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On this blog, we regularly cover current events and why we are seeking a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Recently the Democratic President cooperated with Republicans in Congress to pass “fast track” for the series of so-called “free trade” bills. Every trade bill that has had “fast track” has passed Congress as it greatly limits what Congress can debate the bill. This trade bill is secret, and many congressmen have never read it. Thus, we do not know what is in it, other than what Wiki-leaks has been able to release.TPPTTIP

Eventually, the details of this trade bill will become public. It is my opinion that when the details of this bill become public the same Republicans will claim to be “stunned” and feel “betrayed” but what “the Democratic President has done.” When Republicans and Democrats are running and asking for votes from people they put out of work they will blame it all on President Obama. That is how these things are done. See everyone can hate the guy who will never run again. They will be successful because the vast majority of people are stuck in the matrix of deciding between crony capitalists and bourgeois socialists.  The truth is both parties cooperate to destroy the American middle class while increasing their own power and money. labor

Now, how does the TPP impact your homesteading plans? There are millions more Americans who will be put out of work by competition TPP overseas workers such as  Vietnamese workers making 60 cents a day. The government will offer you a pittance of retraining, never saying retraining into what career. Many people will bounce from a temporary job to temporary job, taking an unemployment time out now and then. They will live a debt based life always running on the hamster wheel, always falling further and further behind.  They will unknowingly join the Discarded. They will not realize that the game has changed. Some will realize at a gut level that the game has changed, but not understand why. They will surrender and head to the local “mean’s test entitlement” line and “get their check.”   They will also join the Discarded.

Because of the latest so-called free trade agreement, there will be millions added to the “economic golden horde” which is well underway. This is a mass of people who are no longer needed to create the goods and services required for this country and the world. They are people who have given up or been thrown away.  The Discarded. The American dream is dead to this growing segment of the population. The reason they are not wandering the freeways right now is because the State is feeding, housing, medicating and controlling them with an ever expanding police state. But the economic Golden Horde is there. Due to the actions of both political parties, you may be looking at joining the economic golden horde as one of the Discarded. RiotsInGreece

I may be forced to join the Discarded, but I do not want to join the Golden Horde.  When the Golden Horde’s check stop coming the political and economic things they will popularly support may be unpleasant.  This will initially be implemented in bankrupt death spiral States.   My solution is to get going while the “gettin’ is good.”  I want to convert as much as my intangibles into tangibles.  The most important tangible is a roof over my families head and food producing land in an area that may experience less economic disruption when the economic and political system continues to fail the majority.