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I have taken the NRA and NRA News with Cam Edwards to task multiple times on this blog, primarily for not being aggressive enough in defense of freedom.  However when the NRA does something great and cutting edge we must give credit also. In the past I have taken them to task in the post NRA is failing us but to the rescue the The Wall Street Journal? I made the point that you can’t leave the field to the enemy of freedom after a mass shooting.  We must be prepared for the anti-freedom authoritarians to use the next whack job to try to impose more of their socialist authoritarian agenda.  It smacks of mob justice.   I am a Life Time member of the NRA because I want to see my opinion represented well.   And instead of getting a female teacher who had been denied the ability to carry her CCW, and can speak about the classroom to America and why the idea of Resource Officers training, screening and arming a limited number of teachers is the answer, they had … and old angry white dude rambling around.  When the next mass shooting happens (and it will) they should have their fire team ready to hit the airways to calmly talk about all of the ways to avoid further mass-shootings that the progressives refuse to try.  The “fire team” should be diverse, articulate and stick to the points.

GunControlisRacist0I have also taken the NRA to task, because I feel the NRA should work to defend all of the Constitutional Rights, not just the Second.  They can focus on the Second, but they can lend their shoulder to the work of defending freedom with morals and the Constitution.  I admit that Cam Edwards and NRA news does this every day.  They talk about liberty, and Americanism a lot.  We know that focusing on the Second may be the politically smart thing, but is it the right thing? What is the nation without the Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, the ability to be secure in our homes, secure in our effects? There is no NRA without the First Amendment. And guess what?

The new ads that the NRA has put out this election cycle go deep into a myriad of topics, the government which believes it has the right to seize without warrant any electronic message, a government that makes laws it does not have to obey.  Cowards who demonize their brave neighbors.  The NRA has listened (they most likely came to this obvious truth on their own, but hey they may read the blog)!  The NRA has created a series of hard-hitting ads that are so powerful that the NRA membership is demanding it run in every state, not just battle ground states! They are that powerful. In all the ads, the NRA doesn’t even mention guns. It mentions defending liberty, and defending the Constitution.  Defending freedom, opposing those that try to force you to submit.  It does not mention Christianity, but it asks, how can we become great again without a moral compass to guide us?

The second point I have made again, and again over the years, which the NRA has apparently figured out, is make sure your spokespeople are diverse.  Understand the optics are nearly as important as the message.  You can spend your time and energy complaining about the “rules” of the broken game, or you can play to win the game.  I am sorry, but that is how the game is played.  You cannot match progressive authoritarian PSA like this, with just one old white dude being angry. Make them young, good looking, in shape, and make them look like the people you are trying to reach. They have women, men, white and black; they even have a homosexual spokesmen (we have nothing to say about that one). However it is brilliant.  They are lacking a hispanic person and Spanish language outreach.  I wonder how many “new” immigrants even know their Constitutional rights?

The authoritarians try to “otherwise” you, and your message. They try and “show” you are exclusionary because the only people who speak for your message are “old white guys.” When you force the fact down their throats by having a diverse group of men and women speak for your message it gets harder for the authoritarians to otherwise you and your message. And different people start to listen.  You have greater access to the unconverted.

teach_gun_skillsA request to Cam Edwards and NRA.  Please update your Spanish language web site, it looks horrible.  In addition start a Spanish language periodical. Feature a Spanish focused shooting sports.   Try and teach, new immigrants what nation they (are trying) to join.  Teach them their God-given rights.  Where else will they get this from?  Authoritarian progressives (betters) hate this.  Stop distributing our bumpkins.   Yes, we should really just be “Constitutional rights” for all, but that is not where people are right now.  Reach out to them how you can with the message of God-given liberty.    They will never hear it from places like The Race (La Raza).   Yes it is a good idea, thank you.

BTW, the NRA has been building this diverse farm team, a Navy SEAL, a black dude, a couple of women over time!  Waiting until the moment you need them doesn’t work.  The black dude, Colion Noir I featured on this site back in March 2013 in the post Second Amendment Tuesday Colorado and the NRA shaking things up a bit It was brilliant then, and it is brilliant now.  They took a guy who already had a video blog, and a following and brought him over. Optics folks, pay attention to the optics.  Now the NRA ads are being paid attention to by a much wider audience then even the NRA expected.  This is an example to the liberty forces. Well done NRA, well done.  I am glad about my Life Time Membership, and the really kool black jacket I received.

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