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Last night nearly 100 patriots including Washington Representative Matt Shea, ACT for America and the Washington based Order of Liberty showed up to protest Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart whose term in office is 2012 through 2015 presented an offical city salutation to CAIR. Ben Stuckart is an authoritarian progressive democrat. The other members of the Spokane city council are Amber Waldref, District 1, Mike Fagan District 1, Jon Snyder District 2, Mike Allen District 2, Candace Mumm District 3 and Karen Stratton District 3. The council appears to be made up of five liberal democrats, one liberal republican (Mike Allen) and one conservative (Mike Fagan).

Once again when patriots peacefully come to their government for redress which is their right, they are ignored, shunned and attacked. Citizens of the United States have valid concerns about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) a mohammadist advocacy organization. In 2007 CAIR was named by U.S. Federal prosecutors in a list of unindicted co-conspirators with Hamas. The United Arab Emirates which is a Muslim majority ally of the United States list CAIR as a terrorist group. According to the FBI in a meeting of the terrorist group Hamas and the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) including the future leadership of CAIR in Philadelphia on 03OCT1993 discussed forming a “political organization and public relations” body, “whose Islamic hue is not very conspicuous.”  CAIR was created in 1994.  In 2009 the FBI broke off all formal contacts with CAIR because of concerns of its ties with terrorist groups killing Americans, Christians and Jews overseas.


Spokane City Council taking property rights & endorsing terrorists

CAIR has refused to specifically condemn Osama bin Laden and the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. CAIR says that it supports bringing Islamic Law to America and fights against anyone who suggest that American law is based on Western civilization and English law.  Last summer, the group urged a halt to weapons shipments to Israel as civilian casualties in Lebanon swelled. In September, it held a dinner for former President Mohamed Khatami of Iran at a time when much of official Washington had ostracized that Islamic republic. In November, the group sponsored a panel discussion by two prominent academics who argue that the pro-Israeli lobby exercises detrimental influence on United States policy on the Middle East. CAIR has an annual budget of 3 million dollars and accepts monies from foreign muslim governments.  The SPLC strongly endorses and cooperates with CAIR.

CAIR-1024x350This is the organization that Ben Stuckart specifically chose to associate the people of Spokane Washington, over vocal objections with. He dismissed concerns of veterans who have severed for over 20 years keeping “this nation safe.” Somehow when veterans are marching around, many people clap and claim to support them. However when the same veterans and other Americans attempt to peacefully communicate with their elected officials about concerns with a group that even has the appearance of association with people who have killed many of their brothers, the same people insult them and dismiss them as racist.

spokane-city-council-muslim2Veterans and many other Americans are understandably concerned that elected officials are “honoring” a group that even has the appearance of the people who have killed thousands of young Americans. How would your grandfather feel to return to the United States and with a few years have an organization that has even a hint of association with fascist Germans, officially welcomed by their political leadership? Veterans of War World II would be outraged! Just to remind people, Germans are white. It has nothing to do with “race.” It has everything to do with men who have served this nation being concerned with an organization who choose to associate with the people they have been killing their brothers and sisters.  And yes, every single veteran you know of, who has served in the Uniform since 1991, has participated in some way in killing mohamadists.

Ben Stuckart is an autocrat and is disrespectful and dismissive of anyone who disagrees with him. I saw him raise his gavel and threaten to “end this meeting” because two people clap their hands. I witnessed him make fun of Mike Fagan multiple times with comments like “…I thought the last 15 minutes were your comment, you have more to say?” And while threatening people for simply clapping their hands, he took the mike and screamed, literally screamed into it that patriots who mistakenly conflated Sharia Law and neighborhoods losing their property rights as “…simple racists.”

Fat guy threatens patriots

Fat guy wishes patriots would “…go and die”

While over 100 citizens of Spokane and the surrounding area were trying to peacefully address their elected officals, Ben Stuckart handpicked those citizens who had the right to speak. He choose some “large man” who had prepared comments. That “large man” latterly threaten patriots. He explained how Islam is good, and we are all the same. He explained how men attempting to peacefully redress their government have and will accomplish “nothing.” He told patriots to either change, or “…go and die.”

Patriots hear you.

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