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Before we get to it, this post in no way tries to minimize the horribly inefficient actions of the hospital and the government.  We talk about how we don’t trust them a lot. Right now lets talk about Thomas Eric Duncan, age 42 a citizen of the African nation of Liberia.  We are now fighting Ebola with a President who refuses to stop non-essential travel from countries where the Ebola infection is, in the words of his CDC “out of  control.” This is President Obama’s Carter moment.  This is where enough of the American people realize, this dude is going to get me killed.  The Centers of Disease Confusion (CDC) will not admit they are not sure how this thing spreads.  They will not admit that they do not know if their so-called protocols will actually keep healthcare workers and travelers safe.  Now we have uninsured, poor infected people flying here who knew, or should have known they have been exposed to Ebola and when they get here, they are calling us racist for not spending millions more on treatment.  I have had enough.

thomas-eric-duncan-cropThomas Eric Duncan is either obtuse or most likely a horribly selfish person who cared more about saving his own life than all the other lives he may destroy. Thomas Eric Duncan help carry a dying pregnant woman named Marthalene Williams to the hospital. He “may have thought” she had some other deadly illness, but they were in Liberia where Ebola is a nation-wide pandemic.  Wouldn’t you have thought “…I wonder if this lady has Ebola?”  I guess being in a country that has thousands of Ebola infections and deaths didn’t give Thomas Eric Duncan a clue. This dude carried this poor pregnant woman to the hospital. (we all pray for the lost innocent souls) They had no more room, thus they carried her back to her home where she and her baby died the next day.  All of the people who help carry her have  now died of Ebola.  Thomas Eric Duncan already had a ticket and a visa to visit his family in America.  He had already unexpectedly quit his job a couple of weeks before.  At the airport there was a form he had to fill out and sign. It asked if he had been in contact with anyone with Ebola. Again, the social progressives will tell you “perhaps he didn’t read the form” or “perhaps he didn’t know the woman died of Ebola.”  I didn’t see Thomas Eric Duncan write on the form “no, I don’t think so, but I carried a woman to the hospital who died the next day.” Where was that on his form?

Thomas Eric Duncan who knew or should have known that he had been exposed to Ebola then flew to the heart of Europe, potentially infecting everyone he is coming into contact with, flew to Virginia and then finally to Texas. Once again potentially infecting everyone he came into contact with. And what did he do when he came to the airport? Did he immediately go and seek medical help? No, he went home with his own sister and her four young children.  Those four kids somehow exposed five schools.

TexasHealth0And after potentially exposing his own flesh and blood, and the Lord only knows how many people, he goes to the hospital where he then tells him he had came from Liberia. Oh, by the way, I have no money, no insurance and I am not a citizen of this nation. I wonder if it finally “clicked” inside his head to tell the nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian “oh by the way, I help carry a woman who died the next day in Liberia, but I am sure it was nothing.” I guess it still didn’t.

Now that this freak has exposed this nation to Ebola, what does his family say? Do they say thank you for the millions of dollars of free medical treatment you and I paid for? Do they beg forgiveness for the hundreds of innocent American children he exposed to God’s own wrath of a disease? Hundreds of innocent American children put at risk by the incompetence or the deliberate actions of Thomas Eric Duncan. No, what they say is that we are racist for not doing more. The family says because he is not an American citizen, who volunteered to help care for the dying people in a third world hell hole and when they potentially became infected were honest up front and asked for help immediately. Those people who were able to be given medical treatment very early on. Those people who paid for whatever strange experimental drugs that are not even FDA approved to be put into humans. That unlike those honest souls he was not treated the same. This hospital faces financial ruin as it has had to close its doors, no one will go there any way. The same hospital which has given millions of dollars of free medical service to a non-citizen who lied to get into this country. This hospital which had employees willingly risk their life for this little prick. Now this hospital has had the first infection from Thomas Eric Duncan, an American nurse who trusted the CDC and its “protocols” and is now fighting for her life infected with Thomas Eric Duncan’s Ebola. Say it again, Thomas Eric Duncan’s Ebola.  And their thanks?  Thomas Eric Duncan’s family is threatening to sue.

PX9031166Ebola_3068271bJosephus Weeks, the nephew of Thomas Eric Duncan said his uncle had been “handled poorly, unfairly, and an injustice was done.” The ambulance chasing, race-baiting Revered Jackson said the other Ebola victims in the United States “came back to Atlanta and Nebraska, got quick treatment and early treatment, and their lives have been spared.” “That did not happen with Eric Duncan,” he said. “And the critical hours, critical days, were missed.”

I want Thomas Eric Duncan and his family to know something. If American was run by sane men, we would have put Thomas Eric Duncan in an isolation ward of a jail and given him only medical help that put no one’s life in danger. We would now force his family to pay for this outrageous medical bill and if they could not, they would all have their visas revoked. If the multimillionaire Jackson wants to do something, why didn’t he pay for the experimental drugs, like the other millionaires did for those doctors returning from Africa?  Another thing about how racist our nation is; I thought there was an entire group of Americans of African descent that wanted to be more “African centrist.” What the heck are the descendants of Africans who were enslaved in America, then given their own nation doing re-immigrating to this hateful, racist nation anyway?

speaker200And I can see all the little progressives who would all have us die of some horrible disease before we take meaningful action to protect ourselves getting freaked out. Racist they will scream.  I said, and continue to say the same thing about Andrew Speaker and his then fiancee Sarah Cooksey. Don’t remember Andrew Speaker, well I do. He is the freak that had highly contagious drug-resistant tuberculosis and was told not to leave the hospital. Did he listen? No he did not. See his wife had this wonderful wedding planned out in Italy and come Hell or high water she was going to have her wedding even if it meant creating a pandemic. First they snuck out of the country after being told they had tuberculosis, had their wedding. Fell very ill in Italy and were clearly told “not to fly home.” They then snuck out of the Italian hospital, flew to Germany I believe, then flew to Canada, drove across the border where I think they found him, potentially infecting all of those people all along the way. These evil selfish people were hated on by all, there were congressional hearings called on how these freaks got into the nation. And no one called anyone racist because we all said Andrew Speaker and Sarah Cooksey were evil selfish freaks.

02tv.xlarge1In my mind the little goblins Thomas Eric Duncan, Andrew Speaker and Sarah Cooksey are all related. They are people who made very questionable decisions that lead to a large number of innocent people be exposed to deadly diseases.  This reminds us that there are many people who will infect your family, if it means they may have even a slightly better chance at life. These people will lie, they will steal, and they don’t care for anyone but themselves. And there are many, many people like this.  Pray and prepare.

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Long live Christ the King and my His will be done.