One of the elements of our solution to living in a post-American, post-Christian country and preparing for what comes next is soft secession.  Part of soft secession is withdrawing not only yourself but also your children from government controlled schools and corporate controlled media.  We must worked to have the next generation continue our culture.  People who are progressive, homosexual and authoritarian are often selfish and have few children.  They continued existence depends upon corrupting your children. Public schools are a form of government controlled media.  Public schools and media will teach your children that homosexuality is normal, that sacrificing your grandchildren on the altar of demons is good, that the government has the right to your property, that the police state is normal and that Christianity is just “one” way to look at the world.  In our previous article Dominican Teaching Sisters & the dangers of TV we went over the dangers of TV.

I see having children as one of the most important things we can “build.” What is the use if we fight and die for Christ and liberty, but the only people to inherit the ruins are children who despise these ideas? The same problem will nearly immediately start again. Some people seem to want to be martyrs, some claim to be prophets.  I have found God calls you to these things, it is rare that you volunteer.  He has hard work for you to do, but it is often not what you think it is.  What you think you want to do, is often not what he wants you to do.  What you are reluctant to do, is often the harder path.   I think the hard work is in having a large Christian family and trying to get more than 20% of them to stick with orthodox Christianity when they become adults.

We have removed TV from our home about four years ago.  I covered that in an early podcast titled My TV is dead, but it keeps coming back.  We did not remove the TV itself, we removed cable and satellite TV from our home.  This was not easy at all as my wife was highly resistant to the idea.  I just kept at it.   The argument that won the day for me was the money we would save and replacing this “all ways on” drug with Internet streaming services.  Because my family was not on board with it, our “compromise” is that we still let the kids watch DVD and other streaming programs we approve. You can get so much nowadays from Internet broadcasters like Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Netflix.  A DVD of an entire season of a show is normally $40 or less.  By not having the TV on all the time, it was easier to greatly reduced the amount of TV the children consume.  Thus during the week when the kids are going to school we have agreed there will be no TV in our house period. We let the kids watch Internet or DVD shows on the weekend.

My issue is that TV still holds power of our children after years of Internet only TV.  I do not know what to do about that.  Just recently our kids started summer vacation. One of my daughter friends came over, and she brought her family’s Netflix streaming account.  As it was now summer, I wanted to see if my daughter would choose to watch only a limited amount of TV.  I watched as my daughter got up at 0900 or so and sat down in front of that TV. She did not get off that sofa until late at night around 2200.  We were shocked.  Left to her own devices she takes in TV like a drug. She is literally like some strung out junkie laying on the floor of some drug den. She just mainlines TV.  Even my wife was amazed as it is so unusual. Thus, that Netflix account was limited to two hours a day from then on. The children have to learn control of the poison.