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Cross of Saint James the Moor slayer

Cross of Saint James the Moor slayer

Here is an update to our story covering the Islamic State (IS) burning the Jordanian pilot alive.  I berate all of the centrally controlled legacy media for their cowardice in the face of absolute evil.  They do not simply tell it as it is, they do not provide clean and clear information to viewers.  Then wonder how the problem of demon worshiping killers continues to grow.  I will be the first to call these cowards out.

I will also be the first to stand corrected.  I acknowledge that I have underestimated Fox News and especially Fox News executive vice president John Moody.  They have decided they will show the Islamic State video in its entirety.   Excellent work John, excellent work.  People have the right, and the choice to view the content or not.  It is the “4th Estate” duty to provide that choice, not to make it for them.

“After careful consideration, we decided that giving readers of FoxNews.com the option to see for themselves the barbarity of ISIS outweighed legitimate concerns about the graphic nature of the video,” said John Moody, who as Fox News’s executive vice president and executive editor has authority over the Web site. “Online users can choose to view or not view this disturbing content.”

BTW, here is another great article from Red State’s Moe Lane.  He properly says it is strange to say we have once again found ourselves in a place where demon worshiping men walk the street, and their focus is on obvious and impossible to deny human sacrifice.  The sacrifice of actual humans, and of the human spirit.  Demon infested killers will not go away with “reason” and a “measured response.”  It is very interesting to see the modern “logical” President Obama and his authoritarians’ progressives meet, good old fashion medieval zealotry. And you can guess who appears to be a fish out of water. The Fox News link is here.

Once again, in people’s time of grief we reach out with humanity.  That is because we are humane.