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ChuckBaldwin4_IMGChuck Baldwin is a pillar of the patriot community and a strong supporter of the American Redoubt movement, he has stood for others at Bunkerville.  He has stood for others at Oath Keepers and now he needs your help.  We can, we will hold the American Redoubt but it will take action by each and every person who reads this. The government has decided to go after Chuck Baldwin and his family.  A have reminded patriots that they are going to start to feel the effects of the Police State long unleashed on America’s minority communities.  A Flathead, Montana (in the core of the American Redoubt) sheriff (called a “drug task force officer) McKeag Johns was recorded threatening Chuck Baldwin’s son Tim Baldwin. He implied he was speaking on behalf of Flathead County Attorney Ed Corrigan and Deputy County Attorney Kenneth Park. They told the Kristina Franklin the wife of Tim Baldwin’s client, Cory Robert Franklin who was a confidential informant being “run” by Sheriff McKeag Johns that if she and her husband didn’t fire Tim Baldwin the Attorney’s office would throw the book at her husband.


Ed Corrigan, Flathead County Attorney

The state arrested Cory Robert Franklin and then when her husband was in jail Sheriff McKeag Johns contacted Kristina to encourage her to help her husband.   She would act as a Confidential Informant (CI) for him, and betray his associates in exchange to lowering the bail for her husband. Remember Bard’s 10 OPSEC Commandments for Liberty Operations. Trust No One including the person you sleep next too and Never Mix Family and Operations.  This is not a novel.  Any way unbeknownst to McKeag Johns his call was being recorded.

Kenneth Park

Kenneth Park

Tim Baldwin asked McKeag Johns and Flathead County Attorney Ed Corrigan if this was true and both swore under oath that he was lying. Until he introduced the taped phone calls. Guess what happened when the government was caught red handed threatening a witness and lying under oath? The judge in the case dismissed the charges against Cory Franklin so that no more evidence could be submitted. Nothing to see here citizen keep walking.  Tim Baldwin petitioned his government by asking the Montana State Attorney General Tim Fox to investigate this wrong doing. And guess what Montana State Attorney General Tim Fox said? He would not investigate his republican friends from Flathead Montana.

Above see current coverage about this case.  Below you can listen to actual audio of the Sheriff deputy threatening this woman.  There is a lot of cursing. We must hold the Redoubt as the last Constitutional bastion.  Think if this is happening in the heart of a deep red state, how many people are sitting in jail because of witness tampering?  Here are the phone numbers of the parties in this attack upon the patriot community. I encourage you to share this incredible story and call and express your outrage that there is no investigation to get to the bottom of this. We do not have a “patriot” version of Jesse Jackson. We only have each other.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock, 406-444-3111

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, 406-444-2026

Flathead County, Montana, Sheriff Chuck Curry: 406-758-5585 (It was his deputy McKeag Johns assigned to the drug task force that is recorded relaying the political and personal prejudice of the county attorney’s office and using the threat of prison to intimidate Tim’s client.)

And for what it’s worth, here is the phone number to the office of Flathead County Attorney Ed Corrigan 406-758-5630

Here is the link to Chuck Baldwin’s site.

Here is the link to Tim Baldwin’s site.

This is a message from Chuck Baldwin, patriot.  “I seldom give out phone numbers and plead with readers to become activists in response to what I write. But this time, I am pleading with readers to MAKE THOSE PHONE CALLS. Furthermore, please forward this column (along with your own thoughts) to everyone on your contact list and encourage them to MAKE THOSE PHONE CALLS. This injustice just cannot be tolerated.”  Now what are you going to do about it?  By taking action you can let this redoubter know, he is not alone.  Hang together, or hang separately.