I got this from JWR Survival blog Quote of the Day

“An Avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he a establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” – Thomas Paine (1795)

This is profound.  I really wish I could … just think and write half as well as our Founding Fathers.  These were truly brilliant men.  See they say things like that.  I say things like this.

Guard Enemies from OppressionThe vast majority of Americans’ didn’t do any thing when the Police State was brutalizing poor minority neighborhoods in America.   We have pointed out in Pro Libertate & Sheriff Gary Raney that poor black men in American are “suddenly” and “without explanation” committing suicide, by shooting themselves in the head in the backseat of police cruisers after being taken into custody and being handcuff behind their back.  Recently after a high-speed chase and after the citizen had given up, and was completely surrounded Police Officer Michael Brelo, 31 climbed on top of their car and pumped it full of rounds and murdered unarmed Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell.  He was found not guilty because the judge said “he most likely” feared for his life.  If you even think to defend yourself, it is a fight to the knife, the knife to the hilt.

Perhaps the most damning portion of the DOJ report is the beginning, which lays out in painstaking detail (consisting entirely of information pulled from the City of Ferguson’s records) that the FPD’s primary purpose  in Ferguson was to generate revenue for the city’s budget. The report contains a shocking volume of documentary evidence, including emails, that Ferguson’s police supervisors, including the City Manager, repeatedly hounded Ferguson officers to increase their ticket fines without regard to whether the tickets they were writing were justified. While police departments across the country like to repeatedly claim that they do not have “ticket quotas,” and that they are solely interested in public safety, this report gives the lie to that claim, at least in Ferguson. The internal emails collected during this investigation show a pattern of behavior that most Americans have long suspected exists behind closed doors in many police departments: discipline issued for failing to write enough tickets, threatening emails to cops who are under performing in writing tickets, and prominent “score sheets” posted showing who top “performers” are.

Now the Police State needs a new enemy to scare America with, to justify its existence.  And what is this new enemy? It is liberty loving, God-fearing Americans of European descent, the new threat.  When it gets interesting remember the Hangmen story, when they came for them, I was silent…  Here is a great article I would like to share titled How Conservatives are getting it wrong concerning Ferguson.   There are real problems out there and there have been problems between minorities communities and the police since the times of slavery and the fugitive slave act.   The local populace basically has the right to try whatever solution they want to address these issues.  If the Baltimore people want their cops standing naked on the street corner with bananas in their holster.  They have the right to demand that.  Police officers have the right to resign.  We have our own issues with police including but not limited to police militarization, police being used as tax collectors, civil forfeiture and their boot licking of federales.