The American Redoubt political migration movement follows the James Rawles precepts that you can find on his blog Survival Blog.  In describing the American Redoubt James Rawles says,  “I’m now urging that folks Get Out of Dodge for political reasons–not just for the family preparedness issues that I’ve previously documented. There comes a time, after a chain of abuses when good men must take action. We’ve reached that point, folks!”  He never actually breaks down the political reasons.  I would like to give my ideas on political  principles of patriots who support the American Redoubt concept.   I think the following list does a good job of describing what a patriot is and what we are trying to accomplish through all moral means.  The list of principles are:

1. I believe liberty and libertarianism must be restrained by morals.
2. My morals are based upon my understanding of the Christian Holy Bible.
3. I believe in the original intent of the Holy Bible or orthodox Christianity.
4. I believe in the original intent of the Bill of Rights and the 13th Amendment.
5. I believe my culture is defined by Christianity and classic Western Civilization.

As patriots, we want a government, culture and economic system that represents and promotes these principles.  We are not authoritarians nor do we want to live under a theocracy.  You cannot legislate morality.   However self-government and liberty is only appropriate for a moral people.   We are fighting for a cultural and economic system that provides the greatest freedom or liberty restrained by our common understanding of morals.  Our common understanding of morals is defined by our orthodox Christian faith and classic Western Civilization.   We do not believe any legitimate government may remove these foundational principles from Americans. We believe the current federal government does not represent nor promote these principles.  We believe the current economic system does not represent nor promote these principles.

We recognize that people who believe in these principles are a minority of voters at this time.  We support all political engagement to reach out to our fellow citizens in defense of liberty as defined above.  God-given liberty is for all people.  As all politics are local we support all groups, even those who do not agree with our political goals practicing their own version of soft secession from the current government which practices soft tyranny.  We also support the minority of people who believe in these principles cloistering together and instituting local governments that supports these principles.

We understand that if we want to restore these principles and ensure they exist in the future, we are personally responsible to use all moral means to accomplish this.  This will require personal action on the part of each and every one of us.

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