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doyouhaveebolaI am not going to go “hyperbolic” on the Ebola concerns. We will approach this natural threat as reasoned faithful people as normal. First, at this moment, and if the information the central federal government CDC and Texas State officials are providing us are true, there is little reason that this Ebola will become a nationwide pandemic that causes basic services to be unavailable nation-wide for more than 3 days. I have reached out to several trusted non-prepper medical staff and they are saying that it is a major deal that this got to the U.S. They also say they have heard from the medical grapevine that this person has been in contact with at least 4 children who are now under observation. They also question how he got Ebola without knowing he had gotten it, if a person cannot spread it without being sick. If I understand their concerns correctly, the question they ask is “how sick do you have to be” to spread it? I feel the CDC has not been clear enough on this last question. How sick do you have to be to spread the disease?  

This “non-clear” information is highlighted in the video where the Director of (Obama’s) CDC Dr. Thomas Frieden, first says “you need direct contact” to spread Ebola.   Then says well if someone is in three feet of you and sneezes that is “that’s a situation we’d want to be concerned about.”  I could care less what you are concerned about.  I want straight information.  Can standing next to a person that sneezes spread Ebola?  Why are they not looking at the people from his flight?  This “non clarity” is doing nothing but fanning the flames of concern. As subscriber has said, a valid concern is “has Vomit blood sweat saliva urine or feces of someone with Ebola touched YOU?”  Long ago a friend from the service who was in per-medical studies  explain to me, when you sneeze everyone within 10 feet of you gets droplets of your bodily fluids.  And a new study by MIT suggest that droplets of fluids produced by a sneeze can go 200 times further than initially thought.  Myth Busters (and yes I trust Myth Busters more than Obama’s CDC) conducted an experiment that showed flying phlegm produced by a sneeze travels at 35 mph and was recorded going up to 17 feet away.  Thus the question remains, can you pass this strain of Ebola through fluid contact that is produced by a sneeze?

ebola-poster0Now the issue is that this federal administration is not protecting its citizens. It has not cut off all travel to and from the affected Ebola areas in Africa. It has not stepped up enforcement along the Southern border. As a matter of fact it has done the opposite. It has sent thousands of young military men and women into the affected areas without special suits to protect them, and it has thrown the southern border wide open. Thus instead of “trusting” government action to keep us safe we must trust ourselves. This is the essence of self-sufficiency. I am not moving my non-existent threat meter from green to yellow, but for me I am doing the following:

  1. Going over with my wife and kids that there is a dangerous sickness. If anyone looks like they have flu symptoms please tell me. Wash your hands constantly.  Our Christian God commands us “cleanliness is Godliness.”
  2. We are topping off our short-term preparation items like batteries which we chew through. We are also taking some action to fill up a couple of extra gasoline cans. We are ensuring we have our emergency cash monies. We are also calling up our group to ensure everyone understands the risk and is ready to move.
  3. If I lived in Texas I think I would move my threat meter from green to yellow. This is primarily based on concern with what the mobs will do.  That means the kids continue to go to school, but all of your preparation goods are found, inventoried and ready for travel. Go to the store now before the mobs to top off anything you are missing. The kids go to school, but hang much closer to home. In Texas I would avoid non-critical gatherings of people if possible. If I were near the outbreak I would take time off of work to speak with school officials about having my children work from home. I would like to know how to go about doing that. I would not approach them from “fear.” I would not approach them “I am going to do this.” I would approach them from the perspective, if we were to do this, how do we do it without our children being penalized. Remember their response when it comes to choosing schooling next year.

Ebola Outbreak SymptomsIf the information we have is correct, and we had a rational federal government, this outbreak would be very straight forward.  If our central federal government put the safety of the American public first we would halt all flights from the affected area, and would clamp down hard on our borders. Our military would not go over there without the right gear, and would only go there to actually protect us by fighting this disease there, instead of here. Our government is doing none of this. Thus it is left to the individual self-sufficient patriot to protect himself.

Again, as of today I do not see a path from one or even a few Ebola patient(s) in one location to a grid down situation. Not saying it is impossible, just saying I don’t think it is likely with the information I have at hand.   Don’t you wish you were on a self-sufficient homestead someone isolated from major population centers right now?  Stay safe and if anyone finds out anything different please share.