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Well, we arrived in our new temporary home deep in the Redoubt.  We are unpacking, and I think we are making progress because my wife is calming down.  When the truck arrived last week, the kids looked up at it and said “…oh it is the boxes.”  It was said in a tone of “…oh no it’s them.”  We are really over moving boxes right now.  As in, very much over.  We once again found some local help to move the larger things.  One guy simply worked.  The other guy was one of those who are “talkative.”  I didn’t this guy, he kept asking questions, and making comments.  I simply kept my mouth closed and would often not answer his many questions.  With people like this it is often great to dodge the question and then ask them a question and let them run their mouth.  For example when helping me unload the garage he obviously saw some supplies.  He asked “…are you like one of those doom day preppers.”  I said “…I would not say that, what do you know about preppers?”  I then tuned his response completely out.  However he seem to feel better if he was able to talk.  Thus I let him talk.


The kids have done a good job of being little troopers in this process.  My wife for some reason does not want to spend the next two months unpacking.  My wife one day determined that we had to hang all of our artwork.  I don’t know why, she just really wanted everything hung, so everything got hung.   She has decided to make war on the boxes and “…does not want to see…” any boxes.  Thus, we have been moving stuff around.  Now we have a lot of boxes left over, and they will remain boxed up.  Mostly this books and other stuff.  I have a lot of books.  We do not have space in our rental home here to unpack any significant quantity. Thus, we are leaving them in boxes in the garage.  We can unpack them when we move into our permanent home.

bedassemble0I damaged my laptop power cable during the move somehow and had to wait on a replacement to continue to post.  That is why it has been hit and miss.  That was annoying to be cut off from a lot of information as I was reliant upon my smartphone.  I had to move the utilities from the previous renters.  That was fairly easy, they didn’t ask for any documentation.  I still have not gotten the Internet usable in our home, but working on that.  That may deserve its post.  The weather has been warm, but ok, but a lot of smoke in this area.  The fires have been very close, and the smoke has been very bad on some days.  It is better now, but it was really bad last Friday.  I think we took a picture of the sun behind the smoke.  You can look at it, it appears like a “blood moon.”  

smoke-sun0All in all, I think we are ok.  We have much fewer boxes, my wife appears to be calming down, and the kid’s are getting into a routine. Our local parish has been wonderful, and we have met several of you up here.  There are a total of 3 families that have moved here in the last 12 months or so, two this summer and one guy (and his dog) who came through on his way to check on his retreat.  It was wonderful to meet all of you.