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IMG_1763At Mass today the Gospel and homily was on how we can increase our humility. When I was listening to it, I thought we can apply the lesson in humility in prepping and our plans.  The homily was around the “good and bad thief” who were crucified with Jesus.   What we layman know as the “bad thief” or the impenitent thief was crucified with Jesus and said something to the effect, hey Jesus if you are God, get down off your Cross and take me down also. Basically save me and help me off my cross. Jesus just suffered his rejection in silence. The good thief or the Penitent thief who also was being crucified with Jesus said something to the effect, leave this man alone. You and I are thieves (sinners), we are getting what we deserve. We deserve to be on this Cross. We do not deserve help being taken down from our cross. While this man (Jesus) has done nothing wrong. Jesus turn to the good thief and said something to the effect, you are humble, and you will be with me today in Heaven. No purgatory for you, no punishment after death, just right then and there, you will be in heaven. God did not help him down from the cross. God did not save him in this world. God saved him in the next world. The point our Priest made is that the good thief was humble. He understood he was a sinner. And Jesus rewarded him for that in the next world. The bad thief was not humble, he asked God to help him with his cross. God ignored him in this world and the next.

“…And one of those robbers who were hanged, blasphemed him, saying: If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. But the other answering, rebuked him, saying: Neither dost thou fear God, seeing thou art condemned under the same condemnation?  And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this man hath done no evil.  And he said to Jesus: Lord, remember me when Thou shalt come into Thy kingdom.  And Jesus said to him: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with Me in paradise.”

(St. Luke 23: 36-43).

I sometimes feel many people are planning on, or depending on, preparing for or expecting some type of “Crunch.” Many people are talking about “well when this or that happens, then we will do this.” Many people believe that “something” will happen. Basically fate or God will do something and leave a Remnant. And that Remnant will be able to do something. That may happen of course, but I hear this almost certainty that God or chance will do this and we will be able to respond. It occurred to me that this “expectation” was similar to the bad thief.

295749_1970085583118_1572343647_31524223_1343915789_nMany people talk about economic collapse. However they never talk about the fact that majority of Americans, the majority of the international ruling elite, the majority of the other nations who want the current system to continue pretty much as is.  They will sacrifice and fight to keep their unlimited “free” Prozac, porn and football going. They will work, fight and sacrifice to keep the current safety nets in place.  The socialist Fabian society has been working for over a hundred years to bring about the current state of affairs. They want to promote socialism throughout Great Britain and the United States. And they have succeeded. Why on God’s green earth would they throw away all of their success on smashing the system just to take your guns?   Are your guns a threat to more socialism being passed into law tomorrow? Are your guns a threat to more socialism being regulated into reality next week? Are your guns or opinions a threat to Goldman Sachs and the elite making more money next year? They are not. Thus they don’t matter. I can ask the question in another way. Are you prepared if no Crunch happens? Are you prepared if this system continues as it is? Are you prepared to watch your nation to continue its slow transformation and rot?

responsibilityHere we have messed up, or allowed our country to grow into something that promotes evil at home and abroad. This “we” have allowed, or our ancestors have allowed, however you want to think about it. However the truth is we all pay some form of “tithe” or tax or fees to this government and every one of us are connected to supporting this system in some form or fashion. I do not know a way to live in America yet be completely independent of the American system. In addition to all of our personal sins, this support of an evil system is a great sin itself.

Now that we have “allowed” or “participated” or however you want to justify your action or inaction in your own mind in these crimes against Christ, we are all waiting for “something” to happen. On this blog we call that the unknown “event” the Crunch. The “Crunch” is something that cause a TEOTWAWKI. Some think it will be a natural event like a solar flare, something it will be a man-made event like terrorism or economic collapse. When that happens a lot of us are prepared to survive, rebuild, help our neighbors, separate or in some way push the system in a different direction. This outside “thing” that must happen is the event that will help “reset” the twisted system we have. Again, this waiting for something outside of our control to happen feels to me like the bad thief, the sinner asking or waiting for God to take this Cross from him. It feels like the sinner is asking (some demanding) that God help take our cross from us. That the Lord help us fix the problem.


