BlTorello_PoppiSaint Torelli’s water more properly called “Blessed Torelli Holy water” is a sacramental help for people suffering from illness including expecting mothers.   What is interesting is that “Saint Torello” is not really a Saint, he is “Blessed.” He was a Franciscan hermit who used the Holy Spirit to heal sick children and protect children from wild animals who we covered in the post the Blessed Torello of Poppi.

The way to use Saint Torelli’s Holy Water is to drink a cup or small glass of it every day and say a short prayer such as the traditional Catholic prayer for expecting mothers.  You can simply drink a small “shot glass” of the holy water. Bard Note:  If anyone knows of a more appropriate way to drink holy water please share.  At the rate of one “shot glass” per day, one gallon may last you through your pregnancy.  Drinking Holy Water is fairly unusual from my experience. It is normally applied to a person, place or thing.  Such as when we “bless” or cleanse ourselves before Mass. I believe that Blessed Torelli water is ingested to “apply” it to the unborn child and the expecting.  The power of this Holy Water is to help reduce the symptoms of illness which the Blessed Torelli was known to cure even in life. It is also to spiritually strengthen the mother and unborn child and to protect against miscarriages. In the traditional Catholic prayer for expecting mothers which is below a miscarriages are called “…dire misfortunes.”

Torelli Blessed water,  salted crackers and non-GMO, Organic Raspberry Leaf or Spearmint Herbal Tea (obviously non-caffeinated) first thing in the morning together may help heal the spirit and body of expecting Catholic mothers. A priest must bless or make “Saint Torelli” water.  Without Catholic priests their can be no Catholic people.  The way I believe a priest creates “water for the sick” is below.  If anyone can confirm this is the proper “process” (or ritual) please let me know.


In Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary (B.V.M.) AND ST. TORELLUS

(By a Brief dated December 16, 1628)

P: Our help is in the name of the Lord.

All: Who made heaven and earth.

P: The Lord be with you.

All: And with your spirit.

Let us pray.

God, who in your heavenly mercy keep harmful things from man, giving him only the things that are for his good; who at the pool of Probatica moved the waters by the hand of your angel, thus destroying sickness and conferring health; pour out the dew of your blessing + on this water, so that all the sick who drink it may, by the merits and prayers of the blessed Virgin Mary and the holy confessor, Torellus, regain their health. May women who are with child be spared every dire misfortune, and have the happiness of bringing their offspring to the grace of holy baptism; through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The water is sprinkled with holy water.

Appendix to the Rituale Romanum – “Benedictio Aquae in honorem BMV et S. Torelli, Conf. pro infirmis”