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News & Commentary:

  1. International: Gulf War 3 – ISIS
  2. National: Ebola
  3. Segment: Financial news by Sierra 5
  4. Segment: Interview with James Rawles of Survival Blog

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Psalms, Chapter 91
Say to the LORD, “My refuge and fortress,
my God in whom I trust.”
He will rescue you from the fowler’s snare,
from the destroying plague,
He will shelter you with his pinions,
and under his wings you may take refuge;
his faithfulness is a protecting shield.

Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho 25OCT2014 Boise

Lincoln-kool0I will be speaking for the second year at the 2nd Annual Liberty Expo in Boise, Idaho on Saturday 25OCT2014 2014 at the Riverside Hotel & Convention Center  I will be presenting our Patriot Darknet project (AmRD) on what you can do about the attacks on our privacy.  We will present the threat such as MAIN CORE, the bulk hack of all computers in Washington State by the federal government, parallel construction and the Summer of Snowden 2013 and the solution using TAILS, TOR, i2p and Silent Circle.  Please join me in the capital of Idaho on Saturday 25OCT2014.