birthcontrol0I am always amazed that men and women who understand and care so much about food security and what they put into their bodies are very comfortable using man-made chemicals or synthetic hormones to “temporarily” neuter or sterilize themselves. I mean women who want free range, non-GMO, no antibiotics, no hormone-injected chicken because it is healthier. Women who can see the connection between growth hormones in our food supply and girls and boys going into puberty earlier and earlier. Women who look at each vaccination for their children and weigh the risk.

The same women are comfortable putting into their bodies various drugs made by commercial companies designed to castrate themselves “temporarily.” How can you be against genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and hormones but support using a chemical to castrate and sterilize yourself?  As in all things that are organic, self-reliant and non-dependent upon the crony-capitalistic chemical state the options for a healthier choice are not shared or well known.  Here is a link to great video blog about the Pearly device.  Another video about Lady Computer.   Below is a great review of a woman who has come to the same conclusion.  Here is a link to the book Taking Charge of your Fertility 10th Edition.