in power. And since bestiality loving Thad Cochran won by fewer than 4,000 votes that race baiting tactic worked. I guess I should call it 50% of the Republican voters in Mississippi and 1% gun grabbing social progressive liberals. The Republican Party would rather win with the help of social progressives like Michael Bloomberg, then work with its own Tea Party base.

Shannon-DC-photo1-e1363624973750The loss of Tahrohon Wayne (T.W.) Shannon is less an indictment of the pure villainy of the Republican leadership than its stupidity. T.W. Shannon was a person of mix heritage, Black and Native American. He was a strong conservative that moved many bills through his State to lower taxes and strengthen the Constitution.  The person running against him was James Lankford. He also appears to be a great conservative leader. He did vote to raise the debit ceiling in Congress, he did vote with the Republican leadership in the House, but he seems ok.  He is a good Party Man.  We can expect him to be like Thad Cochran, a guy who follows the Republican leadership’s orders. Now why do I think T.W. lost is significant? Well, do you see something different about T.W. and James? T.W. is black, well actually he is a minority.

TW0I know many people hate race politics. I know many people despise that anyone cares about race in this Country, but who cares what you think? That is the way this country is currently setup, and if you want to take your message to 40% of the population, you better figure the best way to do that. The Republican Party simply shoots itself in the foot with 40% of the voting public, for no good reason.  You ever notice when you go to a Tea Party rally it is often a decent diverse affair? But when you go to a traditional Republican rally it is very mono-race?   Republicans refuse to learn that sometimes it is good to send people into communities that … wait for it … come from that community. That is the reason the NRA has so many groups run by women.  To make themselves very open to woman! The Republican leadership should be looking for, finding and promoting every woman and racial minority who is also a strong God-fearing, Liberty loving Patriot. They should then be sending those people right back into those communities to try and grow their party. However do they do that? Oh no. At one time the top 300 most senior Republicans in this Nation which include all Republican congressmen and Senators, Governors and holders of state-wide office were all white. I mean the entire slate where white men.  This may be “ok” with some, but I will tell you, it is not the way to grow your party.  Not if you have options.


Chamber of Crony Commerce

Then Republicans, say “…why don’t minorities vote for Liberty more often?” I can ask the question in reverse. “Why don’t Republicans vote for conservative minorities more often?” The answer the progressives tell minority communities is “…this is clear evidence of Republican and Patriot racism.” Since too many people still get their news from left wing social progressive sources you are on the defense when you show up and 100% of your speakers are white males.  For no good reason! I am sorry, that is the truth of how the game is fought now. In my opinion a minority of Republicans may vote for this or that person because of his race, but that is not the majority. What I believe to be the truth is that the vast majority of conservatives hate thinking of race, and just vote on the issues. And that is how they lose. They refuse to understand that they are in a knife fight in this country, at this time under these rulesThey try to envision the battle as it should be, not as it is. This is a receipt for failure. And they then repeat the moronic, pure moronic question “…why don’t minorities vote for Liberty more often?” Please, if some idiot asks you that question simply ask “Why don’t Republicans vote for conservative Minorities more often?”

Paid for by your Republican donations!

Paid for by your Republican donations!

James Lankford seems like a good Party Man. Willing to follow the Republican leadership when it wants to “take those hard votes” like keeping Obama Care around. He will have no special ability to move around the Native American nations and talk about liberty. He will have no special ability to move around the black voters and talk about freedom.  He has proven he will not fight the Republican leadership.  Just be showing up, he will not challenge the stereotypes that the social progressives spin. He will not be able to put the race baiters on the defense, simply by standing on a podium. James Lankford was the safe choice and the Republican Party gains nothing from it, but another good Party Man.


Business Open Borders Roundtable

One of the themes for this blog is what are we going to do about it? For me, I am very angry and sad. However I know the Republican Party no longer needs my money. It uses corporate cronyism to help out their friends from the public treasury, and then just pumps those companies for political donations. The Republican Party does not need you to volunteer your time. They will just buy those volunteers just like the Democrats do. Last night, last night was an advancement of this separation of the Republican Party from its most enthusiastic supporters of smaller government. The Republican establishment (Mr. Potato Head, Crony Capitalists and Open Borders Round Table to name a few) may be winning the battle, but it is yet to be seen if they will win the War. Remember the last time the Republicans had Congress and the Presidency?  Did they defund Planned Parenthood?  No they did not.  Why?  Because the Party makes sure it elects “…good Party Men.”  They are all talk.

Now we realize that Republicans does not even need your votes. Because once it comes down to it, they will get their votes from the same pool of government dependent people the Democrats do. Thus you are left with a question. Will you vote for social progressives liberal democrats? If they answer is no, then the Republican Party really does not care if it even pisses you off. See, they know you are not going anywhere. They can do anything they want, and you know what? In the end you will vote Republican.

cronys-in-line1For me I will continue to remove my support from this system.  I will continue on my mission of soft secession.  I will support Patriots that made it through the attack by the Crony Capitalists and Open Border leadership no matter where they are.  I will not not financially support, volunteer or vote for any Establishment Republican in this election cycle anywhere in this nation. My cry will be Remember Chris McDaniel!   I will not vote for the lesser of two evils.   I understand the battle we find ourselves in.  I understand the options that are left. To me, this is not politics as normal.  I will vote for Christian based liberty or I will not vote. Either this nation has a revival of its Christian based Constitutional Republican spirit, or politics of normal is useless to solve the real problems.

And I will remember clear as day the day the Republican Party leadership got into bed with gun grabbing Michael Nanny Bloomberg. And in 2016, when that same Republican Party pushes another moderate Party Man on us as the Republican Presidential nominee, like Jeb Bush or the Fat Bastard, I will not vote for the lesser of two evils.  This Country is headed for the toilet. It is already off the cliff, we might as well hit bottom as fast as we can.

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