Let me be very clear. The Crunch may not happen. Actually let me be more specific. It is my opinion that the Crunch most likely will not happen soon. The only theory that I have a high degree of confidence in is that within (not in, but within) the next 30 years if we do not change our spending soon, we will have to drastically cut spending on all things including the military to support the popular social programs we have created or drastically raise taxes. Most likely both. I call that economic “Crunch” taxmageddon. If it is tomorrow or in 20 years I do not know, but when it happens things could get really hairy really fast.  I call this Tax Armageddon or taxmageddon. Where taxes get so high, people demand a change and demand what I call economic Soylent Green.  I presented these concepts in great detail in the post Renowned economist Kotlikoff confirms generational theft and coming tax Armageddon. I followed that up with Update on Economic Collapse Timeline: Taxmaggedon coming. Thus other than that, I have no confidence that anything will happen. And if I think about it, I don’t know if we deserve help in resetting our nation. Actually once again, let me be more specific. I know we do not deserve help resetting our nation.   We deserve nothing from the God we have turned our back on.

So many of us think that, if there is a “Crunch” that there will be this Remnant left. I do also. The Holy Bible is full of examples of God allowing nations he had previously blessed being destroyed but saving this subgroup, or this family, this Remnant. Yet don’t you realize that that Christian Remnant may be deep in Mexico where abortion is illegal and traditional marriage is still encouraged, it may be deep in Africa which in some ways still make God’s law the law of the land?  Of course it may be deep in the Rocky or Appalachian mountains.   Who know the mind of God?

LibertyI may be wrong. Perhaps the Crunch will happen. We live in uncertain times.  We live in an interconnected somewhat fragile world.  I do not know the future, like many others who claim to know it. If anyone tells you they are “sure” of what will happen in the future, understand that certainty about the future is a sign of mental instability. No one knows the future. However we still prepare. Why? Because living a more self-sufficient lifestyle helps us live a better, more moral lifestyle. We are a little less dependent upon a corrupt evil system that is in part designed to keep you in debit and dependent. That is what the Catholic Land Movement was (is) about. It was a form of soft secession or cultural secession from a corrupt and corrupting system of its time.
Soft secession  is based upon simplicity and the counter-cultural witness against excessive consumerism, immodesty, and other notions that are so prevalent in the world today.   This is some what similar to the Amish, Mennonites or Plain Catholics.  This self-sufficiency and soft secession is to give us space to raise our families in a more Christian and traditional way. Another reason I prepare, practice and promote self-sufficiently is that I may be wrong. The Crunch may happen very soon. We live in uncertain times and I want to give myself and my family the greatest chance to survive what may come. However here is a very important point. If nothing happens. If no “crunch” event happens. If no “action” is taken, please ensure you are happy with your choice on living a more self-sufficient lifestyle.  We are.

I feel our Christian heritage is upon the Cross. Traditional Western civilization is upon the Cross. Those who believe in traditional Christian, Western Civilization are upon the cross, and we are all sinners. When you think upon the future, and the possibility of the Crunch. Please remember the good and bad thief. Look internally and think are you asking God once again to do something that you are unwilling to do? Are you asking God for a chance to “make things right?” Are you once again, asking others, including the Lord or fate, to do what you are unwilling to do?

DSC_0305What to do? Take personal responsibility for Liberty. Focus on living the best life you can. Be active in local politics, support liberty minded politicians and causes with your time and money.  Focus on living the most self-sufficient life you can. Focus on soft secession, and not being dependent upon this system as best you can. Have a plan to flee the overcrowded cities and death spiral blue states, or better yet flee the cities now if you can.  If you Catholic, you have two choices as I see it. Become a Priest or nun, and act under authority and serve all Catholic families and help restore Traditional Catholicism, or marry (and do your best to stay married) and try to have the largest family you can, raise them in them in Traditional Catholic faith and trust the Lord. If moving to the Redoubt, do so as debit free as you possibly can. Do not move to become a weight on society, move to become an engine of growth and change. Debit free means a house, two cars and homeschooling or private schooling your (hopefully) many children and a way support them today and next year, in the redoubt. Prepare because all types of natural disasters happen all the time.


And for the future, be prepared to take direct action in defense of Liberty, be prepared to lose your life and your property. Stop looking to others to do the work for you.  We deserve no divine help with our Cross. Be prepared to take action or shut up and accept the results of not taking action. Prepare your family for the very real possibility that no help is coming. You will need to risk it all that may mean leaving your wife as a widow, and your children as orphans. Thus spend every day you can with them. Teach the next generation about your traditional Christian faith. Teach them about traditional Americanism. Teach them self-sufficiency and resiliency. Be prepared for them to reject it (we all have our rebellious period), but they will at least know traditional values and self-sufficiency, and may have time to recover. And while you prepare, pray. Pray hard. Pray that the Lord’s Will be done, and that you may be part of that. Pray for peace, but prepare for all potential outcomes. That is what we are doing.

Viva Cristo Rey