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After three muhammadanist who belong to the religion of peace went on a rampage in the offices of a printed version of South Park and killed 10 staffers writing for the magazine, and two police officers there was a lot of coverage by America’s (and other Western) mainstream or better described legacy media. These include ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Public Radio, all printed newspapers and yes, even Fox News. What was missing from the coverage?

Not one of these filthy cowards would dare publish the actual cartoons that so “incited” the followers of the so-called religion of peace.  Here is one MSM outlet talking about how they will not dare offend anyone, while showing “Piss Christ” an “art” piece of a Holy Crucifix in a bucket of urine.  Acts of terrorism are design to … terrorize. They are designed to change people’s action based upon the threat of violence. All of the legacy media submitted. They changed their organization’s polices to “not offend” and drive up their insurance cost. This is an act so base, so morally corrupt it is beyond the pale. The future of American journalism is with small blogs, smaller papers, with those who will stand for freedom.

South Park created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone is the American version of Charlie Hebdo. They make disgusting fun of everyone. Pure toilet humor.  Homosexuals, Christians, Jews, racists, Obama and the Tea Party. No one is beyond the reach of their LSD inspired pen.  And I mean LSD which they take, not LDS the religion of their birth.  They go out of their way to offend the religion they were born into Mormonism.  They even make fun of the religion of not;  atheism. “Basically… out of all the ridiculous religion stories which are greatly, wonderfully ridiculous—the silliest one I’ve ever heard is, Yeah… there’s this big giant universe and it’s expanding, it’s all gonna collapse on itself and we’re all just here just ’cause… just ’cause’. That, to me, is the most ridiculous explanation ever.”

South Park has made fun of all religious leaders since its inception. They have a reoccurring skit called the Super Best Friends Club. The Super Best Friends include Muhammad, Buddha, Moses, Joseph Smith, Krishna and Sea-man a take on DC Comic’s Aqua Man.  Sea-man is useless.  They are “…dedicated to defending the world against evil…except for Buddha who doesn’t really believe in evil.” As I said, blasphemous toilet humor. Anyway in all of the original episodes of the Super Best Friends club Muhammad was showed. He is the “muslim prophet with the powers of flame.” No one thought much of this. Just one more figure South Park made fun of.

However then the French magazine Charlie Hebdo re-printed a picture of the muslim prophet muhammad. Then the creators of South Park in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo tried to make more fun of muhammad and guess what? Comedy Central executives in a display of absolute cowardice forced South Park to change their episode not to “upset” the tender sensibilities of mohammadist.  They even pulled an entire episode making fun of Muslims.  It has never been shown.  Hint (if you want to leak it, I will publish it).  I personally think muhammadist are too sensitive to live in a Christian-based Western civilization.

Charlie-Hebdo1South Park writers were so pissed they created a show where Jesus Christ craps all over the American flag. Their point? Crony capitalistic executives of Comedy Central will allow this disgusting stuff on the air, but they will not stand for the principles of freedom of speech, you know the freedom that allows Comedy Central to spew its garbage when it comes to mohammedanism?  To this date, the creators of South Park refuse to remove Mohammad.  That is why in all new episodes they moved the “sign” that says “welcome to South Park” in the middle of the pack of characters.  Behind that sign was where they use to show mohammad and the rest of the Super Best Friends.  He is still there, creepy people, right behind that sign. Be angry.

American young men and women die every day in foreign hell holes believing they are defending the rights, freedoms and lives American people.  And how do these fat cat, crony capitalists repay a priceless sacrifice?  They do not have an ounce of the bravery shown by the men and women of these United States. Even everyday Americans have more bravery than these crony capitalistic executives behind their security on top of their towers.  These cowardly executives of the mainstream media, including Fox News, and Comedy Central should not even be allowed to look a veteran in the eye. This is how you stand for Americans principles after people lose their children defending them? That is how sick and disgusting the self-serving American executives are.  The sum total of this is that you can disparage Christianity, you can blaspheme Judaism, you can crap on America, but you cannot make any fun of islam, the so-called religion of peace.

west-islam0It is hard for me as a believing Catholic to defend base blasphemy.  Even when it is funny.  However what is the alternative?  I don’t like it, but the alternative of some religious (or authoritarian socialist) group of people deciding what is “correct” to publish is much, much worse.  Think of what it would mean to Christianity if Obama was able to appoint a group of people to decide what is “hurtful” speech.  Thus we stand shoulder to shoulder with all people practicing freedom of speech, even when it is pure blasphemous.  We stand with Charlie Hebdo.  We stand with South Park.   We stand with the Constitution of these United States.  We stand against all of the cowardly corrupt executives of the Western media.  We have no security, no gated community, but we will publish what some find offensive.  Someone needs to spit in the eye of these executives.  Throw shoes and cream pies at them when they show up.  They should be publicly shamed for their cowardice.

“We are confronted with another theme. It is not a new theme; it leaps out upon us from the Dark Ages – racial persecution, religious intolerance, deprivation of free speech, the conception of the citizen as a mere soulless fraction of the State. To this has been added the cult of war. Children are to be taught in their earliest schooling the delights and profits of conquest and aggression. A whole mighty community has been drawn painfully, by severe privations, into a warlike frame. They are held in this condition, which they relish no more than we do, by a party organization, several millions strong, who derive all kinds of profits, good and bad, from the upkeep of the regime. Like the Communists, the Nazis tolerate no opinion but their own. Like the Communists, they feed on hatred. Like the Communists, they must seek, from time to time, and always at shorter intervals, a new target, a new prize, a new victim.”  Churchill talking about NAZIs.