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My wife lives and is improving. Deo Gratias. We thank you all for so many prayers said for our family. Cloistered Sisters prayed, priests have prayed, masses were said, prayers started in Alaska and ran down through California and into Mexico and as far East as New York. 50 people had a rosary circle from her hometown. Nuns physically came and prayed and sang to her while she laid near death’s door. Priests came and prayed and said the Vespers. There were even prayers from people not of my faith. For the first time since last Monday, she was able to open her eyes and follow simple commands.

Her cardiovascular system is damaged but now working on its own. A class of drugs called Catecholamine Vasopressors or in the common tongue “pressors” press the blood from the extremities (such as the hands and feet) to the core (such as the heart and brain) when a person has chronically low blood pressure. This saves the core organs but often damages the extremities if used for any length of time. These  “pressors” have finally been removed in their entirety and heart blood pressure remains stable and healthy.

hand0Her heart rate has slowed from near heart attack to a healthy rate. Her white cell count has come down from catastrophic to nearly normal.  And starting two days ago, we started working on waking her up. Her damaged liver was finally able to clean some of the massive drugs in her system and wake up enough to follow basic commands. When her liver was so damage it leaves her brain in a state of Encephalopathy. It looks like her respiratory system is slowly coming back online.

The work to get here is mostly in the Masses and prayers of so many people. This event has been truly miraculous.  More on that later. Again, thank you all. Also, some people were actually able to come and visit her.  I would also thank them for taking so much time out of their normal schedule.  I would say that we had multiple daily rosaries prayed over her. Every day. It was as if we had a rosary SWAT. SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics, I guess we had a Special Rosary and Prayer (SRAP) teams.  I also want to say thank you to all the people who simply helped out on the mundane but required tasks of keeping a family going.  Like the woman from our parish who volunteered out of the blue to be my baby’s wet nurse. In addition so many people have simply helped out, none more than my youngest daughter’s Godmother.  She volunteered to help my wife out with the youngest baby and be her Godmother, and in a few weeks she was trying to find breast milk for a baby less than a week old.

There are two special relics that were involved.  First is a piece of the glove of Saint Padre Pio.  This relic was with her permanently all through her stay.  Many people asked Padre Pio for his intercession in Heaven for my wife.  The other relic that was with her for a short period of time was the a First Class relic of the Seven Blessed martyrs of Thailand. In addition I constantly ask Servant of God Queen Isabel the Catholic to protect my wife as she protected Christendom.  Throughout all of this my wife had a rosary wrapped around one hand, and the relic of Padre Pio in the other hand.

“Servant of God Queen Isabel the Catholic mother of Conquistadors, scourge of the muhammadists I beg of you to intercede with our Lord Christ and the Virgin of Guadalupe to [help your daughter fight off the demonic Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome], like you protected Christendom in service to our Lord and Savior Christ and His Church.”

There are three miracles that have happened to allow my wife to continue on this earth that I can see.

Miracle #1 – The fact that she is still alive.  The facts are that people who get invasive streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS) historically have more than a 50% chance of dying, people with invasive STSS infections and multiple organ failures is as high as 80%. The annual incidence of Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (StrepTSS) postpartum infection is 6 per 100,000 live births in the United States. Early last week, one of the lead doctors in this hospital said to me “…I want to be honest with you, I have never seen anyone live after being as sick as you wife is. Not one case.” The hospital told me latter in the week that they have never had a single patient live with Postpartum Invasive Group A Streptococcal infection. Not one in the entire hospital.  They were going over the “Advanced Medical Directive” with me. The Intensive Care lead doctor in charge of her case said, “I do not say this much, but this has been a miraculous recovery.” This doctor gave my wife between an 80 – 90% chance of dying last Tuesday. He now gives her less than a 20% chance of dying.

pio0Miracle #2 – Baby helps her mother.  When we were in a very dark place and her body was not responding, my wife was so sick the hospital could not even move her in bed. They were basically waiting for her to die, and were talking to me about “Advanced Directives.” Any time she was even shifted in the slightest, her blood pressure would begin to crash. She was not getting better. Something had to be done. The doctors and medical staff strongly recommended we not have the children around her, and actually the ICU has an official policy of no children allowed. A woman from the local parish said to me, very respectfully, I disagree. If I were in your wife’s condition, I would want my children to visit me, and I would draw strength from that. I decided to listen to that advice. We brought the new baby down to cuddle with my wife. When we did this, my wife was paralyzed with Nimbex and she was also in a deeply unconscious state with propofol. Her body cavity was open and there was a thing called an Iraq Vac removing the excess fluids from her body. As soon as we laid our new daughter next to her mother, my wives vital signs would improve, especially how efficient her heart worked. The child would cooperate by simply laying near her mother and not crying or moving much for hours.

It was such as significant improvement that the ICU nurse would ask if my daughter could come down when she was not there. The ICU doctor said, “…if this is working, we keep at it.”  Being around her new born child was so effective that the ICU doctor started to call the baby the “…4th pressor…” since we were on maximum doses of three already.  Once my wife’s vitals improved a little bit, the ICU was able to start to do different things to lower the pressure on her body. Every slight improvement allowed another one. Medicine cannot explain why this would be, but the fact that my wife’s vitals improved when her newborn was near here was documented by multiple doctors and staff.  Since the rate of postpartum Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (StrepTSS) is increasing in the US this should be noted.medal0

Miracle #3 – Casting out the energy behind GSA septic.  In talking to a wonderful woman who volunteered to be a wet nurse by our days old child, she heard my statement that invasive streptococcal toxic shock syndrome has an “otherworldly” energy to it. She asked me if I would like to borrow her Saint Benedict medal. I, of course, accepted her help. They cannot test directly for the existence of the bacteria that causes invasive streptococcal toxic shock syndrome as any samples would be so full of antibiotics that they would not grow. However, they can monitor and test for secondary effects of the vile infection. Things such as her heart rate slowing down to normal, her blood pressure returning to normal and her white cell count. All are suggesting that the infection is gone or at minimal greatly reduced.  We will keep with the medicine for awhile.  The dramatic improvement in driving out the energy behind the infection started after we brought the Saint Benedict exorcism medal to her room and Father Rippinger started to say exorcism prayers for my wife.  If you are in a place to do something please donate to Father Rippinger’s ministry at Sensus Traditionis.

What has happened to my wife is like some massive beast sank its huge dark claws into her body and just shook her like a rag doll trying to kill her. As we drive the beast out through both Faith and Medicine, she still lies broken and bleeding.   She is not resting easy, but she is alive and improving. We moved from Extreme Unction last week to hope today!   We have months ahead of us in spiritual, physical, mental and emotional support, care and rehab.  However now we have a chance.  Thank you for all of your prayers, help and concerns.