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Face of Evil (again) video of barbaric Islamic State burning pilot alive

The Islamic State (IS) has released a video that appears to show them burning the 26-year-old Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh.  I have uploaded the full video here to this site to ensure others do not delete it.  The Islamic State is not known for putting out false videos, and I have not heard anyone from our (US) government nor the Jordon government suggesting that video is false.

Cross of Saint James the Moor slayer

Cross of Saint James the Moor slayer

Our hearts go out to the family of Muath al-Kasaesbeh in Jordan.  Politically the Jordan government has been a reliable friend of the US over several administrations.  In Jordan the right of the Christian minorities are protected to a large degree.  This pilot comes from a well-to-do and well-connected family in Jordan.  Think Clinton or Kennedy.   The moronic media refers to this fact as “a well-respected tribe” as if they are talking about barbarians or something. To see someone like a Bush or Kennedy in a cage being burned alive is supposed to send cultural shock waves not only through Jordan but through all of the Islamic nations that are assisting the US in the limited air campaign against the Islamic State.  We will see if they are successful.

First, why have I chosen to publish the full-length video?  Primarily because I believe the horrors of sick and twisted people and organizations like the Islamic State must be shown in their totality.   These are not the sins of normal men, hidden away.  This is a demon worshiping state attempting to terrorize humanity.  I will do my small part to expose them.  If you are a Christian or simply someone who wants the freedom to choose share this video so others can know the truth of the enemy that is out there.  This is from the enemy’s own hand.  Some people did not want to show the insides of the German slave / holocaust camps.  They felt it would be too disturbing.  However others, and I agree with them feel that evil must be confronted and exposed.  People use to hear the “good ole South” and think of Gone With the Wind.  When Roots came out to show, the true barbarity of the old South was exposed.  I have not published many of the recent beheadings because it added little to the conversation.  However, this is a new level of evil committed by the Islamic State. To defeat evil, you must confront and expose it.   2441EE5D00000578-2886034-image-a-25_1419454428554

Second, I feel that individual people should have the right to view this material or not.  Many of you will not, and that is your right.  However some of you will, and that is also your right.  Somehow our “betters” would like to make that choice for you.  I think that is deeply wrong, not Christian and not American.  If you are a news agency, then be a news agency and show the news and let people decided.   Thankfully the Internet is providing alternatives to centrally controlled legacy media.

Third, I am deeply suspicious of our own government and media elites.  Isn’t it interesting that sometimes when some horrible event happens the media elite seem not to be able to stop showing images, of horror again, and again? How many times do you ask, “why do they continue to show that?”   And in that moment of absolute shock and disgust our “betters” cry out for immediate action.   However other times when something horrible happens, the same media elite do not show any details.  They go to great lengths, not to allow the images to even be known.  They report only what they have decided is appropriate.   The say with every passing breath, “this does not represent the larger community of (this or that) group.”  They spend all of their time saying things like “…we must respond with logic, and not emotion.  We must not generalize.”   Large American companies that we “deeply trust” like Google, Twitter and Facebook all spend an amazing amount of time, energy and money deleting this video and any links to the video.  I don’t trust that response.  Thus, I want to see for myself what they are spending so much time and energy not showing us.  120d26e8589bf85843a39ae71c94dcc1a2751081

Now a little on the video itself.  First disclaimers.  I am neither confirming or denying the accuracy of the information in this video obviously.  I am simply providing the video with a little commentary from myself.   The full video is over 20 minutes long, so if you see shorter videos they are not the actual video.  It is a very well-produced propaganda video.  Very well produced.  It talks about how King Jordan supports the limited air war against the Islamic State.   It talks about how much the Islamic State is suffering from coalition aircraft strikes.  It talks about the collateral damage being inflicted.  And, by the way, little traitors and Islamic activists.  When the US kills civilians, it is called “collateral damage” for a reason.  That is because they are not trying to kill random people.  When the Islamic State straps a prisoner of war into a cage and burns him alive, that is on purpose.  The intent behind it makes all the differences. sp1iqW5

Now in the video the captured Jordanian pilot goes over his strike mission in the  F-16 (Fighter / Strike aircraft, type 16) or Fighting Falcon.  He talks about his aircraft having trouble and how he bailed out.  He explains his entire mission including where he took off from including base name, host nation, and the Islamic State added GPS coordinates, and what other nations were flying at the time.

Now here is where it gets more disturbing.  He then goes on to apparently explain (I have not seen an English translation of this video thus I am watching it and learning about context-clues) many of the countries in the region that are assisting the collation.  He names specific aircraft types, host nations, and specific air bases.  The people who produced this video understand what a laser guided bomb is, they understand that some level of detail about our Order of Battle for example Kuwait is contributing refueling aircraft and not fighters. They understand the difference between the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F-15 Strike Eagle, and the F-22 Raptor.  I have personally heard talking heads on MSNBC get stuff like this wrong.  One arrogant prick said something to the effect “…a militia and small arms are no protection from a tyrannical government because ‘we’ have advanced aircraft like the F-22.”   Anyone (including the Islamic State obviously) who knows how war is fought knows the F-22 is primarily an air superiority fighter (as in shoots other aircraft down), and is only “ok” at strike (bombing people). Like using your BMW to haul your RV.  And small arms cannot tie up a superior force?  Please tell the Taliban that you little freak.

*** Graphic still images ahead.  Video is at the bottom of the post ***

Then the video gets into the part of the video that to me is not that insightful, the actual murder of this pilot.   The only thing of value is the courage displayed by the pilot.  To die alone, surrounded by the most barbaric demon worshiping of humanity and knowing you will be burned alive.  To have the strength to simply stand on your feet at the end of your life and face such a horrible death is such a demonstration of courage.    The video ends with ISIS pouring pour rocks from a bucket loader onto the burning corpse and then running it over.  They then offer a bounty for any “Crusader pilot” that anyone kills.  IS-Burn-Jordon0

Again, choose to watch the video or not.  You will not be able to get the images out of your mind.  I was unaware that human bodies do that when being burned alive, and I am not a better person for the knowing.  I have uploaded the video, so you don’t have to worry about other sites deleting it.

May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on this man’s soul.  And until the Lord turns the demon worshiping Islamic State barbarians from their course, may more men take up The Cross and defend the people of Christ and Western civilization.

The full length video of “Healing the Believer’s Heart” and the death of Muath al-Kasaesbeh.  The video is 70 MB and will load slowly as this is not primarily a video sharing site.  BTW, it was extremely hard for me to get this video and then to publish it.  Youtube kept deleting it in minutes of some jihadie uploading it.  I had to search through jihadie sites and normal sites where jihadies congregate.  Then wait and jump on it, and then download it before the secular progressives on our side removed the jihadie video.  I will now go and attempt to clean my mind in the bottom of a glass filled with scotch and a couple of Hail Mary’s.