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The Congregation of the Fanjeaux Dominicans of the Holy Name of Jesus is the Catholic girls school deep in wilds of Idaho.  We normally simply call it the “traditional Dominican girl school.”  This school has been covered multiple times by Rural Revolution.  They are an “old school” girls school full of cheer, and young women raised in traditional Christian and American values.  They also have a smaller amount of girls who “board” or who live there.  Recently over 200 Sisters and 1,000 of these girls paid their own way and went to Rome on a pilgrimage.  As they traveled they humbly requested that conservative Priest from Idaho be allowed to say Mass for them.

rome7The Bishop of Rome (as he likes to be called) and Archbishop Guido Pozzo head of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei told them to **** off.   The “powers that be” told these homesteading conservative young women that they could not say a single Mass in any Catholic church in Rome.  This is New Rome!  In Rome with more Catholic churches than priest, one thousands girls from Idaho, France and Germany praised the Lord in their hotel room as that was all that was allowed to them.

Not to put too fine of point on it but this Bishop of Rome and his progressive supporters push ecumenicalism to such a degree they  have done the following:

1.  Wash and kiss the feet of muslims.
2.  Invited practicing homosexuals to private meetings with the Pope.
3.  Stated that muslims are exemplary martyrs.

Yet the same happy group of progressives Catholic leaders who “accept everyone” and encourage out reach will not reach out to the Traditional Catholics including the Fanjeaux Dominican Sisters of Idaho and over 1,000 girls who paid their own way to come to Rome on a pilgrimage.

img_7840What can you do?  Find more money and financially support the Traditional Fanjeaux Dominican Sisters of Idaho.  Also write them into your Wills.  It is my personal suggestion that at a minimal 10% of your life insurance should be going to the FSSP, SSPX or other Traditional Catholic group.  Here is a letter from the Sisters of the Fanjeaux Dominicans.

Communique from the Fanjeaux Dominicans

The Congregation of the Fanjeaux Dominicans of the Holy Name of Jesus organized from February 9-14 a pilgrimage of thanksgiving in Rome on the occasion of 40 years since its foundation in Fanjeaux (France).

The congregation exists for the education of young girls by providing them with quality Christian teaching. The congregation is made up of 200 religious working today in 8 secondary schools and 6 primary schools in France, Germany and the United States. In this pilgrimage, the sisters accompanied their students who numbered 950, as well as a 100 teachers and parents.

It is through its commitment to the Tridentine Mass and Tradition of the Church that the congregation has experienced such a thorough development in the last 4 decades. So she wants to give thanks to the Eternal City, to Divine Providence for all His benefits.

The congregation thanked the Roman authorities for allowing entry into the basilicas, but regrets that, despite repeated requests to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, a church in Rome could not be made available for pilgrims’ celebration of the Mass. The sisters and children all pray that the Church will find with its 2,000-year old Tradition, its missionary outreach throughout the world.

The first day of pilgrimage in Rome

It was a beauty day in sunny Italy for the nearly 1,500 pilgrims, mostly young girls from the Dominicans’ schools in France, Germany and the United States.

The Mass was held in a rented room because no church has been made available to the pilgrimage despite repeated requests to the Ecclesia Dei Commission. The Commission proposed certain priests and bishops (of regular canonical situation), but the Dominican community superiors insisted that the chaplains for its schools are the priests of the Society of St. Pius X. In the end it was Fr. Niklaus Pfluger (First Assistant of the SSPX’s Superior Genera), who celebrated the Mass on Tuesday, February 10th.

This afternoon a visit was made to the Lateran Basilica where Fr. Pierpaolo Petrucci (District Superior of Italy) gave some introductory words followed by the singing of the Creed, praying for the pope and receiving a blessing. The basilica’s entire nave was filled with sisters and students.